the the week before the competition the blood strained black roses were practicing. they were practicing. they decided to go to hinatas house. hinata, sakura, ino, tenten, and temari were practicing. hianta wrote a song. she sang it for everyone and it was great so they decided to play it in the competiton so now they would be doing an original song so they might have an advantage only not over the other band that had original songs. also there was a fifth band that was bad, but they will be introduced later. anyway, they practiced a lot and then they talked about boys after they were done practicing and they decided to talk about boys. "i love sasuke," said skura after they were done practicing with they werre talking about boys. "i love sai," said ino. "i love neji," said tenten. "i love shikamaru," said temari. hinata blushed cuz she was very shy and ino said, "you like nart, i kow it!" hianta fainted.
SKIP the btiting howlers wre talkign about girls too. "I LOVE SAKURA SO MUCH!" said naruto. sasuke rlled her eyes. "hinata is so much better, sakura is annoying, but hinata is quiet and shy so she's really cute and stuff." "HINATA'S MINE!" shouted kiba. shino was quiet but he spoke up to say, "i love hinata too." also sai was there but he didn't get involved in the conversation because he ddnt like anyone.
SKIP neji was with his band the rocking killers but all he cared about was tenten. "i love her, i love her, hmmp, i love her," he sang on accident. "those are the wrong lyrics," said chouji. "he's tinking about tenten," said shikamaru, "like when i think about ino." "but i love ino," said choji. the two were best friends but they liked the same girl which was hard but it was okay because they were best friends but they liked the same girl which was hard but it was okay because they were best freineds. "I LOVE SAKURA!" said lee because he did.
SKIP gaara was staring at clokiko and wanted to tell her he loved her but he was too shy to. then matsuri and sari, too annoying girls who loved gaara, came over to wear his band was practicing and started flirting with him. clokiko started to cry when she saw this but she tried to hide it. kankuro saw it anyway and decided to comfort her and he said, "clokiko we should go on a date." she didn't like kankuro because she loved gaara but she decdied to go with him to be nice because sge was. "okay, i will," she said, then the girls left and gaara saw that they were going to go out and he was sad.
SKIP "we are going to win," said a bitchy redhead, "and then saske will be mine." "yeah, definitely," said a black haired girl. "fuck yeh' said a girl with pink her. a blue haired girl nodded. CLIFFHANGER