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As per usual I do not own teen titans. If I did the 6th season would have been up and featured Beastboy and Raven getting together (Unless I was with the tv series from the start. then they would have gotten together after a second nevermore episode featuring Beastboy alone and meeting all of her emotions, including love)

Titans tower had always been a beacon of Hope for the citizens of Jump City. It was the message from their heroes that the city was safe and protected. Inside the tower, there was an atmosphere of suspense as of recent times, for two of the teens living there had been acting strange as of late.

Raven had been disappearing out of the tower to run errands that she had refused to tell anyone about, and Beastboy had began to lock himself away in his room much like Raven had when they had first started their team. Their three friends were bewildered at their teammates' sudden changes. They called a meeting between them to discuss their friends' odd behavior.

"Now that they're gone, I realize that BB and Raven's arguing accounts for most of the fun around here. It's pretty boring without them." Cyborg spoke, the other two nodding at his words. Even Robin could not deny that things had become boring without their teammates constant bickering.

"Our friends behavior lately worries me greatly." Starfire said. "I wonder what they are doing in their absence."

Robin thought about this a moment before his eyes widened behind the mask.

"I wonder, too. Thing is, when Raven leaves, so does Beastboy. You guys don't think..." he trailed off as the others got his point, beginning to think about the possibility themselves.

"Our friends are doing the 'dating' secretly?!" Starfire exclaimed, flying upwards with the glee she felt.

"No." came a voice from the doorway. The three turned their heads to see none other than Beastboy walking into the room, seeming sad and frustrated. "You can keep talking, but she isn't gone because we're dating. We aren't."

"What have you been doing in your time of lonesomeness, friend Beastboy?" Star inquired, floating back down to the couch. Beastboy shrugged.

"Just thinking." he told her, taking the salad he had made earlier from the fridge before walking out and back to his room.

The three went back to their conversation once he had left, having a few more answers than before.

Beastboy, on the other hand, thought about things on the way back to his room. His relationship with Raven had been improving lately, which made him a happy shape-shifter. He'd been struck with the ever-cliche 'Love at First Sight' with Raven, and had done his best to hide it since. There were the occasional times when he slipped up: getting jealous because of Aqualad and some flirting here and there, but he had kept himself mostly in check.

He had been considering telling her this with their relationship growing closer and her seemingly happy demeanor whilst they were together. In the end, however, he had been heartbroken when she had stood him up to go run some 'errands'. They had planned a movie between friends, and she had left him waiting at the movies for more than an hour before he realized she wasn't coming. It wasn't a date... of course not, but it still hurt his feelings nonetheless.

He walked slowly back to his room, planning to sulk some more, and beating himself up for ever entertaining the thought that the beautiful Raven could ever love him back.

Raven arrived back at the tower late at night in a flourish of black energy. The dark sorceress had expected her fellow Titans to be asleep at this hour, so she was thoroughly surprised to see the three Titans who had been talking in the common room for the past few hours.

"Hello." Raven greeted, her tone lighter than usual, and her lips were upturned ever so slightly as to create the smallest of smiles. It was rare to see that. The others were shocked to see her in this state. Granted, her general mood had improved since she had began spending more time with their green friend, however, they had never seen her in a dress, much less something other than her cloak and leotard.

"Who are you and what have you done with our Raven?" Cyborg spluttered out in surprise, backing up and behind the couch at the sight of the dark sorceress.

"I'm still me." she replied flatly, allowing her tone to return to normal and the smile to leave her visage. Starfire sat up, adding in her two cents.

"But the friend Raven I know does not do the smiling or wear items of clothing that are not a cloak or leotard."

Raven blushed a little bit, adding yet another shock to the night's events.

"Well... I suppose telling you wouldn't hurt." she mentioned thoughtfully. "There's been a boy... who asked me on a date a while back... and I suppose you could call what we do dating." she said hesitantly, feeling out of place saying the words.

Starfire immediately squealed and attacked Raven with a crushing hug.

Robin and Cyborg began the brotherly barrage of questions.

"Is he a good guy?" Cyborg asked.

"Does he have a criminal history?" Robin demanded.

"Have we met him?" they had began to speak in synchronous now.

"What is his name?"

And so on and so forth.

Raven began answering questions in order.

"Yes, he is a 'good guy'. No, he does not have a criminal history. You have not met him before. And his name is... Kevin.

Alright, after a mind-numbing session of rewriting, this is complete. There aren't many changes from before, other than changing some dialogue, correcting errors, and keeping the characters actually in-character more. I took out the criminally terrible note expressing my denial for having the name Kevin, and more or less improved the vocabulary of the story. Now to do the other 11 chapters...

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