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"W-What?" Raven asked, voice wavering slightly. Cyborg repeated his answer. She heard the rush of air and knew the T-Car was moving.

"BB's heart stopped. We're en route to the hospital right now, but it'd probably be best if you could charge up some of your healing for the big stuff." he told her, trying not to sound panicked as he was. Now that the sorceress paid attention, she could hear Starfire's sobs in the background, and Robin's attempts at comforting her.

"The bleeding's not stopping." Robin's voice came from the back seat. He was only moderately panicked, and Raven occasionally cursed him for working in Gotham... becoming used to situations like this, where people's lives were on the line.

"I'll be right there." she told him. She attempted to keep her voice at her usual monotone, but it cracked, and she knew Cyborg noticed. Tears sprung to her eyes as she closed the comm link. Of course it was only just when she realized her feelings that he had to go and get hurt.

Raven concentrated though. Beastboy needed her help. He was an idiot sometimes, and annoying, loud, and obnoxious... and just so happy it was sickening. He was certainly an idiot, but he was her idiot, and that's what mattered right now. She fingered the stone around her neck. This flood of emotions was unusual. Something about it prompted thought. Where had the stone come from, and who was that man who had given it to her? She would address it after Beastboy was taken care of.

The half-demon ghosted away in a flourish of black energy.

The hospital was overbearingly white, and smelled like what one could only describe as sterile. The receptionist nearly had a heart attack as the cloaked girl appeared from a shadow portal from the floor. Raven stormed up to the desk and immediately demanded:

"Where is Beastboy?"

"R-Room 327." she stuttered out, watching Raven storm away not a moment after she had said the words. She opened the doors to the room without knocking, knowing the others would be expecting her.

"How is he?" she demanded immediately, walking straight up to Beastboy instead of looking at the others. She almost wanted to turn around when she saw the state he was in, not wanting to ever associate this picture with her Beastboy.

"They managed to restart his heart. Boy's got too many broken bones to even count, and plenty of other injuries. A lot of it is internal, because whatever they used on him was blunt. It would help if you could try to control the internal bleeding." Cyborg said from behind her, pointing out areas that were the worst.

Raven began to heal whatever she could without question, feeling Beastboy's pain flow into her as she healed his wounds. She almost fell over and fainted then and there, but continued on stubbornly. When she finally couldn't take it anymore, the half-demon had taken half of his pain into herself in exchange for healing half of his injuries. It faded away after a few moments of rest, and she swirled around to look at Robin.

She stopped and closed her mouth when she saw the figure behind him.

He'd certainly changed since she had first seen him. His sweatshirt now had a shadowy zipper on it, and his jeans had a chain coming down around either side's pocket. The gloves were fingerless now, exposing long digits with skin the same color as her own. His hood was still up, but she could see violet eyes and grey skin behind the inky darkness.

"Who's this?" she asked harshly. It had taken her days of magical tests to deduce that the charm he had given her was, in fact, not going to kill her. He was an enigma, teleporting away before she was going to ask more, and leaving her simply to trust that he had given her a quick fix to the biggest problem she had ever faced. Then he had just happened to return just as Beastboy was hurt. Robin almost looked surprised that the man was behind him, and it was likely that he was.

"His name is Nightingale... he was supposed to help us while you were out of it." Robin replied. "I didn't think you'd be out of your trance so soon."

Raven's response was wrapping the man in black energy and levitating him towards herself.

"You may be able to get away with telling them next to nothing about yourself." she told him, nodding towards her friends. "But now that you've brought up questions, you are going to answer." Raven all but growled out. Nightingale smiled and shrugged, indicating for her to start asking.

"Go for it." he told her. "Even read my mind to see if I speak the truth."

"Fine then. Did you have anything to do with Beastboy being harmed?" she told him, beginning her interrogation.

"Nope." he replied back easily, unfazed by her harsh look.

"Who are you, exactly?" came her next question, getting straight to the point.

"Nightingale Roth. Son of Trigon the Terrible and surfaced from The Void by the Night Mother, Nocturnal."

Raven stepped back.

"Impossible." she growled. "I'm Trigon's only child!"

"Daddy dearest is quite the liar, isn't he?" Nightingale told her, breaking the bonds of his imprisonment without even moving. Raven backed away. The other Titans looked torn, but readied themselves with whatever weapons they needed.

"You aren't a Roth." Raven said. "Arella isn't your mother."

"I don't have a mother." he replied. "She became my surrogate. I place the last name on myself as membrance to her." Nightingale's eyes glowed with endless rage as he advanced. "My life's mission is to kill father for what he did to her... and you."

He stopped advancing. Raven had backed into the wall.

"Do you really think I'd hurt my little sister?"

Kevin returned into his apartment, the glowing red figure following him closely as it had since its appearance.

"You remembered." it told him, voice layered with the souls of the damned. "My daughter will bend to our will soon enough."

'Kevin' screamed, wings sprouting from his back at the mention of the specter's daughter. His pale skin glowing with crimson red from his veins. Claws grew from his nails, and his hair grew long while his eyes took on the color of blood.

"Malphas... My greatest of generals. I placed you here as a pawn to let my daughter's walls down. You have lived your life in the guise of a human long enough. It is time to regather your power. Your legions shall march the earth in preparation for my ascension!"

Malphas spoke, his voice sounding once again layered with his 'Kevin' persona's.

"Yes... Lord Trigon."

All was silent in the room before Raven finally lowered her hands. Instead, opting to hug Nightingale tightly. She had read his mind throughout the conversation, finding no lies in his words. The rest of the Titans lowered their guards as well, Robin putting his discs back, Cyborg lowering his cannon, and Starfire dispelling her bolts.

"I'm not alone anymore." Raven mumbled into the sweatshirt her brother wore. He smiled and patted her head.

"You never truly were. Now, let's see about healing your boyfriend here."

Raven let him go and already returned to her regular personality.

"Beastboy is not my boyfriend!" she huffed indignantly. Nightingale rolled his eyes and continued to Beastboy's side.

"Hold my hand." he told Raven. He held out his own to her, but she refused to take it just yet.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"You can use me as a conduit to amplify your healing ability. Just focus on what you usually do and I'll do the rest." he explained, puffing his power out of some of the shadows nearby as an example. Raven still seemed hesitant, but grabbed his hand so she could save Beastboy.

Nightingale's theory proved true. Almost as soon as they touched, the shadows were sucked out of the room, leaving behind an eerie light in their place. They chained into Beastboy's body, raising him above the bed. His wounds healed before their very eyes until Beastboy looked good as new. A red ball hung in the air above his body, which shot into Nightingale as soon as him and Raven lost contact. His eyes glowed red for a moment before going back to normal.

"Beastboy?" Raven asked, reaching out to his hand. Fingers curled around her own in response to the warmth, and his green eyes fluttered open.


"Beastboy!" she said again, this time happily. She was the first to hug him, with Starfire flying in right after her, and the boys coming in to crush him in a large group hug. The group had a new found appreciation for their friend... having them nearly die can do that.

"How adorable." Nightingale muttered to himself sarcastically, watching the moment. Two copies of himself appeared as ghosts next to him for the briefest of moments, one seemingly emotionless, and the other with red eyes and black hair.

"You do plan to tell them about Trigon, correct?" Nuit mumbled through the mind link, monotonous voice akin to Raven's.

"It's more fun if he doesn't." Alucard laughed in response.

"No... It is not the right moment yet." Nightingale told them, silencing their voices ringing in his head. "But I will... we will be ready for whatever he manages to throw at us."

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