My Freckled Angel


Danny's POV

I opened the door and there she was; a sleeping angel. And soon to be mine. I loved how her dark cherry red hair fell beautifully onto her freckled shoulders. Her face also flooded with freckles was beautiful but she insisted she has make-up on because of her insecurity. What has she got to be insecure about? From the first moment I saw her I've wanted her so badly. Here's my chance.

She was laid on her side. Perfect! I thought. I walked round her black bed so she wasn't facing me and I was facing her back. Don't have anything to say 'bout that. But it was gorgeous nonetheless! Everything about the sleeping figure in front of me was a sight to be seen. I crawled as sneakily up to her, getting under the covers putting my arms around her waist. I her mumble something which I couldn't make out but anyway, I stayed in that position. So this is what it'll be like when she's my future girlfriend. I love it already! That was the last thought until the morning light. This'll work out. Hopefully...

My eyes fluttered open and I saw her laying there. I watched her stir awake.

"Well morning to you." I said to the love of me life.

"Hello Danny. Wait Danny? What are you doing here?" They said shocked and turned around.

"Not what; who. And the answers you." I said smirking.

"Oh." She said smiling. I took the chance I had and kissed her. So subtle... I pulled back quickly. This to her wasn't 'enough' so she kissed with so much passion I never knew she had it in her! But that's good enough for me.

"My Daniel." She said after she pulled away.

"My Louise." I said.

Did I mention her name was Louise?

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