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Everything was slow at first. Like we were savoring each other. But it grew hot. Like we couldn't get enough of each other fast enough.

Last night was one of, if not, the best night of my entire existence. We were both sprawled on the bed, my head resting on Peeta's warm and firm chest. Our legs were tangled underneath the bed sheets. We were both naked. His right hand was on my back, making circular traces. I traced my fingers on his body, closing my eyes, smiling at the memory of the previous night. It was pure bliss.

Peeta came home hurriedly. I was already at the bedroom when he arrived, taking a shower. I never bother to close the bathroom since Peeta never busted in without knocking -a true gentleman. But last night, he joined me.
We both were naked under the shower, my arms wrapped around his neck, his around my torso. We both were kissing each other passionately. I felt something poking on my stomach, that could only be his manhood. I smiled at the thought.

Our small tentative kisses grew into something wild and passionate. The kisses were hot and sloppy, considering we were in the shower.
Peeta's lips made it's way down my neck, kissing and licking it. I moaned and groaned loudly. I couldn't care less if anyone heard us. My hands automatically grabbed his hair, forcing him back to my lips. I opened my mouth and his tongue greeted mine. He made these swirling motion and it was pretty damn hot. I was getting wet down there. I sucked on his bottom lip and Peeta moaned. It was fucking hot.

His hands slowly went to my breasts and he placed it there lightly. I was getting impatient, so I drove myself closer to him, my boobs making contact with his hands. He held them firmly, and I can feel my nipples getting hard. Peeta pinned me to the wall. I found this incredibly hot. His hands disappeared from my boobs and he suddenly broke the kiss. He took the pink peak into his mouth, biting and sucking. His other hand was playing with the other tit. I was moaning like crazy.

My hands were on his head, begging for him to suck and bite harded. He didn't disappoint. I haven't realize that we were very quiet. Huh. That's awfully unexpected. Do people having sex usually keep quiet? I giggled.

Peeta stopped what he was doing, looked up to me and raised his eyebrows.

"It's just that's we're so quiet." I laughed. Peeta laughed and smiled at me. "Only you can stop love making with that remark." He kissed me. "But that't exactly why I love you." He said ernestly.

We continued with our 'activity'. I touched his manhood. It was hard. I remembered I haven't seen it, busy with all these making out stuff. I glanced down and my eyes must've grown big like saucers. Damn. Peeta was huge. I mean huge for his body. I must've drooled since Peeta noticed my staring and laughed nervously. Why was he ashamed? Doesn't he know how hot I was feeling right now? I knelt in front of his manhood, staring it down.

It was a good 8-inch piece of meat. I grasped it tenderly. I heard Peeta inhale. I could tell he was holding his breath. Slowly, I wrapped my fingers around it. I kissed the tip lightly. It had Peeta's sweet salty scent. I was growiny more hungry. I opened my mouth and took it inside.

I also creamed myself from the taste. God. Peeta was fucking delicious! I sucked and licked his dick. Taking him all the way in. His hands were suddenly on the side of my face. I think it took all ounce of his energy to not shove his hips towards my face. I had this slow sensual rhythm going on. I made this popping sound when I was at the tip and took him in again.

"Fuck. Uh, Katniss I think...I'm going...to cum" and with that, he shoved his dick down my throat, his balls on my lips. I was thankful he shoved it down so I didn't have to keep up with the cum constantly coming out. How much cum did he have? Damn. Peeta was huge and loaded. I slowly took it out, licking the tip.

He was still hard. "Fuck Katniss. You're fucking good at blowjobs." He said a little out of breath. "And you're still hard. Great stamina you have Peeta." I mused.

We both laugh at our indifference and casuality. "Ready for round two?" He asked.

"You bet." I stood up and kissed him.

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