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Five Year's Later


It's early when I wake up, the sun just starting to rise in the sky. I can't help but hope today will be perfect, that the sun will shine all day and everything will go smoothly.

I tiptoe out of bed after pressing my lips gently to Peeta's cheek and then go out into the hall. I pop my head around Tyler's bedroom door and I can just make out his peaceful face in the dark room.

Five years has gone so fast. It seems like only yesterday that I had been kept in the Capitol, on trial for killing the President. I shake my head, reminding myself that I promised not to think any dark thoughts about the past today. Today belongs to Hope and Jesse.

Jesse proposed to Hope last year when they were both nineteen. He had asked Peeta and I for permission when Hope was out hunting with my dad. Of course, we gave him our permission, who wouldn't say yes to him?

He had told us that he loved our daughter so much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The speech had made both Peeta and I tear up. You could tell that he meant every word.

So, we said yes and the day after Hope had come over early in the morning, jumping for joy as she told us that Jesse had proposed. I don't think I'd ever seen her so happy. The two lovebirds had moved into a house in the Victor's Village after the houses were re-made at the age of eighteen.

Peeta and I could hear her screams every night when she slept here and she always whimpered for Jesse so we told her that if she wanted she could go live with Jesse and she did but still visited nearly everyday.

I close the door of Tyler's room gently, coming out of my thoughts. I walk to the other end of the hall and pop my head around the door of Hope's old room. She had wanted to stay here so that I could help her get ready for today.

I smile as I hear the soft purr coming from her slightly open mouth and I can't help the pang of sadness that hits me when I realise that she's no longer my baby, today she will be made Mrs. Hope Davies and will become a wife, a grown up.

It had worried me when she started planning the wedding so early, I thought that she'd want to wait a while but she got stuck in straight away. I think I was just scared that we wouldn't see her so often when she was married and had kids of her own.

Did I mention that she has mentioned kids in front of Peeta and I? Obviously, Peeta and I know that they haven't only been sharing innocent kisses, I mean, they're twenty years old, I don't expect them to be virgins, that and the fact that I walked in on them making out in the kitchen once.

They were sixteen at the time. I was relieved that Peeta or Tyler wasn't there to see them. The nervous look on Jesse's face had actually made me feel sorry for him. Hope had looked a little angry that I'd walked in and interrupted but that only made me happy that I stopped them from doing more.

I will never forget the day she asked to go on the pill. That was when she was seventeen. She had told me that she and Jesse hadn't done anything but that she wanted to be ready just in case. We laughed, we cried, okay she cried for an hour and I cried for a month.

It was weird thinking of your daughter being old enough to have sex. I was, of course, happy that Jesse hadn't pressured her into doing anything, though, and that they had waited two years before 'doing the deed.'

I close her door after watching her for a while longer before going downstairs. The clock in the kitchen tells me that it's only 5am and that I don't have to wake Hope for another few hours. I make myself a cup of mint tea before curling onto the couch in the living room.

It's not long before Peeta is awake and walking into the room. He sits next to me and I lean my head on his shoulder. "Today's the day," I whisper.

"Yeah. Oh god, our baby is getting married. I'm going to give her away," he says. I can hear the emotion in his voice.

"She hasn't been our baby for a long time, Peeta," I reply, knowing what I'm saying is true. Hope grew up way too fast. Peeta presses his lips to my forehead.

"I know but it feels like she's…" he trails off. I've never known him to get stuck on words. "…Like she's really growing up."

"I know what you mean. It's scary. I keep thinking that we're never going to see her again. That she and Jesse are going to be so concentrated on their own life and family that they'll, I don't know… forget us, maybe," I admit, quietly.

"Hmm. I give it a few months," he says. I frown in confusion.

"What?" I ask.

"I think she'll tell us she's pregnant in the next few months. You don't really think they've just been kissing for the last five years, have you? Besides, I was standing outside the door when she told you she wanted to go on the pill just in case. God, that day was hard."

"Well, no but I don't really like to think about my daughter's sex life and about her and Jesse having a baby so young. I didn't know you knew about the pill situation," I reply.

"Well, I didn't know what to say. I was shocked that they'd waited so long, to be honest. And just to jog your memory, we had Hope when we were seventeen," he says. I roll my eyes.

"I know but we didn't exactly plan her, did we? When we got home from the Capitol we had to rush around to get baby stuff and clothes. I want her and Jesse to be ready," I admit.

"It's crazy to think that Tyler is only five and that his older sister could have a baby in the next year or two. He'll be a young uncle," Peeta replies.

"You don't know that they'll have a baby soon," I say.

"Hope doesn't stop talking about kids, Kat. She reminds me a lot of myself, you know?"

"She is like you; kind, caring, beautiful, sweet…" I trail off.

"But she's also like you; stubborn and snappy."

"You saying I'm snappy?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.

"Nope," he winks and then stands and walks into the kitchen while I chuckle softly.

It's 8am when Peeta and I tiptoe up the stairs and into Hope's room, carrying a tray that is holding a cup of hot chocolate and a plate full to the brim with toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns. "Time to get up!" Peeta and I both yell.

Hope groans and buries her head into her pillow. Peeta and I wait for it. We look at each other both thinking the same thing- three, two, one…

Our daughter bolts upright, wide-eyed. "I'm getting married today!" she squeals. Peeta and I burst into laugh before setting the tray on her lap. I sit on one side of the bed while Peeta sits on the other.

"Eat up," he says. "You can't get married on an empty stomach."

Hope smiles. "Thanks, guys."

She starts eating and after a while asks, "Did you guys feel this nervous?"

"Yes," Peeta and I both say.

Hope nods. "Thank god. I thought it was just me."
"You love him, right?" Peeta asks.

"Of course," Hope replies. "More than anything."
"Then you have nothing to be worried or nervous about," he says.

"I love you, guys," Hope whispers, tears filling her eyes.

"Hey, you're not meant to get emotional until you walk down the aisle," I say, trying to lighten the mood but knowing at the same time if I don't get out of here soon that I'll burst into tears. Who knew I would get so emotional over my daughter getting married?

Hope laughs and Peeta stands up. "I'm going to wake Tyler," he says after kissing both me and Hope on the cheek. He leaves the room.

It's 12 o'clock when everyone is ready, each of us dressed in either a suit or a dress. I'm wearing a dress Cinna designed for me a couple of weeks ago. It's a lilac colour and ends at my knee's. My hair, as usual, is in my signature braid and I'm waiting with Peeta, who is dressed in a black suit with a lilac tie, waiting for Hope to come downstairs so we can see her in her wedding dress.

"Hurry up!" I yell. "Do you want to give Jesse a heart-attack by being late and making him think you're not going to turn up?" I yell up the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Hope calls back before I hear her heels click against the wooden floor of the hall.

Seconds later she is slowly descending the staircase. Her brown hair has been thrown up into a fancy bun, with curls hanging on either side of her face.

Her dress, a white gown that trails on the floor behind her, fits her perfectly and looks as if it was made for her. Well, that's what Cinna wanted it to look like and it worked. He's a genius.

"You look like a girl," Tyler says, walking in from the kitchen.

"Well, I am one," Hope replies, rolling her eyes. "You look like a man, little brother."

"I am a man, big sister," Tyler insists, smiling at Hope. His blond hair has been spiked and kept in place with gel. He's wearing a black suit and lilac tie, just like his dad.

"You look beautiful," Peeta whispers from beside me. I nod in agreement, speechless. I'm afraid that if I talk I'll burst into tears.

"Thank you, daddy," Hope whispers back before kissing Peeta and then me on the cheek. She goes to kiss Tyler's cheek but he pushes her away moaning that kissing is disgusting. We all laugh.

"You ready to go?" I finally speak up.

"Yeah," Hope says. I can hear the nervousness in her voice. She'll be calm later when she and Jesse are on their own for their private toasting.

A few minutes later we're in a fancy black car that President Paylor, a kind lady who was voted to be President, let us use and are driving towards the meadow. It doesn't take us long to arrive but when we do I am mesmerised at how amazing everything looks.

There's rows upon rows of white chairs that family and friends are sat comfortably in, there's a gap in the middle where Hope will walk and at the top Jesse will be waiting with a priest that was delighted to get the chance to marry the young couple.

The priest is standing in an arch, made of wood and painted white where Hope and Jesse will stand in front of. Little Finn, who isn't so little anymore, is Jesse's best man while Prim's three-year-old, Daisy, is Hope's only bridesmaid.

Primrose married Rory Hawthorne a few years ago and Johanna Mason is also married to Gale Hawthorne, Rory's older brother. Every family member and friend's we have are here, seated.

Annie and Finnick are here with their little four-year-old, Ocean. Haymitch, Effie, Mark, Cinna, Portia and all of the prep team are here and the new President, who destroyed the arena and gives each District freedom.

Hope gets out of the car with Peeta after I take my seat at the front, in the same row as mine and Peeta's mom and dad. I smile at Jesse, who I can tell is nervous but looks handsome in a suit matching Peeta's and Tyler's.

The music starts playing and after everyone stands Daisy and Tyler start walking down the aisle, Hope and Peeta behind them. I turn back to watch them walk and can't help but smile proudly at how amazing they all look.

It doesn't take long for them to walk all the way and soon they have all took their places. Jesse and Peeta shake hands before my husband take a seat in the chair next to me and squeezes my hand.

The ceremony starts and everyone sits down to hear what the priest has to say. Hope and Jesse say their vows, never taking their eyes off each other. You can tell they're in love, so in love.

The ceremony is short and sweet. Everyone goes wild when the priest tells Jesse to kiss his bride and the young man presses his lips to my daughter. Peeta looks at me and I smile before pressing my lips to his.

"I love you," I whisper.

"I love you," Peeta whispers back.

Jesse and Hope walk back down the aisle while everyone throws rose petals at them. Everyone congratulates them and we all pose for pictures while Peacekeepers start putting tables together and food on the tables. Hope decided that she wanted the whole day to be outside.

Not long after it's time for the speeches and I stand up.

"Okay, here goes nothing," I say into a microphone. "I've never been good with words so it'll probably take an hour to get one sentence out."

The crowd chuckles.

"Anyway, I want to congratulate my daughter and my son-in-law. You both deserve to be happy after everything you've been through; you deserve to live your life as best as you possibly can. Like most married couples you'll argue, Peeta and I do it all the time, the last time I forced Peeta to sleep on the couch was three weeks ago when he forgot to bring a cookie home for me at the bakery," I admit and then blush. "Come on, who wouldn't be angry if they didn't get the chance to eat one of his amazing creations?"

The crowd laughs again.

"So, yeah. Jesse, just a little warning- Hope is pretty stubborn. If she forces you onto the couch you can always come to our place and have her old room," I smile. "I want you two to be good to each other. You're heroes and deserve to be happy." I sit down.

Peeta stands up. "It's my turn. Like most dad's I'll probably end up balling my eyes out in a few seconds so I just want to say before I do that that I love you guys. Hope, your mom and I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman and Jesse, everyone knows you are perfect for my daughter.

"You are kind and caring and I know I will never have to worry as long as Hope's with you. It seems like only yesterday when Katniss and I were arguing over who had to change Hope's diaper but really it was nearly twenty-one years ago."

Peeta turns to Hope as he says, "You're no longer our baby, you're a woman, a wife and one day you're going to be a mom. Oh god, I'm going to be a grandfather!"

"Not yet," Hope grins, her cheeks a light pink.

"But even though you're a grown up and a wife and a woman you'll always, always be your moms and my daughter. Like you mom said you deserve each other and deserve to be happy. Jess, you saved my daughter and we'll never be able to re-pay you," Peeta says.

"It's what Hope and I do- we protect each other," Jesse says and presses his lips to his wife's. I can't help but remember that I said the same thing to Peeta years ago.

"Hope, you were an amazing surprise that both me and your mom will never regret. You were a handful at times, especially when you wanted to hunt with Katniss and I would say no because you were too young. You would always yell that you would go anyway except if I gave you a cookie. I remember when you yelled at me when I called you my little Mockingjay in front of your friends. You went crazy!"

I laugh along with everyone else.

"I better shut up now and sit down before I tear up," Peeta says. The last thing he says before sitting down is, "I love you, my little Mockingjay…"

The End

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