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It's a long night that just keeps getting longer. After the first time Dean begins to nod off behind the wheel he's finally had it. He does not have a death wish. Or a wish to crush his baby, either. So he pulls over at a diner and parks. Sam's already out, exhausted from their latest hunt and Dean doesn't really want to wake him up. He falls asleep there, head tipped back and legs mingled with the pedals.

In the morning he thanks all that's holy that Sam and he were lucky bastards. They'll never know exactly how close they came to being the next victims of whatever's been going around town. They do get details from the diner's waitress the next morning as Dean nurses a cup of coffee and Sam tucks into his breakfast.

"That's the third one this month," She sighs heavily and leans against the counter, bleached hair pulled up in a loose bun atop her head. "Makes ten altogether,"

"Do you know any of the details?" Deans not too sure he wants details but, if it's supernatural then Sam and Dean can definitely take a look, their kind of obligated to. She eyes him warily so he moves to reassure her, "My brother an I are in-between cases right now, we're private detectives," It's a lie, but he does have the - fake- documentation to prove it.

"Oh," She gets the chance to say before the bell at the door chimes and someone's coming in.

"Hey, Polly," The voice is rich honey, "Brought you today's batch of pies,"

"Pie?" It may be eight in the morning but something smells delicious and Dean must have some.

Polly just laughs and serves him a piece of cherry, fresh, he can tell because it's steaming wonderfully. The stranger gives him an amused smile and just keeps bringing in boxes of delicious pie. Sam has to talk then, because Dean just ends up in heaven with the first bite. It's the best pie he's ever had.

"So, do you have any details on the deaths?" And their very lucky that Dean retains his reflexes even in heaven because the stranger drops the box in his hand. Dean saves it but just barely. The cake inside is a little damaged but it's a duplicate so it doesn't need to be displayed.

"The Shred Victims?" Dean takes in the stiff body and the shaking hands with a slight frown.

"Know anything?" He locks his gaze with those bright green eyes and waits for an answer.

"Yeah," The man grimaces, "My landlady was the third victim. God, I miss that woman. She was such a sweetheart," He sits on the stool next to Dean and shakes his head.

"Can you tell us more about it?" Sam prods and those greens eyes shift to his brother with a cold look.

"It's not pretty," He sighs. "It started two months ago, I think," He looks to Polly, the waitress who nods, "The first victim was a little girl, Jenna Wright. She was found in her backyard cut to ribbons, except for her face. There was a missing chunk of her neck, like it'd been bitten or torn off. And the rest of her was just a gory, bloody mess. She'd bled to death, clawed and strung up not fifteen feet from her home and safety." The man sighs and it's like watching the weight of the world land on his shoulders.

"Second was Bret Carter, just entered high school, top of his class. Good looking enough to start dating, none of the teenage awkwardness. He washed ashore near the boat house three days after his disappearance. Torn up. Chunk of neck missing. Nothing but the face was recognizable. Except this time his stomach had been pulled open. They had to dredge the lake to find his organs."

"Third was Camilla Vale, sweet old woman. Three kids, ten grandkids, loving family, deceased husband. She was the best grandmother, probably the best mother too. Teddy loved her," There was real pain there, "Just like Aunt Andy. I was brining home the groceries and just picked up Teddy. She was sitting in her favorite chair in the parlor. Shredded. Chunk of throat missing. I still have nightmares about that. It could have been my Teddy. I almost left him there instead of dropping him off at Georgie's while I work," Dean wasn't exactly sure who Teddy was but, he was obviously important.

"Tim Hall, bus stop, shredded, missing chunk of his neck. Samantha King, preschool, shredded, missing chunk of her neck. Dorthy LaRouge, car, shredded, missing chunk of her neck. Just the same in every victim, never the same location. Last night it was Brian Alesworth, in the park."

Dean turned to look worriedly at Sam who was making a face.

"Sounds nasty," Dean muttered, polishing off his slice of delicious pie that didn't quite make his stomach stop rolling at the thought of such gruesome deaths.

"It is, but the local law enforcement hasn't gotten any leads," Polly sighed with a frown, "Maybe you boys coming into town will be a good thing,"

"Oh, you're federal then?" The man tilted his head at them.

"P.I.'s" Polly answered for them.

"Well, I wish you luck," The man smiled grimly at them, "Hopefully you'll catch the piece of shite that's terrorizing this town,"

"Wait, can we get your number, in case we need to contact you again," Sam pulled a pen from his pocket and slid a napkin over.

"Sure," He scrawled his name and number down before sliding it closer to Dean and waving to Polly. "I'll see you with Thursday's baked goods, Polly,"

Not thirty seconds after the man, Harry Potter by the scrawl on the napkin, left, Polly sighed with a shake of her head.

"Poor man," Sam looked at her with curiosity so she continued, "Potter moved here about four months before the attacks started he'd just opened his bakery. Came under a lot of fire when everything started. It doesn't help that a lot of the victims were frequents to his shop or people around him."

"Obviously you don't suspect him though," Sam observed.

"No," She shook her head and handed over their bill, "He's a good sort, and his kid, Teddy, is such a dear. The poor boy's been traumatized since the first attack." The targets, in other words, Dean glanced towards the door through Harry was long gone. Obviously there was more to it than what was being said.

XxXxXxx HPxS xxXxXxX

"Teddy!" Harry skid to a stop as he reached the clearing.

"Harry, christ, you can't just run ahead like that -" Dean stopped when he realized Harry wasn't paying attention to him.

"Hello, Harry," The man was standing in the middle of the tall grass, rugged and wild looking. Eyes focused solely on Harry. But, Harry wasn't really looking at him. He was looking at the man's hands. Hands that were wrapped around young Teddy's throat.

"Greyback," Harry snarled,

"Who?" Sam threw a look at Dean who shrugged in reply.

"You do remember me," The man smiled widely, flashing sharp, inhuman canines.

"Let go of Teddy," Harry started forward only to come up short as Greyback's hands tightened and Teddy began struggling.

"Ah, ah, ah," Greyback chuckled, loosening his grip a little, "I haven't told you why I'm here,"

Harry snarled at the man, shifting lightly and bending his knees like waiting to attack.

"Start talking,"

"You always were fierce, very…passionate," Greybeard didn't so much say as molest. When Harry didn't so much as twitch he continued on, "I remember very well why you struggled so much, always trying to get back to little Teddy here. So I thought to myself, why not. After the last time it was obvious that even sedatives wouldn't hold you for long. So here I am." He squeezed Teddy's throat for emphasis, "Obviously I failed the last few times I tried to get ahold of him, but It was only a matter of time,"

"Let him go, Greyback, or I'll enjoy ripping you to pieces," Harry was growling now, furious and worried.

"Thats where my latest idea comes in," Greyback smirked viciously. "I let him go, he gets sent to wherever and you, stay with me. Little Teddy gets to live and I never hunt him again.

"You're sick-" Harry started.

"I could always snap his neck now," The grip tightened again and cold shock washed through Harry.

"NO!" Harry put his hands up in defeat. "I'll go, just, just give him back,"

Greyback smiled in victory. "Send over one of your little humans to get him, and you stay where you are until their gone,"

Dean looked at Harry who pushed him forward. While Dean gingerly took Teddy from the wild man and began backing up Teddy began screaming.

"No! No, Dad you can't," Teddy struggled in Deans arms.

"It's okay, Teddy," Harry soothed, reaching for the child. "Shh, it's okay, it's okay. I'll see you soon," Harry pressed a kiss to Teddy's crown before pulling away and looking harshly to Dean.

"Take care of him," Harry demanded quietly, "Please,"

Dean nodded. He didn't know what to do with a kid, but they could take Teddy to Bobby if Harry didn't show up within a week or two. He could do that at least. Dean took one last look at Harry before they lost sight of the little clearing. Harry was staring silently after them, face set in determined sadness.


It took nine days for Harry to get back to town. He looked a lot worse off than they'd hoped for but, the fact he came back at all was a blessing.

AN: So I started writing this, but it got away from me. Initially Teddy was going to reveal to the Winchesters that Harry and he weren't human. Harry would talk them out of killing them, then Fenrir would come into the picture. It didn't work like that but, whatev. This might be rewritten later, but it might not. idk. Depends on my fickle muse who has decided just recently to sometimes come back from the dead.