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Maybe a little introduction to Finn would be a good idea, so here it is VV

Introduction of Finn Short.

I better introduce myself to you. So here it goes, Hi, I'm Finn. My mother is Commander Holly Short of the LEPrecon squad and my father is Artemis Fowl the Second, was Criminal mastermind, but now completely legimate. So that means I am half elf and half human, but I don't mind, I am slightly taller than average fairy height but my ears are still pointed. I have Icy blue eyes like my fathers, shoulder length Dark Auburn hair like my mothers and my skin is quite pale, also like my fathers. I followed in my mothers footsteps and became the second ever female captain in the LEPrecon squad. So that's me!

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Finn's POV.

Today started like any other day of mine. I was woken up by my mother. Then, very reluctantly, got out of bed. I got into the shower and then got dry and dressed into my LEP jumpsuit. I sorted out my hair and then made my way down stairs, where mum was waiting for me.

"Morning Finn. How did you sleep?"

"Good Morning! Fine thank you. How about you?"

"Fine, but I want to see your father. I haven't seen him in a while…" She still treated me as if I was little, but god knows what I would be like if she didn't. She was always thinking about my father, Artemis Fowl. In true honesty, I want to see him as well. I miss him. We ate our breakfast in silence and then we made our way to the police plaza, where we would then do our days work.

"Bye 'Commander', I'll see you later!"

"Goodbye 'Private', because you will be one if you keep acting like that! I will see you later too!" I made my way to my office. I was here early so no one else was here yet. I quickly went over to my desk and into the top draw. Perfect. They were still there. I took the little tablet shaped things out and closed the draw. I literally ran to the Ladies Bathroom and closed the door behind me. Looking at all the taps, I quickly got to work. I had located the water tank where the water was stored a few days ago. I poured half the coloured tablets into the water, gave it a stir and put the top back on the tank, and ran off. I did the same to the Men's Bathroom then ran back to my office. I had just made it back to my office when I got a message on my helmets message system beeped saying that I had a mission. I made my way over to the Ops Booth where Foaly would give me my instructions and my equipment. I walked into the room.

"Ok then Foaly, what you got for me."

"We got pinged. We need you to go and find out who pinged us and how much they know about the people." What Foaly said startled me. We got pinged. It didn't happen often but when it did, it was either a criminal mastermind after fairy gold or some child reading a fairy story. I composed myself, not to be made a fool of by my emotions.

"Ok, what equipment are you giving me?"

"Just the basics. A Neutrino 3000. Above ground simmer suit with wings and you will have your helmet. In addition, we will give you a tracker. Simple thing, you find that mud-person who pinged us, we find you, then see what they know. That's all. We can't risk anymore in case we end up with another 'Artemis Fowl' Affair."

"No, we don't want that to happen again. That wouldn't be good." I said hiding my emotions well, I was still startled but i was also really excited because 1. I would get out onto the surface and 2. I wouldn't be here when Commander Short, aka. Mum, found out about my little prank. So I wouldn't be blamed.

"Ok then Foaly, How am I getting to the surface and through which chute?"

"E1, Tara. You will be riding the hotshots." I grabbed my equipment and made my way to put shimmer suit, holster and helmet on. I slid the Neutrino 3000 into the hip holster and slid the tracker on my wrist.

"Ok, I'm ready to go. When is the next flare?"

"Very eager to go, aren't you? You can go now, it's due in around five minutes."

"Let's go then!" We left the room and made our way to where the titanium pods were kept.

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