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Artemis's POV

When Holly fell, to the ground I worried. I was worried that I had gone to far. I was worried that I may of hurt her. Almost instantly, I felt the guilt creep back and the compulsions along with it. I was on a 'visit the human part of the family' visit and was due back in the Argon clinic in a few days. I broke through the obsessions with all the willpower I could muster and looked at Holly. I was startled at what I saw. Amber sparks. Amber spark congregating around the wound I had made. Then she spoke.

"Ar…Art...Arty? What happened? Why are you here?"

"Mother, there was a pinger actually. It was Father." Finn spoke up. "That's why he is here." Holly fainted and I stopped to her side, picking her up and walking over to the manor. Getting her inside quickly, Finn on my tail, I took her into my bedroom in laid her on my bed. I had diagnosed Holly with PHSL (Permanently High Stress Levels). This, I believe was caused by her always being under some sort of pressure. Be it her being the test case or saving the world, there had always been pressure causing stress. And now being the commander was making it even worse. She had the tendency to pass out without reason, feel nauseated and be really touchy. No doubt when she woke up, Finn was likely to be killed for her prank involving wasting police time. I went into my en-suite and got a cup of water. I dipped the tips of my singers in and spray her face with the water, hoping that this would bring her from her unconscious state. No such luck. Looking around my room, I looked for other things I could use to wake Holly. Finn stood there doing nothing looking down at her shoes shame faced.

"Finn, you look miserable. What is up?"

"I don't think we should have done this."

"Yes, maybe it was a bad idea, but still, don't dwell on the past. Do you want to help?" Finn nodded furiously, eager to help her Mother she had helped harm.

"Then go help Butler then ask him for 'The Kit That is Handy for Elves'" She hurried off while I stayed at her side, flicking water on her face, shining a torch in to her eyes and flicking her ears for a response. The only one that helped me figure anything out was the test that made her pupil dilate, which it always a good sign. Finn returned after a while, holding a little box that could have been mistaken for a first aid box, complete with little white cross on the front. Well, technically, it was a first aid box, but still, it fitted the bill. The box was kept at the back a cupboard behind a real first aid box. If any of my family had found it, well, the would have a surprise if the opened it. A very nasty surprise…

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