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Artemis's POV

I opened the small box and took out the small packet, but not before handing a pair of goggles to Finn and putting a pair on myself. Then, with the pair of red scissors that I kept inside the box too, I sliced opened the bag. I help the bag underneath Holly's nose. Stinkworms smelt bad normally, but these, they had… had… time to mature. Basically, they smelt about ten times worse then raw ones in the heat of a hot day. And they even managed to smell worse than a sewer that has had years to ferment, which is saying something…Judging by Holly's breathing before I put the bag under her nose, she was coming round anyway. Still, this was going to bring her round faster, can probably stink my room out.

It's going to take more than just an air freshener to clear the air in here, I thought to myself.

"Love? Are you awake?" I half laughed to an instantly alert, but coughing Holly. She glared at me, batting the Stinkworms and my hand away from her.

"No. I am still sleeping, dreaming of trolls dancing to the nutcracker. And I usually answer questions like this in my sleep, don't I?!"

"Sleep well Mother?"

"Finn! What are you doing here?!"

"If you don't remember, you sent me to find who pinged us, then you followed my tracker, and then you passed out but only because of a joke," Finn motioned to me and herself, "played on you. Honestly, I thought you were tougher than that..."

"Finn, do you know anything about he purple dye taut was out in the water tanks in the bathrooms?" Finn broke down in laughter at the mention of her first joke. "It was you, wasn't it?!"

"Awwwhhh! Come on! It was hilarious! You have to admit it! Seeing all your officers with purple hands and faces!"

"Finn. You are suspended and your bill payer is being fined!"

I moved my hand up to hide the smirk that was turning up the corners of my mouth up. Holly noticed without turning round to look.

"Artemis. What are you finding so funny?" she turned to look at me. "what in the name of frond are you laughing T?!"

"Don't you worry your pointing little ears Bout it, I was just thinking..." Just thinking about what you said...

"God. Thats the last thing we need. Artemis Fowl the second, thinking...! Fine. Whatever. Jut never do that thing with the Stinkworms again... Or the WILL be consequences..." Finn had caught on the what I had been laughing at and had started giggling herself.

"First your father. Now you. What has gotten into you both!"

"Its 'Kay mother, you're the bill payer. So you have just fined yourself!

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