Title: I only miss you when I'm breathing

Author: jzay

Pairing: Callie/Arizona. Slightly A/U

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: Arizona walks in on Callie and thinks she is cheating. Will they be able to make it work?

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, just trying to write about them.

Chapter 1: Crumbling

Things had been going amazingly. They were happier than they had ever been. Callie was at the top of her game in the publishing field and Arizona's PEDS unit couldn't be running smoother. A few weeks ago, Callie had mustered up the courage, planned a romantic getaway vacation and gotten down on one knee on a beautiful sandy private beach in Fiji. Nothing could get in the way of their pretty pink bubble of happiness. Until that day….the day they both wish hadn't happened.

Arizona was off for the day so she was planning on surprising Callie at the office with lunch from her favorite pizza place. She had called her secretary to make sure that Callie didn't have a noon meeting. Her secretary, a very leggy slutty little blonde bimbo assured Arizona that she should definitely stop by at that time. To say the cute little blonde cheerleader around her noticeably desirable fiancé didn't bother Arizona would be like saying Arizona wasn't a fantastic surgeon. She was trying very hardest not to be the jealous, possessive fiancé who was paranoid about not so faithful things occurring in the office. She had clearly seen the way Lindsay looked at Callie and how she was always coming up with excuses to be near her. Not to mention her short skirts and boobalicious shirts or the times she made sure to put her goods on display as much as possible for her boss. But no, they were in love. Callie was the one who had proposed, so if she wanted some young piece of ass she wouldn't be with Arizona.

Arizona had stopped at the pizza place and was coming off the elevator to Callie's floor a little before noon. She noticed Lindsay wasn't at her desk, so she decided to just let herself into Callie's office.

As she entered she greeted Callie with a "Hey babe", but when she looked up the pizza dropped to the ground with a crash. Right there in front of her was that little tramp lip locked with her fiancé or should she say ex-fiance now. It was so over!

Callie pushed Lindsay away and rushed over to Arizona's side where she received a slap in the face.

"How could you" Arizona choked out as tears started to flow down her cheeks while her life crumbled down around her.

"Baby this is not what it looks like I promise you"

"Don't you dare call me baby right now. I am not your baby anymore" Arizona screamed at her not knowing what else to do.

Right then Lindsay decided to butt in as she came over to Callie. "Come on Calliope, just tell her about us"

Callie looked at her in disbelief and responded, "Tell her what Lindsay there is nothing to tell except that you are a home wrecking tramp"

Lindsay grabbed Callie's hand and announced, "Don't act like she shouldn't know we have been sleeping together for months. Now you can finally be rid of her and we can be together for real."

This time it was Lindsay who received a slap in the face. Just as Callie turned to plead with Arizona to hear her side of the story, she watched Arizona running towards the elevators. She took off after the love of her life and caught her right as she was stepping inside. She grabbed Arizona by the arms to get her to look her in the eyes to see the truth.

"Don't touch me Callie!" Arizona screamed at her as she pulled away.

"Arizona please, please just listen to me. None of that is true. She is lying. I would never cheat on you. We are getting married and I want you, no one else matters"

Arizona looked at her for a minute then looked to the floor. "Except you did cheat on me, I witnessed it. I don't trust you anymore and now I don't know what to believe. I really don't want to believe you have been sleeping with her this whole time even right before and after our engagement. What choice do I have?"

She looked Callie right in the eye noticing the tears that were falling freely down her cheeks. Then she reached to her ring finger, toyed with the beautiful diamond before taking it off and placing it in Callie's hand. She simply said on thing, "Its over" and then she excited the elevator towards the parking lot.

Callie was stunned and stopped for a moment to look down on the ring that should still be around Arizona's finger. What the hell happened? Quickly her legs caught up with her and she ran after Arizona. Just as Arizona was about to get into her car, Callie stepped between her and the door.

"NO! You can't leave. Please, please, please don't do this. I love you, please"

"You don't love me. You don't sleep around when you love someone. You don't break their heart into a million pieces for some nasty skank. Now move out of my way."

"I can't let you go. If I let you go that means it is over. This is far from over Arizona." Callie pleaded as she grabbed Arizona's face in her hands and place a desperate kiss upon her lips. For a moment, Arizona got absorbed in their chemistry and almost forgot what had just happened. Her body was betraying her and she felt herself react and move in to Callie. Suddenly, her mind took over and she pushed Callie away.

"No. A kiss can't make this better. Nothing can make this better. I never want to see you again. Now get out of my way so I can make that happen."

Arizona shoved Callie away, jumped in her car and sped off down the street. Callie watched as everything that mattered left with that car. How could she fix this? She looked down at Arizona's diamond. Then she looked at the diamond on her own hand. She added Arizona's right next to hers. This was not over. She just had to figure out how to make it right.