A/N: Alright, I know I said the last chapter was the end, but since so many of you asked for this I couldn't say no. This is actualllyyy the last chapter, but I wanted to wrap up Leo's story for those fans who wanted to see that. Its pretty long too so enjoy.

The Final Piece:

It was the summertime and Brie and Natalie were on break after their first year of graduate school. Brie had just finished her first year in a teacher education program and Natalie was following her Mama to pursue a writing career. The wedding was set for the beginning of July, just a few weeks away. The whole family was abuzz with excitement.

Arizona walked into the living room, which had become wedding central in the Robbins-Torres household. Brie and Callie were in full on wedding planning mode. Natalie was trying to help, but it was clear she was not quite as into the planning process as the other two women.

"Arizona, just wait until you see the floral arrangements we just finalized. They are amazing!" Callie sang.

"I bet they are. This is your area of expertise my lady."

"Your right. I'm pretty talented, you got lucky," Callie said winking at Arizona and pulling her in for a kiss.

"You two are so cute," Brie said, "I can't wait to be like that in 30 years."

Natalie just smiled, "It's a little gross watching my moms make out all the time, but yeah they are cute."

"Hey," Arizona said smacking her arm, "We are not gross!"

Everyone just chuckled at the antics and continued talking wedding plans. Naturally, Callie and Brie took the conversation over while Arizona and Natalie sat back a little bit. The other two were caught up in their own little world and weren't even listening, so Arizona leaned over to talk to her daughter.

"It will all be worth it, I promise."

"Huh, oh yeah I know," Natalie said.

"I know this whole wedding planning thing is overwhelming."

"Yeah, the planning part isn't my thing. I'm soooo ready for the being married part and starting our lives together part, but I don't really care how we get there."

"I was like that too. Gotta appease our women," Arizona said winking at her youngest.

"Yup, its our job," she joked back.

"So Mama, Mommy, I had something I wanted to talk to you about."

"What's up Mija?" Callie asked.

"Well I know you both walked Madison down the aisle and that was awesome, but I kinda wanted to do something different. Don't freak out or anything, I don't want just one of you or some random person. I was thinking that I wanted to ask Leo to walk me down the aisle."

Callie and Arizona thought for a moment, then Arizona responded first, "Nat, I think that would be wonderful."

Callie added her own approval, "I'm touched that you two are so close and you would want that. Under one condition though."

"Which is?" Natalie questioned.

"We get to lift your veil and give you a kiss before we hand you off to Brie."

"I wouldn't want it any other way," Natalie responded looking to Brie for approval.

"I'm cool with all of that. Sounds nice," she said rubbing Natalie's hand.

"I was thinking you could call him and ask him for me. I want him to know you are totally on board with it."

"We can do that, I need to talk to him about his flight details anyway."

"So you are totally okay with not walking her down the aisle?" Arizona asked knowing Callie could get emotional about things like this.

"Yes Arizona, I wouldn't have lied. Our children developed such a special bond and I want to let them cherish that."

"Okay good because I do love the idea."

"I'm gonna call Leo now, lets put it on speaker."

"Hola Mama," Leo said answering Callie's phone call.

"Hola Mijo, Mommy is here too."

"Of course she is, hello Mommy," he added.

"Hey baby, when are you getting in?"

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about that. There is sort of a change of plans."

"Oh no you don't!" Callie started to lecture, "You cancelled your Easter visit with absolutely no explanation. I swear to god if you bail out right now I am going to flip out and start a Spanish rant."

"Mama calm down, I'm still coming," Leo assured her.

"You better be," Arizona chimed in, "We all know where her Spanish rants lead."

"I actually have a good explanation for why I cancelled Easter. I um, well I went home with a girl that weekend."

"You have a woman you didn't tell us about!" Callie exclaimed.

"Ma, I'm telling you now okay. I just didn't want to get your hopes up before because you always make such a big deal out of how badly you want me to settle down with a woman who isn't a 'hussy'"

Arizona giggled and Callie responded, "Well I do want that. I just want you to be happy Leo, with someone who isn't a total bimbo!"

"I know you do. I think that now I can tell you I think I found that woman. Her name is Arynn. She is amazing and I think you will love her. I mean I hope you will because umm… I love her."

"Hurray, thank god. I am so happy you found someone Mijo!" Callie rejoiced at first.

"That sounds wonderful, I hope we will get to meet this little lady of yours," Arizona piped in.

"That's what I wanted to tell you. She is coming with me for the wedding. We fly in Friday afternoon."

"She isn't a hussy is she?" Callie questioned coming off her cloud for a second.

"No Mama, she isn't a hussy. Honestly, she is everything you ever wanted for me."

"We can't wait to meet her, but we also have something to talk to you about."

"Okay, hit me."

"Natalie wanted us to ask you if you would walk her down the aisle."

"I, oh my. Mama, are you okay with that?"

"Yes, I am. It makes me so proud that she wants you to do that so if you want to, then I want you to."

"Of course I want to, she my only little sister. Giving her away would be an honor."

"Excellent! We will let Nat know and will expect you and Arynn on Friday," Arizona told him.

"Can I make a request?" Leo asked before ending the conversation.

"Anything," Arizona said.

"Can you please take it easy on her. She's really nervous and I don't want you to scare her away."

"Mijo, if she is the one and worth it she won't be scared away. I can't promise I'm not going to make sure she is good enough for you."

"Mommy, help please."

"I'll try to keep her in check kiddo, but I can't promise anything. Plus, I agree that she's gonna have to prove herself. Just anyone isn't good enough for my only little boy."

"Okay, okay, just go a little easy on her."

"I'll try only because I love you so much," Arizona conceded.

"Love you Moms and can't wait to be there Friday."

"We love you too, Bye."


Friday came around and Callie insisted to be the one to pick up Leo. Arizona went along to back up Leo trying to protect his girl. Callie meant well, but she was super protective of her children and Leo was the first one to bring a girl into their lives after already dating. They had known Tyler since he was born and Brie had been Natalie's best friend for years before they got together. This whole bringing a random girl home thing was new.

"Calliope, I know you are in Mama bear mode and even though I think its super hot, please don't lay into her right away."

"I'll try, but only because I expect to be rewarded later," Callie said kissing her quickly.

"Mommy, Mama!" They heard Leo yell from afar. The two looked up to see him waving at them holding the hand of a very pretty little blonde.

"He always did have a thing for blondes," Arizona commented as she noticed his new girlfriend's appearance.

"Yeah, but they were all bimbos."

"Well there are plenty of cute, respectable, wonderful blondes like myself out there so give her a chance."

Leo wrapped them both in hugs when he got closer and kissed them on the cheek while his girlfriend shyly stood back.

"Moms this is my girlfriend Arynn. Arynn, meet the most amazing parents a kid could ask for," He said trying to butter them up a little bit even though he totally meant it.

"Its nice to meet you both," Arynn said reaching out her hand.

"Good firm handshake," Arizona said, "I like that. Daddy always said it was sign of good character."

"Well thank you. I like to think I fit that description," Arynn said laughing a bit.

They grabbed the bags and walked towards the car. Arizona dropped back a little bit next to Leo, "So far so good buddy."

"Yeah, thanks for calming her down before we got here. I know you did."

"That my job," Arizona said walking quicker to catch up with her wife. Leo looked over at Arynn and gave her a reassuring smile as he squeezed her hand.

In the car on the way home, Leo and Arizona chatted about all sorts of things. Arynn jumped in every now and then, but was mostly quiet letting nerves get the best of her. Callie was dead quiet and no one was sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

"So," Callie finally started, "You were able to get my baby boy to skip Easter at home with his family."

"Calliope!" "Mama!" Arizona and Leo warned at the same time.

"Its… Its okay," Arynn said finding her nerve and grabbing Leo's hand, "Actually, it was Leo's idea. I really wanted to meet you two and his amazing sisters, but he wouldn't hear of it. He just said he wasn't ready for that and I had to respect it. When I insisted that he come home, he asked to be able to meet my family. I couldn't really say no."

"Alright," Callie said eying her carefully.

"I have wanted to meet you for so long. All Leo ever talks about is his amazing family. It's Mama this and Mommy that. I feel like I already know you."

"That's good, we are glad you're here," Arizona said trying to calm the waters.

"How long exactly is sooo long?" Callie asked not letting up.

"Um," she said not really sure what details Leo had told his Moms about timeframe, so she just decided to be honest, "A little over a year."

"Over a year!" Callie yelled turning to glare at Leo.

It's a good thing Arizona was driving because Callie would have crashed right then.

"I'm sorry Mama okay. I know you like to know these things and I usually tell you everything, but I just needed to be established first. I wanted to know for sure that it was going to work out and that it was right before I told you."

"Well that is a very long time to lie to your mother Mijo."

"I didn't lie. I just didn't mention it. I knew the moment I did you would find an excuse to come visit so you could meet her and I didn't want that until it was for sure something long term."

"That makes sense, but I do wish you told us earlier," Arizona said.

"Yeah no kidding," Callie huffed folding her arms.

"I'm sorry, but can we please just drop that and get on with this visit."

"Sure Leo," Arizona assured, but Callie didn't quite look ready to give in.

Arynn got along with everyone very well at dinner and seemed to be fitting into the family just fine. Callie didn't really talk to her much. She was polite and kept up appearances, but it was clear she had not given her approval yet. Callie was usually a much more warm and welcoming person, but something about her only little boy made her a bit of a monster towards the intruder taking him away. The new couple ended up retiring early probably so Leo could ease her mind about the obvious tension with his mother.

The next morning Arynn went for her usual morning run to clear her head. To her surprise, she saw Arizona out on the road a few miles in.

"Well, fancy seeing you here," Arizona said as she stopped at a familiar bench to stretch.

"Hello, I run every morning actually. Especially when I need to clear my head, so didn't want to stop that on vacation."

"I do the same thing so I get it. I'm sure you have a lot in that head that needs clearing, meeting the family is tough."

"Yeah, but you have all been so nice," Arynn responded not wanting to let on that she didn't feel very accepted by his other mother.

"Arynn, you don't have to pretend just because she's my wife. I know Callie has been much less than welcoming to you."

"Uh, yeah well I understand."

"Just know that in the end she's worth it. Leo is our only little boy. Brie and Tyler were in our lives long before they dated our kids, so it was easier for them. Plus, Callie has always been more protective of Leo. It's probably because of how we got him. I trust you know the story."

"Yeah, he told me all about it."

"He's the only one of our kids we have ever seen in danger and laying helpless in a hospital bed like that. It took a while to nurse him back to health, so she always turns into protective mode with him much easier."

"Yeah, that makes a lot of sense."

"Hang in there girl, she will come around."

"Thanks," Arynn said finishing her stretch and giving Arizona a bright smile.

"No problem, I can see you are a great girl and Leo really cares for you."

"How do you know?" Arynn asked curiously.

"Leo would never bring a girl home if he wasn't serious about her. His track record hasn't necessary been many serious relationships, so he would never tell us that he was serious about someone unless he meant it."

"Good to know, I really care about him too. And he's right ya know?"

"Right about what?" Arizona asked.

"He does have an amazing family."

"Thank you," Arizona gushed thinking out her beautiful family, "How bout we challenge each other with a bit of a race on the way back. I like to do that cause it pushes me harder."

"Ha, I make Leo do that with me all the time. Lets do it!"


Arizona went into her bedroom after the run feeling great. She ran must faster than usual racing against Arynn and she really did like the girl. Callie was still lying in bed, so Arizona crawled up to her.

"You are all sweaty babe," Callie mumbled as Arizona leaned in for a kiss.

"Whatever, you like me all sweaty."

"That's true," Callie told her kissing her back.

"So, I saw Arynn out on my run this morning."

"Oh really?" Callie questioned sounding less than amused.

"She's a lot like me you know."

"What? I don't think she is like you at all."

"Well, maybe if you stopped being rude to her and seeing her as a threat you could actually see it."

"I am not rude," Callie defended.

"Babe, I love you, but I have never seen you be so cold to someone like that for no reason."

"Whatever," Callie said pushing her off.

"I'm just saying I have taken time to talk to her and watch her with Leo. She's a whole lot like me and she seems pretty great if I do say so myself."

"Well I'm not ready to accept her yet," Callie said wrapping her rob around herself and exiting the bedroom. She went downstairs and made some coffee then moved out to her favorite spot on the back porch. She liked to sit there with Arizona and talk in the morning or just sit by herself to think. Problem is, Arynn was sitting in her spot. Before she could turn around Arynn had noticed her.

"Oh Mrs. Robbins-Torres, I'm sorry you can sit here," Arynn choked out jumping up.

"No its fine," Callie said moving to different chair across a table.

"It is such a beautiful day and I like to sit and reflect after my morning runs."

"Yeah, Arizona does that a lot too."

"She said she runs every morning."

"Yup," Callie said looking out into the yard.

"Um, I know maybe I should just stay quiet, but I just need to say this. I get why you are giving me a hard time and I totally understand that you are protective of Leo, but I would really like a fair chance."


"I just need you to know that I'm not like the girls he usually hangs around. Trust me, I know about his past and I'm nothing like those 'hussies' as you call them."

Callie chuckled a little bit at that one.

"Yeah Leo talks about you a lot and frankly I was upset when he wouldn't introduce me to his family earlier or even tell you about me. He had to let me know about how you had seen and heard about too many 'bimbos and hussies' for him to bring someone home that wasn't really serious."

"Which means you two are really serious?"

"Yes, we are. I know it's only been like 13 months, but I honestly love him. And I would be protective too if I had created such an amazing man, but I just need you to know that I really care about him too so I get it. I don't need you to love me right away, I just need you to give me a chance and let me show you that I'm the kind of girl who can deserve your son. He is caring and smart and honorable and I can only thank you for raising him to be so wonderful. You should be so proud because despite his faults, he is everything a parent would want him to be."

"You give a pretty good speech," Callie commented.

"Uh yeah, I actually tend to ramble. Especially when I'm nervous and you make me nervous because I care what you think."

"As you should."

"All I'm asking for is a real chance to prove myself. I hope you will give that to me. I know Leo loves me, but I can honestly say that I believe, in the end, his families' opinion matters to him too much for us not to get along. If you can't bring yourself to approve, I'm afraid he won't be able to fully commit to me. So please don't write me off just yet," Arynn finished getting up and walking inside.

A few minutes later Arizona appeared on the porch and sat across from Callie without a word. She could tell Callie was thinking.

"Okay fine. She is a little like you."

Arizona just smiled knowing Callie would be coming around soon enough.


Later that day, everyone was in the living room hanging out when Callie came in.

"Arynn, I was thinking we could head out and grab some lunch together."

"Oh yeah, we could do that," Arynn said shocked that Callie had asked.

"Just you two?" Leo questioned skeptically.

"Yes, just us two. I want to actually have a chance to get to know her better."

"I'll just go change quick and we can go," Arynn said hoping that this meant Callie had let what she said earlier sink in.

At lunch it was awkward and quiet at first, but Callie broke the tension by saying, "Listen Arynn, I want to apologize for being so rude to you. I didn't have any right and trust me when I say I am not usually like that."

"I know. Leo has told me all about you and I know you have a huge heart. He loves that about you."

Callie smiled, "Yes, its my huge heart that gets me into these things though. I love my son so much and really want what is best for him. It just translates into crazy protective psycho sometimes."

Arynn chuckled, then quickly stopped, "Sorry."

"Its fine, it was funny. It's okay to laugh."

Arynn let out a breath she was holding, "Okay good. So go ahead. I know you have tons of questions. Ask away!"

"Alright. What are your intentions with my son?"

"Honestly, I want something long term. I know we need to be together longer before this happens, but I really do see myself marrying him someday."

"Okay, what about kids? Do you want that someday too?"

"Yeah, I think so. I was never that girl who spent her whole life dreaming about having kids and wanting that. To be honest it's not something I wanted until Leo. For the first time, I really see a future and I think kids could be a part of that."

Callie realized she was a lot more like Arizona than she thought. "Well that's good. Have you ever cheated on someone?"

"No Ma'am. That's a deal breaker for me. Honesty and fidelity are extremely important to me."

"How many sexual partners have you had?" Callie asked without skipping a beat.

Arynn spit out her water not thinking that was the next question coming, "Uh, wow."

"Answer the question please."

Arynn blushed a little bit, "Well, three."

"I assume that is including Leo."

"Okay and just when I thought it couldn't get any more personal. Yes, including Leo."

"Good," Callie responded taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Okay, interrogation part is done. Now lets just talk. Tell me about yourself."

"Phew," Arynn said glad that was over, "Lets see. I was a runner in college, cross- country actually. Running started as a way to clear my head and I was pretty good at it so I did that all through high school, it got me a scholarship. I majored in Chemistry because I am a total science nerd. For a while I thought I wanted to go into medicine, but then I did this internship in the lab doing cancer research my junior year. It sucked me in, I love the lab and it just makes sense to me. It became my passion, so I'm working on my PhD and hope to continue on with more cancer research."

"That's pretty impressive," Callie admitted, "Arizona would probably love to hear about all that."

"Yeah, Leo said the same thing. I would love to show you some of my research too though. Some of it is just nerdy science stuff, but some of it is really cool. If you come visit, I could take you to my lab."

"I would actually really like that."

"The guest bedroom is just sitting there, so come down anytime you like."

"Wait, you two live together?" Callie asked totally surprised.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I thought you knew. Uh yeah we moved in together a few months ago."

"It seems my boy kept quite a lot from us."

"I know and I'm sorry. I tried to get him to tell you, but I didn't want to push. I just kinda thought he wasn't serious about me and didn't care enough to tell his family. I was insecure about pressuring him."

"That's understandable. Leo may have my heart, but he got both of our stubbornness."

"Yeah, he can be quite a mule sometimes. I guess he has to have a few flaws."

"So Mrs. Robbins-Torres, are you ever going to write a sequel to your last book?"

"Arynn, you can call me Callie and I'm not sure."

"You have to! There was way too much left unsaid, honestly you need to wrap up those loose ends."

"You read my book?" Callie asked in surprised.

"Well yeah. Leo gushes about you and since he wouldn't let me meet his family I wanted to know as much as I could. Grabbed it at the bookstore and couldn't put it down."

"Thank you. I guess I could think more about a sequel."

"Please do! That would be SUPER!"

"Ha, oh god."

"What?" Arynn asked kind of confused.

"Arizona told me you were a lot like her. She uses the word super all the time."

"Well I guess I'm honored. Arizona is awesome, so I am proud to be seen like her."

"Awesome is another one of those words. She is gonna love to hear about this," Callie laughed.

They fell into easy conversation and Arynn was pretty sure now she had won over both his moms. It made her heart soar.

Back at the house Leo and Arizona were impatiently waiting for their return. It was turning into a very long lunch, which made them think maybe it went well or maybe it went very, very wrong. The two came bustling into the house deep in conversation, but it looked pretty friendly. Arynn bounced over and kissed Leo.

"I gotta go make a quick phone call," she said exiting the room.

"She's the one," Callie said looking at her son.

"Um, excuse me?" Leo responded totally shocked.

"You were right okay. She is wonderful and exactly what I want for my son. This is my way of saying I approve."

"Oh thank you Mama!" Leo exclaiming pulling her into a hug.

"Don't you dare break that girl's heart Leo."

"I won't, I promise."

"Oh and you should know we already planned a visit for August."

"You planned a visit? This morning you hated her and now you are planning visits behind my back."

"Get used to it kiddo. We exchanged digits already."

"Oh boy," Leo said as he left he room to talk to his girl and let her know the good news.

"Wow, that is quite a change of heart my dear." Arizona smiled as she looked at Callie waiting to hear that she was the one who had called it right.

"Fine. I know what you want. You were right."

"YES!" Arizona celebrated.

"She is a lot like you, even down to the words super and awesome."

Arizona just laughed and kissed her wife.

"I did find a key difference though. She didn't fall into quite so many bed before she met her one."


"You can't deny it. Before me you had some player days."

"Okay fine, that's true."

"You have her beat by a mile. She has only been with 3 sexual partners."

"Oh my god. You did not ask her that?"

"I needed to know."

"Jesus Calliope, that poor girl."

"She was fine. Don't worry, we are the best of friends now."

"You know what's funny. Both of our youngest ended up with women like their Moms. Brie is just like you and Arynn is just like me."

"Well, we taught them how to treat a lady and they just had to figure out how to find one that was worthy. Why wouldn't they want the best?"

"So modest I see," Arizona said chuckling, "I told you Leo would settle down someday. He just had to find his Arizona. And Natalie found her Calliope."

A week later, the wedding had arrived. In typical Robbins-Torres fashion, Natalie had a panic attack the night before the wedding and had to get Brie to come reassure her. She also freaked out before the ceremony and was consoled by her Moms, sister, and brother.

She finally stood outside the doors of the chapel ready to go in. She tugged on Leo's arm nervously.

"Calm down Nat, everything is going to be perfect. You look beautiful by the way."

"Thanks Leo and thank you for doing this."

"Nowhere else I would rather be. Now lets get you hitched to that hot chick in there."

Natalie chuckled and watched nervously as the doors opened. They started walking and she muttered, "Don't trip, don't trip, don't trip."

"Your not gonna trip," Leo assured her.

Once she caught sight of Brie, her fears were squashed, "You're right, I'm not."

Up at the alter, Leo passed her off to their Moms and took his place as the best man.

"Who gives this bride to this bride?" the minister asked.

"That would be us," Callie and Arizona chimed together.

They each gave a kiss on opposite cheeks after they lifted her veil.

"We love you."

"Love you too."

Sitting in the front row, they watched their little girl get married. Leo stood proud as the best man and Madison as the maid of honor. Tyler was up there too, always having been more than like a sibling than a friend. Their three children had all turned out so wonderfully and were all with amazing people. The universe is funny that way; sometimes you end up exactly where you belong.


Alrighty, hope that was a better ending for everyone. This chapter is super long cause I got carried away and I guess I had a lot to say. Hope you enjoyed it.