A/N Hi so this idea has been bugging me for a good 3 days so here it is. Also who else is overjoyed that young dracula is back! I used to love when i was younger. So the idea- What if even favourites aren't exempt from transylvanian traditions?
p.s. no erin in this sorry :/ and it doesn't follow the storyline of the show massively sorry.

"Ow" I exclaim as I hit my head off the cool, solid lid of my coffin, I really have to stop doing that. I shove the lid so it lifts up, allowing me to sit up and give my injured head a rub. I miss my old bed. It's been three weeks since my sixteenth birthday and a month and a half since I went through the 'change' and i'm only just getting used to things like the coffin and not going out in the sunshine. But mostly I miss being warm... it's just coldness now.

Sighing, I stand and clumsily climb out of the cramped coffin and head downstairs. To be met by the sight of my father, clad in his white shirt and dress trousers,no cape, looking at me weirdly.

"What?" I ask.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" he asks back suspiciously, eyeing me carefully.

"I can't" I answer simply.

"Oh my boy! I knew this day would come! Your blood lust has became so unignorable that you're finally going to accompany your old man on a hunt!" He said excitedly, clapping his hands in joy and jumping up from his throne with a glint in his eye I see very rarely.

It kills me to dash his hopes but...

"Sorry dad, I'm not hunting breathers, remember I quite like them" his face falls in an instant.

"You'll get over that issue quickly now you've changed" He mutters with a dismissive wave of his hand.

"I doubt it" I respond sitting at one of the chairs by the fire.

"Yes, well... I have other matters to discuss with you anyway. Your sister might have gotten away from me but you certainly won't, even if you are the precious chosen one..."what?

"Dad what are you...?" I begin.

"Talking about? What's going to happen when both you and I are gone vladdy? hmm? Who's going to inherit the Dracula name, fortune, social status, the castle?"

No he can't be talking about...

"You can't be seriously suggesting...?" I exclaim in the beginnings of a rage.

"An arranged marriage? oh but my dear boy I am"