The Red Glass
Curse of Blackmoor Manor Alternate ending.
Part One

I could hardly breathe. My hand was shaking as I slowly slipped the key into the keyhole. As I turned the key, the entire forge lit up. Sparks flew, the sound of rusty, old gears turning filled the room. I stepped back in surprise. Suddenly a new door opened. It was small, like an air vent, but I could still fit through it. I carefully fit myself into it. I crawled through the narrow passageway. Spider webs and dust caked every corner. After crawling for what felt like a mile, I was back at the forge! But something was wrong; I was looking through a peephole of red glass. It made the forge look different, and suddenly I saw it! "That is where the Penvellyn treasure is hidden!"

Looking through the red peephole, I could see some sort of lights reflecting of parts of the wall. They all met at one point on the wall opposite me. "That has to be where the treasure is! Behind that wall!" I made my way out of the dusty passageway. Picking a spider web out of my titian hair, I walked over to the spot on the wall where the lights met. I started knocking on the wall, and sure enough there WAS a space behind it! I looked around for something to help me break down the wall. "That will do it…." I said, looking at a sword lying on the ground. I picked it up and looked around for a gap in the stone wall big enough for me to fit the sword into. "There" I said to myself. I pushed the sword into the wall, and was able to wiggle it enough to loosen some stones enough that they could be pulled out. I tossed the sword aside and pulled out the stones.

There it is. But what exactly was it? I was expecting gold or something valuable. But a book? What kind of treasure is a book? "Ah, you've found it!" said a voice. I know that voice! "Wha, what are you-?" I didn't get to finish the sentence before I was knocked out.