The Red Glass
Curse of Blackmoor Manor Alternate ending.
Part Three

I looked around franticly. Ethel had gone back to reading her book, occasionally chuckling to herself. She seemed to have forgetten I was even there. I looked around for anything that could help me. I picked up one of the stones that used to be part of the wall and threw it. It sailed past Ethel, because I didn't try to hit her. She let out a little gasp. In with her distracted, I ran at her. I grabbed the book and tried to yank it out of her hands. She held it tightly, I couldn't get it away from her. Then I pulled with all my might and the book went sailing out of both our hands. It landed on the table I made the key on, knocking down a couple of bottles. One bottle fell on the book, spilling its contents on the book. The book started to steam, the chemical was dissolving the book! "No, stop it!" Yelled Ethel. She ran to the book, but the middle of the book was completely dissolved. "NO! No no no no no no no! It can't be! After everything I did! After all I went through to get it! NO!"


Dear Hannah,
I turns out Ethel was the culprit! She was tutoring Jane in hope of discovering something in the house that could lead her to the treasure. She claimed that her family deserved it, that HER family had slaved themselves to teach the Penvellyns all they knew, without anything in return. She also admitted to trying to hurt Linda.

The Treasure turned out to be a book about the secrets to alchemy! They were afraid that someone would misuse the information, so they hid it away for someone who would use the secret wisely. In the end the book was destroyed, so now no one will know the secret. Oh well, better to have been destroyed than to be taken advantage of. Who knows what kind of trouble could be caused with a secret that big!
Take care,