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Chapter 14: Everyday Feels Like A Monday

Danny hastily opened his locker; he had overslept and had missed breakfast. Now he was in a hurry to get to cooking class on time. He pulled out a recipe book that he'd borrowed from the library. He slammed his locker door shut and panicked as the final bell rang. He looked around the hallways trying to desperately remember which one led to his class.

"Go left, up the stairs, second door to your right" someone advised helpfully.

Danny smiled and turned around to thank the person when he noticed who it was. A familiar brunette with enchanting green eyes. Jo Anne.

"Thanks Jo Anne" Danny smiled gratefully, "This school is like a labyrinth!"

Jo Anne smiled back, "Danny I was wondering..." she started to ask, "Would you like to go out with me afterschool?"

Danny was shocked at her straightforwardness but grinned and nodded, "Sure" came his quick reply.

Jo Anne turned on her heel, calling over her shoulder which was draped with glossy brown hair, "See you after school Danny" and with that gracefully floated away down the corridor.

Danny leaned against his locker for a moment, feeling a little flustered. It had been a while since a girl had asked him out. Usually he was the one doing the asking. Oh well, it didn't matter anyway, either way he had a date.

"I'm sorry I'm late Mrs. Peterson" Danny apologised hovering in the class room doorway.

Actually he wasn't sorry at all, he had scored a date with one of the hottest girls in the school. No apologies needed.

"I do not accept tardiness in my class Kendall!" the old woman replied sharply, "Don't be late next time, or else there'll be trouble."

Danny rolled his eyes; the old hag hadn't even bothered to get his name right. He shrugged and wordlessly walked over to his table and sat himself down next to Ava.

"Hey" Ava greeted him as she moved her things over a little to make room for him on the workstation, "Why are you so late?"

"I overslept" Danny explained and was about to continue when Ava but in.

Ava rolled her eyes, "Typical"

"And" Danny drew out the word, "I scored a date with, get this, Jo Anne McGuire" Danny finished triumphantly.

Ava put down the whisk which she was using to stir some batter and turned round to face him.

"Jo Anne, green eyed, brunette, McGuire?" she asked raising her eyes brows slightly.

Shrugging Danny replied happily, "The very one"

Ava widened her eyes, "Why?" she asked incredulously.

Danny frowned, confused, "What do you mean why? She's fit"

Ava folded her arms, "Have you even talked to her for more than ten minutes? The girls an air head!"

Danny looked Ava in the eyes, "Well no, but I'm sure she's perfectly fine" he defended her, "Why do you care so much anyway?"

"I don't" Ava replied hastily, "But don't say I didn't warn you"

She grabbed her whisk and went back to mixing. Danny grabbed her bowl and shook his head, "Why do you hate her so much?"

Ava reached for the bowl but Danny held it out of her reach, "She's been a massive bitch to me and my friends and I have a bad feeling about your date"

Danny gave a knowing smile and said, "Ava, that feeling is jealously. Your probably jealous of her –"

Ava cut in, "Don't flatter yourself Danny. You asked me out and I said no. Ask me out a second time and I'll say no again.. I think we've established the fact that I just want us to be friends"

Danny gave her back her bowl and said, "So you don't want me to date Jo Anne, but you don't want me to date you. What do you want me to do?"

"I never said you couldn't date Jo Anne. That's your decision, not mine" Ava repeated going back to mixing, "I'm just saying, I warned you"

Danny shook his head in confusion. He clicked his stove on and put a frying pan over the hob. He got an egg and cracked it open. Ava smiled, clearly impressed. The whole Jo-Anne scenario totally forgotten.

"Brilliant" she praised, "Next you'll learn how to grate cheese!"

Danny grinned and fried his egg. He took a spatula and flipped it onto a plate. He grabbed a fork and started eating it.

Ava did a double take, "Danny we have to have it graded before we can eat it"

"Nope, this is my breakfast" he replied through a forkful of egg. Ava shook her head and bit back a smile.

"Did you hear?" Dougie asked Tessa later that day during lunch, "Danny's going out with Jo Anne"

"Since when do you gossip?" Harry started to ask but Laurel nudged him to be quiet.

Tessa looked around the cafeteria and found the familiar brunette haired boy sitting next to Jo Anne and her minions. Tessa was sitting next to three quarters of McFly, her band and Gwen and Laurel.

"That would explain why he isn't eating with us today" Tessa replied, turning back to face Dougie.

"Aren't you a bit cheesed off?" Laurel asked, "I mean Jo Anne erm…"

"Hates my guts?" Tessa asked smiling smugly, "Nah, he can do what he likes. As long as I don't have to talk to her"

"My sentiments exactly" Ava grinned.

"Why does Jo Anne hate Tessa?" Tom wondered out loud.

"Jo Anne likes Leo who fancies Tessa" Alex explained and then added, "And the fact that Tessa is in a world famous band and Jo Anne cant sing to save her life"

"So in a nutshell" Harry asked, "Jo Anne is jealous?"

Derek nodded shortly and Dougie asked, "What did she do to you?"

"The usual" Tessa replied in monotone, "Locked me in the bathroom, pushed me against lockers, blamed me for cheating in a test when she was the one who cheated off me. And she thought up a few scheme's to humiliate me with and spread a few rumors around"

"Yada yada yada" Dom piped up.

"She's one of the reasons we left Kingsford after just a term" Derek added and then stated, "That and the fact that we had to go on tour"

"Things weren't pretty but maybe she's changed?" Ava mused.

"I doubt it" Gwen chimed in.

"Danny said she's a lot nicer now" Ava stated lamely.

"He just met her" Tessa shrugged, "But like I said I don't care. He can do what he likes"

"Changing the subject" Alex announced bluntly, "Octobers almost ending"

"No duh, two weeks are left" Tom replied smirking.

Alex ignored him and said, "Everyone's favourite holiday is coming up"

"Christmas!" Dougie cheered, waving his fork in the air.

Harry rolled his eyes and hit him on the back of his head, "No you twit. He means Halloween"

"Oh" Dougie said slumping in his seat. Then he grabbed his fork and waved it again and cried, "Halloween!"

"You guys still celebrate that?" Tom asked, "Don't little kids do that sort of thing?"

"Its not as big in Scotland as it is in America" Laurel replied, "But you get free candy, mate. What more could you ask for?"

"Why say no?" Dom asked and laughed.

"Are you guys going to dress up?" Harry asked.

Ava raised her eyebrows, "That's the whole point of Halloween, you dress up and people give you candy, it's like the law or something"

"Its not the law Ava" Gwen replied smiling slightly, "You trick people when they don't give you candy"

"The Americans right" Tessa said earning a small glare from Gwen, "We may need supplies for the tricks"

"Dom and I'll take care of that" Derek replied and turned to Tessa, "You think of costumes"

"Why do I need to think up all of the ideas?" Tessa sulked.

"Your the youngest" Dom stated, "You're the brains"

"I resent that" Alex cut in.

"And we're the bronze" Derek said holding his arm out flexing his biceps.

Laurel leaned over and poked his arm, "Squishy" she said making everyone at the table laugh.

Derek wasn't as amused, he rolled his eyes and swatted her hand away.

"I'm going to be Naruto [1] from the anime. I have my costume already" Alex replied, changing the subject as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Ditcher" Ava frowned at him.

"Hey Gwen, why don't we go as a couple? I could be woody and you could be Jesse from Toy Story!" Tom suggested, quietly.

"That'd be great" Gwen said, blushing a little.

"Great, my partner in crime blew me off" Laurel rolled her eyes but she was smiling fondly.

"Lets go as the Flintstones , Dom could be Barney Rumble, cos he's blond, I could be Betty Rumble cos I have dark hair. Derek will be Fred because he has black hair and Ava could be Wilma!" Tessa cried.

"Gee thanks guys" Laurel frowned feeling left out.

"Laurel, why don't we dress up as grunge musicians from the 80's" Harry asked her.

"Er, um, I'd, love t-to" Laurel stammered, blushing.

Just then Danny walked up to his friends and sat down at the table. He was ginning like a madman.

"Lovely to see you" Tom said sarcastically, "I thought you had forgotten about us"

"Nah. Unfortunately I'm still in McFly" Danny joked and then looked at their faces, "Only joking. What's up?"

"Deciding what costumes to wear for Halloween" Ava filled him in.

"What are you going to be?" Harry asked him.

"I'm going with Jo. I'm Ken and she's Barbie" Danny muttered, causing his friends to burst out laughing.

"She probably picked it so that she could dress up as a sl-" Dougie laughed.

"Don't say it Dougie. Its rude" Danny interrupted.

Dougie held up his hands defensively while Tessa spoke up, "If he cant say it then I will. Dress up as a slag [2] right Dougie?"

Danny shot daggers at her while she shrugged and blew a gigantic bubble from the piece of gum that she was chewing.

"I won't be surprised if, one day, that bursts onto your face" Gwen warned and the awkward moment passed.

"I'll be there to film it" Dom added gleefully, pretending he was holding a camcorder.

"So we're all set?" Tom asked his friends. He glanced around the table his eyes landing on Gwen. He smiled at her and said in a fake cowboy drawl, "Howdy partner"

Gwen started to blush and Tessa and Laurel started singing, "Tom and Gwen sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

"Grow up" Gwen mumbled, hiding behind her hair.

"First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes Gwen with a-" Tessa started to say in as she worked on a another chewing gum bubble when Gwen pointed to something behind her.

"Looks its Tom Delounge from Blink-182!" Gwen exclaimed excitedly as Tessa got a impressively large bubble going.

"Where?!" Dougie cried as he whipped around. Searching for his beloved Blink-182 singer.

Tessa was about to turn around too when Gwen leaned forward and poked the bubble with her fork. SPLAT! It burst all over Tessa's face and she grimaced.

"That wasn't fair" Tessa said as she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Tell me about it I didn't even have my camera on" Dom sighed in despair and Tessa elbowed him playfully.

"Guys I cant find him" Dougie whined, as he continued searching across the cafeteria oblivious to the incident.

He turned back around and stared at Tessa, "What happened to you?" he asked eyeing the pink mess on her face, he continued before she could answer, "I can't find Tom"

His friends just stared at him in shock. Amazement and disbelief evident on their faces. How could Dougie miss something like that?

"What?" he asked awkwardly, as they stared him down.

"What?" he repeated in confusion, "You guys are weird"

"Yeah we're the weird ones" Derek replied sarcastically as Dougie happily went back to eating, humming some random song.

1. Naruto: This amazing anime. Check it out, its one of the best anime's ever made.
2. Slag: What we English people call a promiscuous woman

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