"So do you accept the job?" the orange haired princess asked, her light English accent making itself known.

"I will" Ichigo replied, mimicking the princess's accent.

The princess smiled. "Excellent my dear…please take a shower and change into the given clothes, my servant will probably come in shortly after you go in, so be quick about it…and I will see you in a month" the princess purred.

Ichigo nodded. "Oh yes…and please wear this, it will make it more believeable" the princess added, dropping a beautiful silver ring with a white diamond freckled with orange and blue in his palm. Then she left quickly with a small smirk. Ichigo put the ring on his right ring finger. He would enjoy this month of pampering and diverse foods, only to get paid a generous pleasurable amount after the month ends.

Ichigo smiled; glad he went to acting school. It got him plenty of money. Then he went to start the job.

After a quick, hot shower, Ichigo had only gotten on underwater and the bra he had to wear before the door of the bathroom flew open. Ichigo felt a blush coming on but pushed it down, turning to see a breath-taking albino kneeling before him.

The albino had pure snow white hair, spiky at the top of his head but shaggy around his neck, the bangs sweeping over the eerie, beautiful, piercing eyes of a molten gold surrounded raven blackness that only highlighted the gold more so. The male also had off white skin, the color of porcelain and had a lithe but well muscled body at about 6'1, though he appeared much shorter on one knee. He was dressed in tight black dress pants, a light blue button up with sleeves around to his elbows to show a small tattoo of the kanji for white, and a red bowtie loosely tied around his neck.

"My lady…shall I help you dress first or do your hair?" the albino asked, a slight watery twist to an otherwise rather normal voice.

"Dressing" Ichigo replied, making sure to add the English accent. He saw the albino smirk. "Yes my lady" he purred, getting up and approaching Ichigo. Ichigo squeaked softly as he was pulled close to the albino's chest. The snow haired male pulled the black shorts up onto Ichigo's hips.

Then Ichigo was daintily put back on his feet as a light red dress was pulled over his head. The albino fixed it so the one strap that held it up laid properly over his left shoulder, zipping it up and tugging the bottom of the dress a bit to make sure it fit snuggly.

Then Ichigo was lifted up and placed on the counter as his servant started to fix on his white high heels. After they were snuggly on, Ichigo was scooped up and carried down the hall.

Ichigo was sat on the bed, the albino crawling behind him. Ichigo watched the servant brush and style his mid-back orange hair in a high ponytail in the huge mirror in front of him. "How's that princess?" the albino purred.

"Good" Ichigo nodded. The albino smirked again. "Excellent?" he asked.

"Uhhh…No I mean good" Ichigo stated.

"Whatever you say my lady" the albino purred, kissing the end of Ichigo's hair.

Ichigo had been dragged down to the dining room. He was forced to share a 'romantic' dinner with a blue haired male. The man was very beautiful with messy sky blue hair, a few strands hanging over his face, over his light blue eyes with teal markings on the corners of his eyes, a sharp nose, a feral grin, and a light tanned body of strong muscles at about 6'3. He was dressed fancy but simple in black dress pants and a white dress shirt that was opened a bit to showcase his beautifully carved abs.

Ichigo quickly noticed a similar ring to the one he was wearing on the bluenet's finger. What had he gotten himself into?

Before they sat down, the bluenet, who Ichigo had learned name was Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's knuckles, giving him a slightly perverted smirk. "Always a pleasure to see my Rosalie" Grimmjow purred.

"A pleasure to see you as well, Grimmjow" Ichigo replied evenly.

"What? No nicknames? Insults? My little flower's shredding her thorns, a miracle" the bluenet teased.

Ichigo resisted the urge to smack the obviously high and mighty male. He just forced a smile.

Then Grimmjow led his 'Rosalie' to the table, even pulling out his chair for him. Ichigo's smile brightened a bit. This man was a bit of a teasing jerk but he was at least mannered and polite.

After a nice dinner of Grimmjow being mildly polite but making many perverted comments or jokes that had Ichigo red through most of the dinner, Grimmjow made a comment. "Me and Rosalie having shared a bed in forever…we should change that" Grimmjow purred.

"That would be an excellent idea…since you two are getting married in a few weeks" Ichigo's 'father' chirped.

Two pairs of eyes settled on Ichigo. "An excellent idea" Ichigo agreed.

That's how Ichigo ended up walking back to his room with Grimmjow holding him tightly around his waist. But as soon as they entered the dark room, Grimmjow's attitude darkened a bit and Ichigo wanted to shiver in fear. Ichigo was shoved to the bed, only able to see Grimmjow's glowing feral eyes and a pair of glowing golden eyes circling behind him.

Ichigo gulped. "Okay…so we would like to know where our Princess Rosalie is" the watery voice of the servant demanded.

"What are you talking about, I am Princess Rosalie" Ichigo snapped, hoping it sounded right.

A hand grabbed the front of Ichigo's dress, throwing him flat on his back onto the plushy bed. Ichigo sunk into the bed as the albino crawled on of him, hands on either side of his head. "Prove it then" the servant purred, leaning down and licking the side of Ichigo's face up to his ear.

Grimmjow stood to the side, eyes slightly narrowed as he watched but a smirk across his lips.

Ichigo started to freak out as the dress was tore away and his neck was thoroughly bitten, licked, and sucked on. Ichigo bit his lip to keep from moaning or groaning or making any embarrassing noises as he tried to push the horny albino away.

"Fine, I'm not the real Rosaline…get off me" Ichigo begged.

The albino smiled, leaning back away from the blushing male. He sat on his haunches, resting them on Ichigo's legs to keep him from escaping. "Talk then"

"She wanted to go to Paris for a little while and hired me to take her place" Ichigo sighed, watching Grimmjow move onto the bed with caution.

"While I will admit you are an excellent actor, you don't have Rosalie's bitchy personality or spoiled memories" the albino yawned.

"I think she probably hired ya so she could leave the palace and escape marriage" Grimmjow sighed.

"So you are her fiancée" Ichigo asked.

"Not at the moment…till she comes back, I'm yours"

"Grimmy, we can't just not tell anyone about this" the servant pouted, smirking slightly.

"True…well we do need a submissive…kid you bottom right?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo was red. He didn't know what to say. "Of course he does, you saw how he was acting when I had him pinned earlier…and I do have to say he tastes divine" the servant purred.

"Kid, here's the deal…you play with us whenever we want and your secret stays one" Grimmjow offered.

Ichigo gulped but nodded. "Shall we start now, Grimmy?" the servant purred.

Grimmjow grinned. "We shall Shiro" he purred.

Ichigo gulped, what had he gotten himself into?

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