Inga sat on the edge of the rooftop, looking over the city. His eyes glinted from the city lights reflecting in them. It was already very cold because of the late hour he was sitting there, but the boy did not mind that. He just watched the live down on the streets with fascination.

Shinjuurou did not. He laid on his back, arms crossed behind his head and staring in the night sky. He did not like watching the streets, the cars and people down there. He did not like seeing those synthetic lights in the buildings or even seeing the destroyed parts of those. He liked the stars much more. Their shine was clear and pure, the exact opposite to the human mind. Humans who make war, Humans who kill each other, Humans who lie to each other.

"I hate people." the black haired male said, still staring at the stars. Inga looked up at that comment, turning around. He blinked a little confused for a moment, before he crawled over to Shinjuurou, blocking his view with leaning over him.

"You don't hate people." the boy simply stated, smiling slightly when he looked into those bright blue eyes.

"Yes, I do." Shinjuurou said, staring back emotionless, even thought the intense look of those violet eyes made him cringe. The boy only smiled brighter.

"No, you don't. You don't hate me." he said, leaning back down even more, tickling the black haired with the strains of his hair.

"You don't know. Maybe I do." Shinjuurou mumbled, but that made Inga just sit up again and laugh out loud. The detective sighed at that, trying to look at the stars again. The boy recognised that, his laugh slowly fading. With only a smirk on his lips he suddenly made a roll over Shinjuurou's face, landing on him with his back on the chest and stomach of the taller male. The black haired cough slightly because of the sudden pressure on his ribs.

"What are you doing Inga?" he asked slightly irritated and a bit annoyed. Inga turned around on his body and getting up higher, facing him again. He giggled a little.

"I was trying to look at the stars, too. Since it's the only thing you seem to like." he answered, blinking slightly and smiling again.

"And you need to do that on top of me?"

"Yes. It's more comfortable that way." the boy said, turning again and looking up to the stars. Shinjuurou just sighed at that again, continuing staring up at the stars. A comfortable silence lay over them again, both looking at the shining suns in different galaxies on the night sky. But suddenly one of them interrupted the silence again.

"Maybe you're right. I don't hate ALL people." the detective admitted, making Inga jump up instantly. The boy turned around then, now sitting on Shinjuurou's stomach, hugging the rest of him close.

"So you like me?" Inga asked, smiling bright and happy.

"I don't like you." was the instant response of the black haired and the boy let go of him the moment he said it. He looked at the detective, laughing again. But this time Shinjuurou noticed the little tears in his eyes. And they were not there because it was so funny.

"You don't need to just push me away all the time so clearly." he only said, smiling strangely and trying to stand up. But Shinjuurou hold him back, pulling him down at his wrist and putting his other hand in Inga's neck. For a brief moment they made eye-contact and the detective could see the clear hurt in those eyes.

Then he kissed the boy. Inga's eyes widened instantly but then he closed those violet diamonds and kissed Shinjuurou back. The detective stroked slightly through the equally violet hair of the other male, deepening the kiss. Inga instantly responded to that and buried his own hands in the black strains of Shinjuurou. When air was finally something both of them needed again in their lungs, their lips parted.

"Next time, ask me if I love you before you want to get away."