Infinity. This is Kandrakar – a place where is no time or room. Here, in the middle of nowhere. Is great temple of harmony. Here the oracle and court of the sages watches over the infinite dimensions, with care. Kandrakar will take action against any evil, wherever its brewing up. Let it be mad king to power hunger sorceress. Guardians of Kandrakar, or Guardians of the infinite dimensions as they are knew now. Go , there will be no misdeebs.

Guardians, five young female earthlings. Have figthed countless battles against the forces of darkness, few of them great victories, would be Prince Phobos, Traitor guardian Nerissa. Despaired king Ari of the Arkhanta, Exposed of Prince Phobos plan to overthrow the Oracle of the Kandrakar, Sealing of the Dark Queen, Win over the Ludmoore, man who lusted after dark core of very elements, Queen of Ragorlangs Tecla and fallen hunter Folkner, and finding core of they elements.

Each of these victories would be marvelous enought alone, but together they are legendary. These deebs marks this generation guardians to be most powerful of the all time. These tales just does not get reflected from they normal apparences. They look like normal teenaged school girls, actually they are keeping they true selves hidden from they family,friends and everyone else.

This way have been cause them enought problems allready, allthought nobody could have foresee what future were holding. The ancient terror were rising its head and it did have bone to pick with Kandrakar and its guardians...