Second foray into the fandom, first being a 'Lie to Me' x-over. (Yes, that was a shamless plug right there, sorry!).

Thanks to Clandestinedly for the fangirling from day one (and the prompt of 'Plunger'), and Vicki for FINALLY cottoning on ;) x

Jane was trying in vain to wrap up Korsac's conversation. She and Frost had had to stop outside of the morgue's double doors while Korsac prattled on about how the decedant's dog was coping in the kennels while they waited to identify it's John Doe owner.

"Korsac - I gotta- I- KORSAC! I gotta go, I'm with Maura. Okay, you do that." She hung up and flashed an exasperated scowl to Frost who was hopelessly failing at disguising his smirk.

"The sooner we ID the dead guy, the sooner we can get the next of kin to claim the pooch and the sooner we get Korsac to shut up about it," Frost offered.

"Yeah, until the" Jane said, her gaze caught by the actions of a certain medical examiner through the window. "What the...?" She pushed through the door but was immediately distracted by a wall of unbridled, ridiculous heat. "Jeez, what's with the temperature?"

Maura looked over her shoulder, her safety glasses sliding down her nose as a sheen of sweat glistened over her skin. "AC broke," she announced, pushing up the specs with the back of her hand.

"What's that smell?" Frost asked with a gag, holding his fingers to his nose.

It wasnt just a smell, it was a taste. Pure, concentrated human decomposition, courtesy of the heat. "The temperature has congealed the waste in the drains of my tables," she resumed her questionable actions that had alerted Jane.

"Hey Maur? What are you doing?"

Maura spun back around, this time with the plunger still in her hand.

"Clearing the drains," obviously, she thought, "The workmen cant come til tomorrow so I'm giving it the ol' college try." She placed the cup of the plunger over the plug hole and moved around the table so they could see clearly. "I'm having some traction issues though. I think it's the heat. My hand keeps sliding down the pole," she pressed down, the rubber cup depressing and creating a vaccuum over the drain, but the seal broke as her hand slid and jarred the pole to the side. To Maura, it was an infuriating turn of events; To Jane and Frost it was, well, something entirely different.

"I need some kind of hilt to stop my-," she applied pressure again, but had the same results, "hand sliding down the shaft."

Well, that just broke Frost. "I...I gotta go."

Jane watched as he turned leave, a smirk tugging at her lips at the faint blush colouring Frost's cheeks.

Maura watched him practically run past the window and disappear down the corridor, "Was it the smell?"

"Something like that..." Jane broke into a smirk.