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Kingdom Hearts

Sanctioned Soul

Chapter 17

"Hey Meg, Phil!" Hercules called as he waved, causing the two to turn and stare at them. They both smiled and waved, happy to see the man.

"Hey, champ! Where've you been? I've been looking all over the place for you!" the satyr exclaimed as he walked over. This made the man smile and point over his shoulders.

"Sorry Phil, I was helping these guys out." he explained, indicating the group standing behind him. The man blinked before spotting Sora, Donald, Goofy, Axel, Demyx, and Miu before smiling.

"Well, if it ain't the heroes! How've you been?" Sora, Donald, and Goofy smiled as they ran up to hug him. "We've been good! How about you?"

"Never better!" the satyr exclaimed, grinning like a madman. Meg smirked and shook her head, placing her hand on her hip.

"Things have been quiet lately in the matches, so Phil here is all smiles because no one has any guts to face wonderboy." she explained. The group nodded in understanding before she looked at Axel, Demyx, and Miu.

"Uh…unless I'm mistaken, your group's gotten larger. With the absence of our favorite Junior Hero mute." she spoke, causing Axel to roll his eyes at her attitude. Phil nodded as he looked them over, somewhat suspicious.

"Yeah Sora, what gives? I thought I was gonna be able to train my junior while you guys got the hero warm-ups. So, who are these guys?" he added. Axel and Demyx quickly stepped forward, deciding to introduce themselves instead of having Sora do it.

"I'm Axel, A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?" the pyro started as he pointed to his temple, a small smirk on his face. Meg rolled her eyes at his words before Demyx spoke up.

"And I'm Demyx, nice to meet ya!" the water mage smiled, giving a wave. Phil blinked at the man before placing a hand against his chin, somewhat pensive.

"Huh. Hey, have we met somewhere before? Your voice sounds kinda familiar…" Demyx gulped at this before shaking his head, holding his arms up as he did so.

"Nope, never met you before in my life! Honest!" the satyr was silent at this before nodding, deciding to let it go for now. But before anyone could continue, Miu was in front of Phil and Meg, staring at them with large eyes.

"No way…first Hercules, now Hercules' trainer the great Philoctetes and his girlfriend Megara! Oh wow, this is so cool!" she exclaimed as she bent down, shaking the satyr's hand roughly before reaching out to take Meg's, only to have the woman step back and avoid her deadly hands. The girl pouted at this and crossed her arms, before turning to Phil as the satyr tried to regain his composure.

"Anyways, I'm Miu, adventurer extraordinaire and soon-to-be hero!" she exclaimed, puffing out her chest proudly. Phil stared at her for a few moments, before his eyes zeroed in on her chest, causing him to smirk wolfishly. "Bingo!"

"So, you want to be a hero, huh? Well, I think I can take you under my wing. After all, I think you've got what it takes!" this made the girl gasp and her eyes sparkle in joy. "Really?!"


"Hey, Phil!" Sora started, "You took her in so easily while we had to defeat Cerberus in order to become Junior Heroes. What gives?" the boy whined, crossing his arms. Phil looked at the girl, before he pushed the boys a few feet away so that Miu and Meg were out of earshot.

"Because she has 'certain attributes' if ya know what I mean!" he whispered, indicating Miu. Sora blinked and scratched his head, confused. "You mean because she's strong? But Kyrie was strong too and you didn't take her in right away."

"That's because she didn't have the 'certain attributes!' She's as flat as a plank!" the satyr exclaimed. Axel growled at his words, clenching his fists. Man, did he wanna torch this thing's ass.

"Hey, that's my girlfriend you're talking about!" he growled as he held his hand out, a flame bursting to life in the palm of his hand. This caused the satyr to gulp and take a few steps back, before running. "I'll tell you guys later!" he called as he ran and hid behind Hercules, who was chuckling as he stood next to Meg. The woman rolled her eyes at this before turning to the group as they walked back.

"So, what brings you to our neck of the woods? Still on your journey?" she asked. Sora shook his head at this, before Donald spoke up.

"We're on another one!" the duck exclaimed. Goofy nodded as he elaborated.

"Yeah, 'cause we're searching fer Kyrie. She was kidnapped and we've gotta find her, A-hyuck!" the bipedal dog added. The rest of the group nodded while Meg and Phil stared on in surprise.

"Yeah, so we decided to come by and see if you guys have seen her, or anyone suspicious wandering around." Sora explained. Meg and Phil nodded in understanding as the satyr crossed his arms.

"Ah, okay. Well, I haven't seen anything." she replied. Phil however…

"Actually, I saw a boy an hour-or-so ago standing in front of the Underworld. He kinda looked like you except with black hair and amber eyes. Guy was creepy if you asked me." he answered pensively. Their eyes widened at this while Axel growled, remembering the boy.

"Vanitas!" Demyx nodded before turning to the satyr. "So you said he was heading into the Underworld? Then let's hurry after him!" before they could move, Hercules held his hand up.

"Hold it. Remember, the Underworld is Hades' territory. You sure you wanna go down there now?" the group nodded adamantly. Three of the six had defeated Hades before, so the rest had no problems whatsoever with wanting to take him on.


"Then I suggest you at least train a little first, especially you three." Hercules pointed to Axel, Demyx, and Miu. "Hades doesn't just sit around all day, he probably got stronger since the last time you saw him." he explained to the group. This made the pyro sigh in irritation, but he gave in nevertheless.

"All right, fine. Just a few matches, and then we're off to the Underworld."

-A short while later-

"Whoo, yeah! Take that!" Miu exclaimed as she sent a pot flying with her katana, just finishing her third round of training. The boys, who were finished, watched as she landed in the middle of the arena while Phil stared at her approvingly. "She's got a lot of spunk, I like that."

"She sure does. Now to just get her to work together with us…" Demyx added as he placed his hand against his chin. Looking around to make sure that all of the pots were broken, she smiled and skipped over.

"Well? How was that? I think I did great, but then again you might've thought that I did a pretty horrible job so I made extra sure to break them all into little bits-"

"Uh, I think you did great!" Phil started, trying to keep the girl from talking his ear off. She was strong, but jeez! She babbled on and on, and it was driving him crazy! "Now hurry up and get going, before you talk my ear off!" she narrowed her eyes at this but nodded nevertheless before her eyes began to sparkle.

"Wow…we're going to meet Hades! Rival to Hercules, and one of the greatest villains ever!" she exclaimed, causing the group to deadpan. She was a fan?

"You…like Hades?" Sora asked, flabbergasted. She nodded as she pulled out a small blue book, flipping through its pages before landing on one.

"Uh-huh! I'm his biggest fan!" she exclaimed as she showed them the page. It had a picture of the villain, as well as all the facts, trivia, and history surrounding him. They blinked. "Wow…"

"Now, let's go! I wanna get his autograph, too!" she laughed, shutting the book and putting it away. The boys nodded and with that they began walking out of the coliseum, with Hercules and Phil following close behind. The older man stopped the boy for a moment and placed a familiar round amulet in his hand, causing him to blink in confusion.

"Don't forget the Olympus stone! It guards against the Underworld's curse."

"Oh, thanks! I forgot about that…"

"Jeez Sora, when don't you forget anything?" Axel teased as he rolled his eyes. This made the boy growl as he whirled around to face him. "Hey! I don't always forget things!" but Donald and Goofy chuckled at this.

"Gawrsh Sora, ya kinda do."

"Uh-huh!" the boy snorted and turned, crossing his arms. Miu laughed at this and proceeded to push him, knocking him off balance somewhat before he smirked, playfully shoving her back. "Hey, stop that!"

"Well well, it's about time you girls showed up." the group stopped almost instantly, turning to spot a boy as he stood in front of the stairway that led to the Underworld, arms crossed as he smirked at them. This caused them to growl, while Miu, Hercules, and Phil blinked in confusion. He looked just like Sora!

"Wow, Sora! I didn't know you had a twin, that's so cool! I wish I had a twin…"

"I don't have one!" the boy exclaimed as he summoned his keyblade, getting ready to fight the boy. Vanitas rolled his eyes, not amused by the bubbly girl's comment.

"Please, like I would be related to that weakling." Sora growled and was about to say something back before Axel cut him off, summoning his chakrams as he took aim.

"All right you little prick, where have you guys taken Kyrie?!" the pyro demanded as he glared at the boy, growling as he did so. Vanitas smirked at his obvious anger, enjoying it immensely.

"Aw, worried about your little girlfriend? Don't worry, we're taking good care of little princess; A beating once or twice a day, plus hours on hours of interrogations. Pretty soon she's gonna break, and once she does then she'll bend to our every whim." he chuckled darkly, causing the pyro to growl in furry.

"Why you-"

"Hey! Now that's uncalled for, jerk face!" Miu exclaimed as she got in front of the man, glaring at the boy. She had no idea why, but this kid creeped her out. There was something very wrong about him…but what?

Before she could ponder this further he turned, giving them a mocking look. "Well, see you kiddies later. I've got things I've gotta do, and you're in my way." with that he took off, running down the stairs and into the depths of the Underworld. Miu growled and took off after him, leaving the others behind within moments.

"Miu! Wait!" Donald exclaimed, but the girl quickly disappeared. Sora was quick to follow after her, as well as Demyx, Goofy, and Axel.

"C'mon, we've gotta go after her! She can't take him on alone!"

-Meanwhile, Miu-

"Man, what is with this kid? He's so fast!" she thought as she ran after Vanitas, cutting down heartless and unversed alike as they appeared to stop her. But after a few minutes she lost him by a cliff that overlooked the river of Styx, causing her to groan as she came to a stop to take a short break.

"Damn! I lost him!" she panted as she slammed her foot on the ground, crossing her arms as she pouted. Looking over the cliff, she stared at the river for a few moments before kicking a pebble into it, watching as the hands of a few spirits reached up in agony, causing her to gulp and take a few steps back.

"Note to self; don't even think of exploring the river of Styx. Otherwise, I'll be dragged under and probably never seen again." just as she finished her sentence, a keyblade flew by and sliced her cheek, causing her to cry out as she stumbled back. Turning, she spotted Vanitas as he stood on the other side of the landing, smirking impishly at her as he summoned his keyblade back into his hands.

"I'm surprised you followed me all the way here, especially since you're a weak little girl. Oh well, I guess I'll play with you for a little while before throwing into that river. Then I'll watch you kick and scream in agony as those ghosts and ghouls suck you right in." she growled as she unsheathed her blade, irritated that he thought that she was weak.

"I'm not the weak one, twin! And we'll see who gets thrown into that river, but it will most certainly not be me." with that she ran at him, blade raised. He smirked at her reaction before raising his keyblade, the two weapons meeting in a flash of sparks as the two stared each other down.

She growled at the smirk on his face before swiping her leg under his feet, knocking him to the ground. But before she could land another hit, he rolled over and was back on his feet as he ran back at her. They collided blades once again, and this continued on for some time as they clashed blades and dodged attacks, with her finally able to scratch his cheek like he had done to her. This made the boy smirk.

"Wow, you're pretty good, doll-face. But not good enough!" he exclaimed as he shot an orb of dark energy at her from his keyblade, causing her to gasp as she held up her sword in defense. But it wasn't enough to stop the attack as it sent her flying; right over the edge of the cliff.

Jut as this was happening, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Demyx, and Axel arrived, watching as the orb hit the girl's blade and sent her flying over the edge. They gasped in alarm.

"Miu!" but the girl disappeared, emitting a shriek as she did so. Once she disappeared, Vanitas smirked proudly as he turned to them. "Oh, too bad. Looks like there's only five of you now."

"You…" Sora growled as he ran at the other boy, keyblade raised. But he quickly disappeared in a corridor of darkness, avoiding the boy's blade as it hit the ground. "Sorry, but I've got more important things to do. Here, you can play with my Unversed for a while."

As if on cue, a horde of floods as well as other types of unversed appeared, surrounding the group. The boys growled as they got into position, angered at the loss of the girl as well as Vanitas escaping.


"Someone, anyone, help me!" a familiar voice exclaimed, causing them to gasp in surprise.

"Miu?!" Sora exclaimed as he and the others fought through some unversed to get to the side of the cliff, to see the girl dangling by her sword, which had been stabbed into the side of the cliff to keep the girl from falling to her doom. The girl was staring at them with wide eyes, her expression void of any of her usual prideful or happy expressions and replaced with a deep fear.

"Guys!" she exclaimed, her voice quivering. Sora nodded as he reached out, the other boys trying to keep the unversed busy while he tried to help her. "Okay, just take my hand!"

"I…I can't!" she cried, her hand held out to take his but coming up short. In seconds Demyx was at his side, looking down at the auburn-haired girl before turning to the boy. "Sora, I'll get her. Just go help the others!"

The boy nodded and did as he was told, gripping his keyblade tightly as he took on the unversed. With that the man turned his attention back to the girl, holding his hand out to her. Though he wasn't as tall as Axel was, he was still tall enough that he could reach her. "C'mon, Miu! Take my hand!"

"I can't! I'm…" the girl exclaimed, gripping her sword tightly as it began to dislodge itself from the cliff, making her cringe and scream. But Demyx wasn't going to give up as he extended his arm as much as he could. Locking his eyes on hers, his teal orbs began to blaze in determination as he stared into her cyan orbs. "Miu, just trust me! I'm not going to let you go, I promise! Now take my hand, hurry!"

The girl looked up at him, surprised at the sincerity and courage in his eyes, and slowly nodded before reaching up. This time, she was able to take the water mage's hand as he hoisted her up, saving her from falling to her demise. They rolled onto the rocky surface and panted heavily before he turned to her, concerned. "You okay?"

"Mm-hm." she nodded as she looked up, before her eyes widened. "Demyx, behind you!" the man turned just as a flood came at them, before grabbing Miu and holding her against his chest protectively. But before it could touch them, Sora knocked it away with his keyblade, finishing the last of the horde. With that he turned to them, panting heavily.

"Miu, you okay?"

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