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Pairings: ItaSasu

Warnings: This story contains love, boyxboy, incest, lemon
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"Mother, where's Sasuke?" Itachi wondered as he entered the kitchen.

Mikoto turned around, a slight frown on her face. "I don't know, honey", she lied.

Itachi scowled. "Where's otouto?" he repeated, less patiently. His mother shrugged. Itachi grit his teeth, he knew that she was hiding something. Why wouldn't she tell him where he was? Why had his parents began to try to separate him and Sasuke all of a sudden?

At the same time, Fugaku entered the room. "Itachi, stop bothering your mother and write your report already", he ordered. Itachi narrowed his eyes.

He was so damn fed up with his parents. As long he could remember in his nineteen-year-old life, his parents had always tried to make him perfect, flawless – perfect in their eyes. The only thing that mattered to Itachi anymore was Sasuke. Sasuke - his brother and love of his life. Sasuke was perfect, he'd always been, and Itachi wouldn't let his parents destroy him too.

"Do you defy me?" Fugaku barked when he noticed his oldest son's facial expression. "You'll stay away from your brother", he continued. "Me and your mother are thinking that you are hiding something for us, and we will find out what. I don't know what you two are doing, but I'm sure about one thing – you need to be separated. This isn't healthy for your ambitions, Itachi. Nor for Sasuke's…"

Itachi activated his Sharingan, almost automatically. "You'll never tear us apart", he snarled and left the kitchen. He went upstairs angrily, prepared for a fight if it would be necessary. But his parents didn't follow him.

He went straight to Sasuke's room, knocked softly on the door before entering. He found his little brother curled up on the bed, hiding his face against his folded arms. It was easy to see that he was crying.

Itachi rushed up to him and cradled his otouto in his arms, sitting down on the bed with Sasuke in his lap. "What's wrong, baby brother?"

Sasuke looked up, turned around and buried his face against Itachi's shirt."Why do mum and dad say that we cannot be together, nii-san?"

Itachi froze, his eyes became red again. "…When did they say that, otouto?"

"M-mum wondered if there's some girl I like in school, b-because I'm almost fourtheen a-and.. a-and I-I told her that I only like you, nii-san…" Sasuke winced. "She g-got a very strange look on h-her face. Then she talked with dad, and he… he y-yelled at me, nii-san. He said that it's wrong… that I'm n-not a- a child anymore and I shouldn't t-think like that…"

Itachi hugged his brother tightly. "I told them that they couldn't separate us", he said comforting. "I won't let them do it, otouto. Do you remember when we kissed for the first time, and I said that I'm in love with you? I still am, and I'll always be. It's okay for you to only like me. I only want you to like me", he added possessively.

Sasuke stopped crying. He wrapped his arms around his brother's neck and reached up, kissed his brother on the lips. Itachi moaned when their groins made contact. Thoughts he barely had suppressed for the last days resurfaced his mind and he could feel his member harden. From the first time they did it...

"I'm also in love with you, aniki", he whispered.

Itachi kissed away the tears from his brother's face. "Oh Sasuke… I want you so bad", he mumbled, gripped Sasuke tighter. Sasuke pressed himself against his brother in silent approval. He knew what his brother meant, and he was eager to do it again. "But what if mum or dad comes in and see us, nii-san?"

"They won't", Itachi reassured, although he wasn't sure.

It couldn't be helped, not now. It was too late.
The craving had the upper hand. And so did Itachi.

In a daze, they began stripping of their clothes. Sasuke's tears faded away and his cheeks adopted a lovely rosy color from excitement. A heartbeat later they were free from all clothes and stared at each other, drank in each other's beauty. Sasuke felt himself becoming totally aroused at the sight of his nii-san's erect member, standing proud.

He wrapped his arms around his older brother's chest, felt how the heat and tension from the elder surrounded him. It was like a dance on a knife edge, but they enjoyed it, no matter how much it could hurt sometimes.

Itachi gently laid Sasuke down on the bed and straddled him. Forbidden or not, it didn't matter. Itachi bent forward, causing them both to moan when their aroused cocks made direct contact, and began to gently touch and lick at his brother's nipples. Sasuke closed his eyes and moaned.

"Kiss me, nii-san", he ordered.

Itachi caught their lips in a soft but firm kiss, enjoyed every second. He deepened the kiss, let their tongues met as one of his hands swept across Sasuke's chest.

He continued to pinch Sasuke's nipples, felt them harden at the touch. He enjoyed Sasuke's impatience and need, how his body wriggled and struggled. "Nii-san…" He wrapped his legs around Itachi's waist, pressed their bodies together.

"Are you sure you want this, otouto?" Though it was quite obvious, Itachi had to make sure. He would never force Sasuke to do anything.
Sasuke nodded eagerly, decicively, like a little child. His actions were totally opposed when he a second later moaned throately:

"Come on, Itachi, hurry up, get into me..."
The elder kissed his face again. Enough with the foreplay. He began to feel needy… naughty… full of desire.

He let his free hand wander down Sasuke's body, until he found what he searched for. The younger's response to the touch was amazing – it turned him on even more. Sasuke's eyes flew open and he groaned deeply when he felt his brother's hand stroke his member, first kindly, then rougher. Some precum oozed out of the top and Itachi spred it around the head.

Both brothers lost their patience. Suddenly, none of them could wait any longer. Itachi brought his free hand to Sasuke's mouth.

Sasuke stared in wonder like he'd never seen something like that before. Oh, he was so adorable that Itachi just wanted to fuck him senseless.

"Suck, otouto", he ordered. Sasuke obeyed, sucked eagerly on his brother's fingers, causing the elder to moan. Sasuke let his legs fall down on the bed again. When Itachi's fingers were covered in saliva, he shifted weight and spread his otouto's legs wide. Sasuke's eyes were wide with anticipation.

Oh, the tension… Itachi brought his index finger to Sasuke's entrance. With no warning, he trusted in. Sasuke yelped in shock and discomfort, but Itachi panted eagerly, already imagined how it would feel when he himself got in there. Oh, God... Sasuke was so tight, so hot and wet… Itachi added a second finger, scissored them to stretch his baby brother as much as he could. Sasuke groaned. Itachi was already painfully hard, he was craving to be in his brother's tight little ass right now...

He let another finger in, went in and out in his brother's hole. And there… he found it. The sweet spot that made Sasuke go wild. "Ngh…Nii-sahn…." Sasuke moaned, closed his eyes and arched his back.

Itachi smirked. He fingerfucked his brother a bit, to stretch him more and see Sasuke enjoy it. "Do you like it, otouto?" he purred huskily.
"Yes… nii-ahghhhhh…." With a gasp, Sasuke released and cum splashed all over their stomachs.

Itachi withdrew his fingers. It was time for the next step. He was the one who would make Sasuke experience the ultimate pleasure, because he belonged to him and no one else.
Slowly he placed his member in front of Sasuke's entrance, his legs on each side of the younger's slim body.

With a groan Itachi began to push in. At first Sasuke yelped in pain - he still wasn't used to the feeling - and his hands clutched firmly on his brother's arms.

"The pain will soon disappear…" Itachi tried to comfort, but the rest of the sentence was lost in a deep moan. Oh, how Sasuke felt amazing! His tight, warm walls immediately clutched around him so delicate!

"Nii-san…" Sasuke squeaked. Itachi restrained the urge to thrust his hips wildly. Not yet…
And so, with a whimper from Sasuke, he was fully seated inside his brother. Itachi was going wild. This was heaven, no less.

"Aaahh…Itaachi…" Sasuke breathed – his brother had hit the special bunch of nerves deep inside of him. That was the signal to Itachi – he could finally move freely. At first he set a steady rhythm, to get Sasuke used to the unfamiliar feeling.

Steadily, in, out, in, out. Sasuke moaned loudly as his slight pain turned to blinding pleasure. Itachi bent forward again to kiss him breathless, oh God, it felt so heavenly good to be inside of him! He growled and sped up the thrusts. Pure ecstasy was building up between them, waved them together in a bubble of lust and sin. To good to ever be interrupted...

"Aghh…a-aniki…" Sasuke threw his head back on the sheet. Itachi soon fucked his brother hard and fast, lost thought of everything else. To increase Sasuke's own pleasure, he grabbed his smaller cock and began to stroke it in fast, rigid movements.

After a while he let go, and focused on pounding Sasuke hardly, increase their pleasure more and more by the minute. To feel his slender body beneath him like this… To be in perfect control. It was worth everything for Itachi. To thrust in so deeply in that warm whole, complete Sasuke and fill him in the sweetest of ways. Knowing that he, he and no one else was doing this to Sasuke.

"Mmm…." he purred and groaned again, panted heavily. He began to place messy kisses on his brother's face, lick his lips, as he went faster and faster, on and on again. Sasuke thoroughly enjoyed to be dominated like this by his older brother, feel his body in his possession.

A heat began to build up in his abdomen again; he was close to reach his climax. He stared up at his nii-san, moaned repeatly at the pleasure and the hard thrusts he received, enjoyed how strong Itachi was, how he rocked their bodies together. Itachi looked so horny, so gorgeous, with his long black hair spread over his shoulders, his pale, strong, flawless body laced in sweat and his eyes filled with lust and love as he screwed him.

Itachi threw his head back in pure ecstasy as he continued to pound Sasuke's ass. A tension, a growing feeling at the inside of his hips… he couldn't think of anything else than the person he held in his arms right now. It felt so incredible good!

He was so close… he grabbed Sasuke's forgotten member and began to pump it in time with his own, wild thrusts. He fucked Sasuke crazily, closed his eyes and listened to their loud moans, panting breaths and Sasuke's cries of pleasure-filled pain when his prostate was hit over and over again.

"Nii-saaahn…nhg…Itachiii" Sasuke reached his climax right there, and with a loud cry of pure ecstasy he splashed hot semen all over their bodies. Itachi continued to thrust hard as he felt his own orgasm build up faster and faster.

The feeling of Sasuke's hot walls clutching around him so tightly… it made him come as well. He groaned, buried his load deep inside of Sasuke, filled him with his love. With some final thrusts, Itachi stopped and looked down at his baby brother. Sasuke was as breathless as he, but he looked damn pleasured with himself. His black, lust-glazed eyes met Itachi's and he smiled.

"Thanks, nii-san…" he panted.

"You're very welcome, otouto…" Itachi withdrew himself from Sasuke and simply lay on top of him, resting their foreheads together. They gasped and felt each other's hearts beat in sync. "It was amazing, nii-san", Sasuke mumbled. His eyes were sleepy after the orgasm.

Itachi gently stroked some hair strands from his brother's damp forehead. "As I said before, I won't let them separate us, otouto. I promise." And with that, he watched his little brother fall asleep. Itachi stood up and dressed again, in case their parents would burst in and wonder what was going on.

He tucked Sasuke in, kissed his forehead. Then he lay down beside his brother again, over the blanket, and put an arm around him.
I don't care if it's wrong, otouto. Really, I don't. Because you're my everything.


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