Sasuke was standing in the bathroom, stared at his reflection in the mirror.

He had a light shadow over his left cheek. Fugaku had hit him, and Itachi wasn't at home so he couldn't have done anything to stop it. Sasuke had stopped crying hours ago, but he could still see the locked sorrow in his eyes.

He hated that their parents were so suspicious all the time, they never let him and Itachi be alone nowadays. He had no idea when this began, but he guessed that their parents somehow suspected their actions, their relationship. Like it was something wrong, sinful. And, they were completely right, although their sons never would admit it.

Earlier today, Mikoto had asked what he and Itachi did yesterday. Like she had noticed it. Fugaku had been present at that time, maybe they had planned out to confront Sasuke about it when Itachi wasn't at home.

"Tell me, honey", Mikoto begged. Sasuke could see through the act – she wasn't as kind as she pretended. "Did Itachi do something to you yesterday?"

Sasuke had been surprised and shocked. He had began to tremble under his father's stern gaze and his cheeks had began to heat, although he tried desperately to stop it. He had wished with all his heart that his nii-san was at home.

"N-no…" he had whispered. "We did… nothing."

"Are you sure about that?" Fugaku asked and even Mikoto's gaze hardened. They stared at him.

"What did you do?"


"Don't lie to us!" In sudden anger, Fugaku had slapped him in his face hardly. Sasuke had stumbled backwards, horrified and hurt. His parents had never hit him before… Crying he had rushed to his room.

And now he was standing here, wondered what would happen. What would Itachi do when he found out?
Please, nii-san, come back! he begged desperately in his mind. Itachi was out with some friends today.

At the same time, strong arms gently wrapped themselves around his waist and he was pulled into a hug from behind.


Itachi had already discovered Sasuke's swollen cheek; he gently swept his hand over it.

"Who hurt you, Sasuke?" His voice was laced with rage.

Sasuke looked into the mirror and met his older brother's red gaze.

"Father", he whispered, almost inaudibly. Itachi made a move as if to let go of him and rush out of the room, but Sasuke gripped his arm and stopped him.

"No! Wait, nii-san. Don't do that. You can't…"

Itachi growled under his breath, but stopped. He turned Sasuke around so they were face to face. When they finally looked into each other's eyes for real, it was like an electrical shock was going through them. Sasuke forgot where he was and Itachi totally forgot the reason to his anger when he looked into his brother's black eyes.

Itachi made a mental note – one day he would kill his father for putting Sasuke through this pain – and lifted one of his hands to stroke his brother's face. He caressed Sasuke's plump lips with his thumb and felt himself getting aroused again. They were just in the early beginning of their sexual relationship, and the slightest touch or look could set them off.

Sasuke was overjoyed that his nii-san was here again, and he wanted to make him forget about what happened. So he closed his eyes and let Itachi caress his face, before moving closer so their bodies made contact. The elder wrapped his arms around him and kissed him hardly. When he let go, Sasuke let his free hand wander down to Itachi's jeans, which were getting tighter by the second. Itachi groaned low in the back of his throat when he felt Sasuke touch his erected member through the fabric and rub against his hardened groin.

Sasuke wanted to taste him, right now.
Itachi was about to get lost in the sensations, but remembered where they were.

"Wait", he breathed, lifted Sasuke up bridal style and carried him to his room and locked the door.
He placed Sasuke on the bed and Sasuke kneeled, turned towards him like an eagerly puppy. Itachi's hands were shaking with anticipation as he opened his trousers and let his strained erection out. Despite his heavy arousal, he chuckled at the hungry look in his brother's eyes.

Sasuke himself rubbed at an apparent bulge in his own pants, moaned lowly as Itachi stripped of his shirt and boxers and stood in front of him.

The younger grabbed his nii-san's stiff cock, smirked at the lust glazed expression on his face. He began to massage the huge erection, slowly and teasing. Itachi let out a rough groan.

"Faster, otouto", he commanded throatily, bucked his hips forward a bit. Sasuke rubbed the red and swollen head a couple of times, enjoyed the sounds Itachi was making, and then collected up his brother's balls in his palms and squeezed them.

"Sasuke..ahhh…I need you to… suck it…" Sasuke leaned forward to kiss the tip, before lapping with his tongue at the milky pre-cum that slowly dripped from it. Itachi grunted.

Then Sasuke began to suck at the erect member, more roughly. He moaned at the sweet essence that was leaking and finally engulfed it whole.

"Mhh…aaah, just like that Sahsuke..mhhhh yeah" The elder Uchiha thrusted his hips upwards with more and more force. "Nnng…it feels so good… Saasuke!" The younger could feel Itachi's balls tense and his whole body went stiff, preparing for release.

"I'm so close Sasuke, ahh…almost…" He let Itachi fuck his mouth by himself for a while. He felt his own dick harden as well. Sasuke let his free hand rub at the bulge in his pants as the both of them approached the climax.

"Mhmm…" Sasuke pressed his hands hard at his groin, as his nii-san panted and groaned above him. Finally, with an angry grunt, Itachi released. His semen splashed into Sasuke and he bucked his hips some more as he emptied himself in Sasuke's hot mouth. Sasuke could feel how his own body tensed up as well, and he cummed in his boxers.

He licked up all of Itachi's milk, sucked some more until he had swallowed every drop of it. Then he pulled back and both of them collapsed together on the bed, beside each other.

"Hope you liked it, otouto", Itachi panted, sweeping some sweat from his forehead.

"You taste so good, nii-san", Sasuke said, licking his lips. Itachi rolled on top of him and kissed him passionately. "I love you Sasuke." The younger smiled, always so pleasured with himself after satisfying himself and Itachi. "I love you too, nii-san."


Author's note:

Well… I was somewhat out of my comfort zone when I was writing this. Maybe because I'm too young to write things like this *smiles guiltily* ^^ but I love it anyway. And I love this pairing more than any other, I may add.

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