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Chapter Five

Harry was not in a great mood. Currently, as the head of both the Potter and Black lines, he was to be trained in the proper grammar that a normal pureblood would know. Completely disregarding that he had grown up with muggles, Lucius was appointed to teach him. To say that he wasn't happy was an understatement.

Finally, after hours of being lectured about the different ways to great a person, Lucius noticed the distress that he was currently emulating. Harry was surprised that it took this long for the man to realize what was going on. After being dismissed, Harry was allowed to make his way upstairs to his room. It was August twenty-fifth, and they were preparing for their return to Hogwarts already.

Originally, they weren't going to be returning to the school, but after some thinking on Harry's part, he realized that the quickest way to end this war was to do it from the inside. Meaning that all of them had to be returning. Voldemort had disagreed (it was slightly surprising how much he had argued against it), but finally, they had managed to convince the Dark Lord that this was the best course of action.

It was soon decided that in a month's time Harry would be 'rescued' by Severus and taken to Remus and the others. They had already informed them of the plan, and in a day's time, Harry would be back among the Order. Usually, this would be something to worry about, but with half of them on Harry's and the dark's side, this only made things easier to deal with. Harry (now that he knew how to 'clear his mind'), had been able to get a fine grasp on Occlumency, which meant that he would be able to tell if someone entered his mind, so he could avert his gaze and prevent the invasion. Severus had apologized for his attempt (if one could call their lessons that) at teaching him and had allowed the Dark Lord to do the teaching. During this period of time, they had discovered that the two would never be able to block the other out of their minds.

It was disconcerting at first, but now Harry appreciated the constant comfort the Dark Lord's mind offered. Much to Voldemort's annoyance (Harry wasn't sure whether this was due to the man hating his name or just annoyed that Harry kept switching what he called the Dark Lord), Harry had taken to calling the man Tom while in private. Harry thought that this was amusing and had already told the man that he wouldn't be stopping any time soon.

It was surprising how far he had come in his month here. Already Bellatrix Lestrange had wormed her way into his heart and he absolutely adored the boy (on a happier note, she also stopped using baby talk with him and no longer referred to him by his last name). It helped that Harry had discovered family during his brief stay. The Malfoy's and Bella treated him like they would a close family member, and to say the least, Harry enjoyed the positive attention. It was probably the only attention that he would ever enjoy, but still, it wasn't that bad.

Severus had reported the effect that the raid on Grimmauld Place had. Dumbledore still hadn't been able to figure out how they had gotten past the Fidelius Charm since he himself was the secret keeper. Harry hadn't laughed that much since, well, ever really. Ron and Hermione had written him letters that described the event in more detail, leaving nothing out. Harry was terribly glad that they were still friends, but all three of them understood and accepted that their friendship would never be the same and things would always be somewhat awkward for the emerald eyed boy.

Pansy had become like a surrogate sister to him, and Draco, Blaise, and Theo took on the role of over-protective brothers. It was nice to have someone protect him for a change and Harry loved them all the more for it. The other Slytherin's had been informed of the change and they welcomed all of the new dark order members with open arms. Ron and Hermione weren't as accepted, but that was because of the way the two had treated the snakes in the past. Harry, having done nothing to any of them (except to Draco, but that was just return fire), was fine by them. The twins immediately blended in as well, and the two redheads had resumed their roles of older brothers as well.

The only Weasley that was undecided was Ginny, and that was because she was unaware of current events. Most assumed that she and Harry would end up together, but they had both agreed that they were more brother and sister than lovers. It helped that Harry was bi, and swung both ways, while Ginny was straight as a doorknob.

2 days later, 4:58pm

The biggest surprise of his stay was the transformation that had occurred on his birthday when his magic was unlocked (the people present had felt stupid for not realizing the date) was the pair of tattoo's that were now carved onto his back. They didn't know what they had meant, but Tom was still researching and Harry had faith that if anyone could find the meaning of the strange new designs, it would be him.

Harry sighed once again as he prepared himself mentally for the torture that he would have to undergo for this to be believable. Tom had been very against this at first, but Harry (being the noble idiot he is) had talked the man into it. Harry had yet to tell any of them, but the moment they had saved him, he had decided that there would be nothing that he wouldn't do for his new family. The fact that they didn't want this loyalty, unlike Dumbledore who had tried to earn it through deceit, made Harry all the more attached to them. He adored them, and recently he had caught Tom (though the man wasn't aware of it) researching the Veil. It seemed that they were going to attempt to free Sirius.

Sirius was something Harry had thought a lot over during the last few days. The man had been the only family he had thought he had that actually cared for him. After analyzing all his interactions with his godfather, Harry had been pleased to come to the conclusion that Sirius had not been in on any of Dumbledore's plans concerning him. Also, the fact that Tom seemed to think that they could retrieve Sirius from the Veil meant Dumbledore had lied to him once again. They could have saved Sirius anytime. So and when the man had been sent to Azkaban, Harry had always wondered why Dumbledore hadn't made sure that Sirius had gotten a trial. It was utterly astonishing that he hadn't thought of this sooner: If Sirius had gotten a trial, then Harry wouldn't have gone to the Dursley's.

Harry hated this revelation more than anything, but the only one he had told this to was Bella. Bella had been outraged, as Sirius had been her favorite cousin before Dumbledore had gotten his hands on him. Harry looked at the clock. It was almost time. Frowning, Harry stuffed the last of his things into his trunk before closing and shrinking it. Being able to do wandless magic meant that the Trace wouldn't detect any of the magic that he did, making Harry free to do whatever magic he wanted. Shoving the trunk into his pocket, Harry walked out of the room and into the ballroom where the others were waiting for him.

Draco, Theo and Blaise hugged him first, wishing him well, before leaving the room with Lucius. Pansy hugged him and slipped a necklace over his head. Harry looked at it and studied the silver snake that hug off of it.

"It's a protective charm, as well as a translator. Any language you hear, you'll understand and immediately know how to speak. It's charmed so that only you can see it or take it off. Also, if you say 'Home', it'll become a portkey and bring you straight to the manor. My lord made sure that it will even work through Hogwarts wards," Pansy whispered in his ear. Releasing him, she quickly left the room to follow the others.

Bella stayed with him, as she was going to try and distract him while Tom cursed him. Harry steeled his mental barriers.

It was necessary. He would do anything for them and that meant taking Hogwarts down from the inside out.

Tom instructed Harry to lie on the floor. Obeying, Harry laid still with baited breath as the first spell came, a red, ugly light filling his vision.


Severus ran through the halls of Hogwarts, panting as he made his way to the hospital wing. Albus was right behind him, as he had been there when the potions master had arrived, just like he always was. The old fool had nearly fainted in shock at the limp and bloodied body of Harry Potter. It would have been amusing if not for the fact that the boy had neglected to tell the Dark Lord to stop when it became too much. The idiot boy had waited until he was suffering from extreme blood loss and nearly insane before telling the man to stop. When Poppy was done healing him, Severus was going to give Harry a piece of his mind.

"POPPY!" Severus screamed, bursting through the Hospital Wing's doors. The medi-witch jumped, startled, before screeching out directions when she realized what was happening.

Severus watched with baited breath as the witch worked and followed every direction thrown at him. Harry was nearly to the brink of death. Again. Oh, this boy was so going to get it when he was better...

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