Harry Potter's Magical Journey

Chapter 1

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"Blah blah…" Talking.

'Blah blah….' Thoughts.

Hold on for an exciting ride…..

Harry Potter was just waking up from his 4 months long magical coma he had entered after the final battle with Voldemort, resulting in the Dark lord's death and he himself blacking out. The last thing that Harry remembered was magic exploding out of Voldemort and slamming into him causing immense surge and destabilization in his magical core and pain worse than hundred Cruciatus. It had felt as if the dozens of cruciatus curses were hitting him at the same time and at single point increasing it effects even more and seconds later blackness had swallowed him and now Harry was groggily waking up to the white-washed walls of the ever familiar hospital wing of Hogwarts.

Harry brought his hands up to his eyes as soon as he opened them trying to block the sunlight that was streaming through the window parallel to his bed. Taking few minutes to adjust his eye sight he looked around his surroundings and noted that he was once again in the hospital wing and sighed, it seemed as if half of his Hogwarts life was spent waking up in the Hogwarts hospital wing and to the all too familiar smell of disinfectant of the hospital wing.

His mouth felt dry and throat parched as if he hadn't used it for a long time, he tried to call for Madam Pomfrey but no words came out and it felt as if he hadn't talked in a long time, but forcing himself he croaked out for Madam Pomfrey but there was no response. Taking a look around him again he found a table by his bedside with a glass and a jug of water and a bowl of fruits on the table. Slowly getting up supporting himself on the bed he reached for the jug with trembling hands and slowly and unsteadily poured himself a glass of water, taking hold of the glass with both of his hands so as not to drop the glass he brought it to his lips and greedily drank it, as soon as the water went down his throat it felt infinitely better and he was somewhat able to talk in loud whisper without any discomfort but if he tried to raise his voice, it felt as if something was scratching his throat from the inside and it was slightly painful and ticklish.

Having satisfied his thirst harry went back to his bed and sat down waiting for Poppy and if not at least someone else to come and notice his wakefulness and alert Poppy, an hour later no one had come by and it seemed as if there was no one coming anytime soon so he unsteadily stood up with the help of the bed posts and reached for the walls and using them as support he slowly made his way to the door, he was nearly half way to the door when it opened and Poppy walked in looking irritated and muttering something about useless meetings taking half a day without anything being done. She heard a sound from her left side and quickly turned and stopped. Harry could see different emotions cycling through her face, first shock then surprise and finally concern.

"Mister Potter what are you doing out of your bed you are not in any shape or form to move about, look at you, your pale and you look as if you have run around Hogwarts castle 10 times." Poppy scolded in soft tone knowing that if she raised her voice then it may hurt his ears as they wouldn't be accustomed to loud noises after being out of commission for such a long time.

Quickly making her way to him, she supported him and helped him back to the bed all the while ignoring his protests. Laying him back to his bed, she gave him a glare after which he wisely kept his mouth shut so as not further aggravate the medi-witch.

"I will be back with some potions to help your recovery and then I will answer your questions till then stay in the bed." With that she left towards her office.

Few minutes later she came back with a tray full of potions and set them on the bed side table.

"Don't make such a face Mister Potter these potions will help you recover quicker and faster you will be able to get out of here and if you don't want to take the potions then you can stay in this bed recovering for a month." Poppy pacified him after taking look at the disgruntled expression on his face.

Hearing her explanation Harry calmed down slightly but he was still not happy about the situation.

'Well taking the potions and getting out of here quicker is better than spending a month recovering.'

"Well before you feed me your disgusting potions can you answer the questions I have?" Harry asked his dislike for the potions he was soon going to take evident in his tone clearly.

"Very well I will answer whatever questions you have to the best of my ability." Pomfrey agreed.

"What exactly happened to me to end up in this situation and feeling so weak?" Harry asked.

"Well nobody knows exactly what happened, but we found you near death next to You-Know-Who's body and you were quickly shifted to emergency ward in St. Mungo's, during the scan it showed that your body was in significant stress as your muscles and whole body structure looked as if it was torn apart and rebuild, our first guess for the stress was the Cruciatus curse but even that curse was not that powerful to have caused such a stress to your body without damaging your mind in which case you wouldn't have gone into coma but would have lost your sanity, that put us in a quandary and the regeneration of the your body after being degenerated from such a stress put us more in a predicament and your body had traces of magical energy surrounding it so we had to drain it before we could even cast the diagnostic spell as the magical energy surrounding your body was interfering with our spells."

"When you were brought in your heart beat was erratic, we managed to stabilise it but as soon as you were stabilised you slipped into coma and have been in it for nearly four and a half months."

"Four and a half months in coma." Harry muttered in apparent shock.

"It's not that bad, you could have been in coma for your whole life instead of just month and a half be glad for that and also the public's attention on you might have lessened somewhat in wake of your coma." Poppy said reminding him of the positive aspects.

"Yes you are right I should look at the positives instead counting the negatives." Harry replied taking a deep breath and calming himself down.

"But you still haven't told me what happened to me?" Harry asked still not having got a proper answer.

"Well we truly don't know what happened to you during and after your duel and defeat of You-Know-Who but our best guess is you may have been at the centre of a large magical explosion that nearly destroyed you and your magic acted in only way it could by protecting you and healing you completely thereby also correcting all the faults in your body structure due to mistreatment and malnourishment, as you may or may not have noticed but you have more muscled lean build and are not thin as you used to be, also you have grown taller than Ron and some other changes that will be noticeable later. Our best guess is that your magic was strained to the limit to protect and heal you which in turn caused severe magical exhaustion and which might have been the reason for your coma."

"Now what are all of these potions for?" Harry asked his curiosity finally winning.

"These potions Mister Potter are to get you back on your feet and running in couple of days. Few of the potions are for the removal of the entropy of muscles by rapidly twitching the muscles, another set of potions is for your senses to make it so that they are actively maintaining their sensitivity adjustment as before, as of now it is so sensitive that even if I raise my voice it will hurt your ears and in the morning you may have noticed how your eyes reacted to light and how much longer it took for your eye sight to adjust, another set is to improve your immune system and the final one is a mild sleeping potion which will put you to sleep for couple hours during which I will contact your friends and tell them to come here as soon as possible."

"Now that I have answered your questions it is time for you to take your potions."

With that Poppy started pouring the potions down his throat and Harry silently drank all the potions with a disgusted look on his face due to the taste of the potions after taking the final sleeping potion Harry started feeling sleepy and soon after fell asleep. After being sure that Harry was truly asleep Poppy made her way to the Headmistress office to inform her about Harry's status and ask her to contact Harry's friends regarding his awakening from coma.

Reaching the gargoyle statue that was guarding the office she said the password.

"Honour." Said Poppy and the gargoyle stepped aside at the correct password.

Taking the stairs she made it to the door of the office and knocked on it.

"Come in Poppy." Minerva McGonagall's voice came from inside.

Getting the permission Poppy opened the door and stepped inside.

"Headmistress ..." Started Poppy.

"Its Minerva, Poppy how many times do I have to tell you that?" Minerva interrupted.

"Yes Minerva, I have some good news; Mister Potter has woken up from his coma."

"What! He has woken up, come on I have to visit him." Minerva nearly shouted in surprise and quickly got off the chair intending to make her way to hospital wing but was stopped Poppy.

"Clam down Minerva, he is sleeping now I gave him some potions to recover as soon as he was awake and a mild sleeping potion the will put him to sleep for couple of hours. In the mean time you can contact his friends and ask them to come over then you can be in the hospital wing when he wakes up again.

Acknowledging the truth in her colleagues words Minerva composed herself.

"You are right, you return back and keep a watch on Mister Potter as he might possibly wake up well before your prescribed time and I will contact the Weasley family." Minerva replied in her usual strict no nonsense tone.

As soon as Poppy went out of the office Minerva went to the fire place and took some floo powder and threw it in to the fire while saying "The Borrow" suddenly the fire flared and Molly Weasley's head could be clearly visible.

"Oh, Minerva what is it? Has something happened to Harry?" Molly's frantic voice came through the other side.

Minerva surprised by how right Molly had guessed the situation, but the surprise went away quickly as she thought that she never called Weasley family and her call now meant that it had to be related to Harry.

"Yes, Harry has woken up. How soon can you gather your family and Hermione and make it here." Minerva questioned.

"Harry has woken up Oh thank Merlin, I can make it there in couple of hours with the family and Harry's friends, do you want me to send Ginny over right now to keep Harry company?" Molly replied in ecstatic tone.

"There is no need for that now, he currently asleep and won't wake up for another couple of hours so take your time Molly." With that Minerva closed the connection and with a sigh sat back on the chair clearly very pleased that Harry had woken up but also dreading the day when the public came to know of his wakefulness, hopefully they wouldn't know until after he was fully recovered and also the public would have calmed down somewhat after his four and a half months long absence but that was a farfetched hope as the Voldemort's death still made the front-page and Harry's awakening would add fuel to the fire.

"So Harry has finally woken up, that's excellent news, don't you think so Minerva." Albus said looking quite pleased at the news.

"True, Albus I was afraid that he might never wake up and we might loose another bright young man to this damnable war." Minerva confessed.

"Harry is stronger than that Minerva he would never let himself wither away like that." Albus replied with his usual twinkling eyes and smile.

"Yes quite true he has always been a stubborn young man." Minerva laughingly said.

"Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and check on Harry and Poppy."

With that Minerva quickly made her way out of the office heading towards the hospital wing to check on Harry and return to wait for the Weasley family to come through the fireplace through the use of floo travel. Reaching the hospital door Minerva knocked on it twice and entered to find Poppy sitting on a chair by Harry's bed.

"So how is he Poppy?"

"He is fine Minerva; I have provided him with similar potions that are given to long term coma patients to help restore their health, immune system, their musculature and their senses." Poppy explained.

With that they both fell into a comfortable silence watching Harry sleeping peacefully. This was the first time they saw Harry sleep so peacefully and that brought a small warm smile on their face.

"I have to leave Poppy I have to receive the Weasley family that are scheduled to come at any moment through floo in my office; I will visit soon with the Weasley family." With that Minerva left the hospital wing heading straight to her office.

At the borrow, as soon as Molly cut the connection of the floo she rushed to the dining hall where most of the Weasley family had gathered for lunch.

"Everyone can I have your attention, I have an announcement to make."

After having the attention of all the gathered Weasely's Molly continued.

"Well the news is that Harry has woken up from coma and is currently resting, so we have couple of hours to gather all of our family members and friends and get to Hogwarts." Molly announced.

Hearing the news the gathered faces cycled through different emotions first and most common was shock and then emotions differed from person to person.

Ginny and Hermione burst into tears of happiness, George had a happy smile on his face for the first time since his twin brother's death, Charlie had a proud smile on his faces, while all other females had warm and truly happy smile on hearing the news, only peculiar thing was Ron's face which was alternating between bitter and happy but finally settled on happy, fortunately for him nobody noticed that slip up.

Soon after the Weasley family went into frenzy calling Arthur and telling him the news and contacting other friends of Harry to ask them to meet at Hogwarts.

Soon the whole Weasley family except for Bill and Fleur who just couldn't leave their work in Gringotts at drop of a hat and leave had gathered at the fire place to leave for Hogwarts, one by one everyone passed through the fireplace the last to leave were Arthur and Molly, Arthur had just returned from work on hearing Harry's recovery.

As soon had they reached the headmistress office they found their entire family already present. Minerva seeing that all had gathered greeted them and asked them to silently follow her down to the hospital wing. The entire party quietly followed Minerva down to the hospital wing. Minerva knocked on the door a couple of times and entered finding Poppy sitting next to Harry's bed keeping a close eye on him.

"Poppy the guests are here. We will keep a watch on him now you can rest for while." Minerva suggested seeing the tired Poppy.

"Yes I will rest for a while in my room but contact me as soon he wakes up, he should wake up in hour or so." Poppy explained and made her way to her room.

Soon after Ginny and Hermione took seats beside Harry's bed opposite to each other while resting their heads on the bed using their arms as pillows. The other occupants took seats around Harry's bed.

An hour had passed since the guests had arrived and Harry was slowly returning back to the waking world, as soon as his eyes adjusted to the light he looked around and found the entire Weasley family and his friends there and also found Ginny's and Hermoine's head resting on the bed, he slowly with trembling hands caressed both their head softly.

At first both of them moaned softly but then suddenly looked up and found a awake Harry Potter and with a cry of "Harry your awake" glomped on to him. Everybody's attention turned towards the voice and found an awake Harry Potter being glomped to death by both Hermione and Ginny.

"Either of you loosen up and calm down or he will not remain in the waking world much longer." Arthur said in an amused tone.

Hearing that, both the ladies separated from the hug and blushing fiercely apologised. Harry waved off their apologies obviously happy seeing his friends well and in good health.

Harry looked towards Ginny a slight frown came to his face which went unnoticed and was quickly replaced with a warm smile but inside he was confused as he couldn't feel any of the warm and happy emotions he felt before when he saw her not wanting to dwell on it he put it in the back of his mind simply letting it go thinking it was his disorientation that was the cause of this.

"How are you Ginny?"

"I am alright just missed you very much." Ginny's tearful reply came back.

"I am here now." Harry placated her.

"Hey Harry how you doing?" George asked appearing in front of Harry.

Looking up to George Harry was surprised at his haggard appearance and was confused as to the cause of it looking around the room as if asking the reason he suddenly remembered Fred's death and immediately felt guilty and blamed himself for not killing Voldemort earlier and preventing Remus, Tonks and Fred's and many others lives.

"Don't dare blame yourself for their death they wouldn't want you to feel guilty and drown yourself in depression instead they would want you to live and honour their death." George immediately cut off Harry's train of thought before he could drown himself in his own thoughts.

Hearing the words of George Harry felt slightly better but it would take time to mourn his friend's deaths and move on but he was determined to get over it, he owed that much to those that passed away and those that were still living.

"As you can see I am doing okay now, so how have you been doing and what are your future plans now that the war's over."

"I am doing fine, as for my future plans are to keep running the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes." George Replied.

"Enough about me what about you, what are your future plans?" George asked.

"Me, I don't know, I was going to be Auror but now I am not sure, I have still not decided on anything especially the future plans at the moment." Harry replied shrugging his shoulders.

Soon after he was greeted by all the guests present, the males in the room gave him a manly handshake while the females gave him a warm hug. Couple of hours later Harry was feeling tired and Poppy who had been called in after he had woken up noticed the change and quickly ushered everybody out of the hospital wing, Harry protested to this but the it would have been more convincing if he hadn't yawned in middle of it and in truth he wanted to sleep and soon after consuming the second dose of the earlier potions except the sleeping potions quickly feel asleep. An hour later of falling asleep the Weasley's left after talking to both Poppy and Minerva about Harry's health and well-being.

Next day around mid-afternoon Harry was awoken by the sunlight on his face also the constant chatter around him, Harry tried to drown the sound and block the sunlight by pulling his blanket over his head but was unsuccessful in that endeavour, finally giving up he groggily got up and sat on his bed yawing and rubbing his eyes trying to clear the remaining sleep from his eyes. Finally fully awake he glanced around him and found Ginny, Hermoine and Ron there in the room observing him. Ginny and Hermoine as usual were sitting near his bed while Ron and Molly were on the sofa across him.

"Good Morning Harry and we are glad you could join us as you have been asleep a good full day and it's nearly half-past 3 in the afternoon the next day." Hermoine said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Afternoon Harry." Ginny greeted with a warm smile on her face.

"Afternoon mate." Ron greeted.

"I will go get Madam Pomfrey now that you are awake." With that Hermoine quickly left leaving him and Ginny alone, he was confused on Hermoine's abrupt leave but he didn't get time to further contemplate on the issue as his thoughts were diverted when he heard Ginny asking him something.

"Oh! Sorry Ginny can you repeat that I wasn't paying attention."

"That's okay I was only asking how you are feeling."

"I am feeling much better thank you for asking." Harry kindly replied.

With that both Harry and Ginny fell into an awkward silence not really knowing what to say to each other after having been separated from each other for nearly a year and half. Trying to remove the awkwardness between them Harry tried to build up a conversion.

"So Ginny how have you been what's been happening in your life since we have been on the hunt to destroy Voldemort?" Harry asked ending the awkward silence between them.

Hearing Harry asking her a question Ginny perked up considerably and proceeded to tell him all about her sixth year and incidents that had occurred since his absence from Hogwarts for the last year. Ginny told him about the DA being restarted again and Neville Leading it while She herself was the second in command and how Mad Eye Moody and Professor Lupin had helped them in learning new spells that could be used to battle the death eaters. She also told him about few junior death eaters causing problems, disrupting school life and instilling more fear in students studying there. To lighten up the mood in the school she and few of the DA members had found a pranksters group and with the help of Remus and the twins had managed to play a number of pranks on the junior death eaters and also making the students in the school successfully laugh and lighten up their mood considerably. She also told him how their tensions and burdens were lightened on hearing the cancellation of exams that year due to the escalating war situation.

The conversation was started with a motive of lessening the awkwardness between them but as the conversation moved on the awkwardness increased and before long Harry started feeling as if he was talking to a complete stranger than the Ginny he knew in his sixth year. As his mind wandered towards his memories of Ginny in his sixth year he came to a startling realisation that, even then he barely even knew her, all he knew about her was that she was his rabid fan in her earlier years and had undergone a complete personality change in his fifth year and telling him that she had grown out of her fan girl mode and had gotten over her crush on him and had started dating other boys and suddenly in his sixth year on the day he saw her after quidditch he felt that she was the one for him when before that he had never even paid attention to her and even then she had always been Ron's little sister and nothing more. Hearing Ginny finishing her monologue Harry put this topic in the back of his mind promising himself to think on this when he was alone.

"Wow that's quite the year you had Ginny, the members of DA was a lot of help in the war with Voldemort, I am sorry that the DA also lost a few of its members in the war and they have my condolences for their effort and if I can be of any help, I will be glad to help."

"No Harry there's no need for that as the ministry has already compensated their family handsomely for their sacrifices. Even then their families are themselves proud that their son or daughter had helped in defeating the most powerful dark lord in centuries."

"But still I will pay them a visit to pay my respects and to give them my deepest thanks, it is the least I can do." Harry replied solemnly.

"If that's your wish Harry."

"So how have you been Ron." Harry asked Ron who was standing quietly the whole time.

"I am fine Harry been busy with the media and the ministry and catching criminals the whole time you have been asleep as I am a special Auror now." Ron arrogantly replied and Harry immediately frowned at the tone.

"So a special Auror huh."

"Ya, as special Auror I get double the pay of the highest paid auror and have to report directly to Minister himself and I don't even have regular work hours I can work whenever I want." Ron replied boasted arrogance dripping from his every word and his balant egotism showing through.

Hearing Ron Harry felt like he was talking to Malfoy instead of Ron and that made Harry uncomfortable but Harry continued not wanting create a scene.

Few minutes of talking Harry was made aware of all the important happenings in the last four months, not much had happened wizarding Britain was still rebuilding itself and unsurprisingly Kingsely Shakebolt had been made the Minister of Magic.

Before they could continue further, Hermoine returned with Poppy who had a tray full of potions he had to take. Harry looked grateful for the interruption as it ended the somewhat awkwardly uncomfortable environment that had settled between him and Ginny and Ron, but his face quickly changed to one of disgust as soon as he spotted the potions.

"Oh! Wipe that look from your face Mr. Potter; you only have one more batch to take after that you are free from me and my potions that many of you find so horrible even when they help you." Poppy humped and placed them on his bed side table.

"So what have you been doing since I have been in coma Hermoine."Harry asked turning his attention back to Hermoine.

"Nothing much Harry dodging the media wherever I go, spent few weeks with my parents catching up after restoring their memories and getting a long lecture in return about morality and other such things and also shopping for the coming school year."

"Here you go Mr. Potter drink them up and Ron and you two ladies better leave and let him rest and you can come visit him tomorrow again." Interrupted Poppy and quickly pushed the ladies out the door with Ron following along.

Bidding Harry goodbye they both let themselves be led outside by Poppy promising him to be back tomorrow.

Acquiescing with a nod Harry turned towards the potions and drank them one by one after drinking them Harry started feeling drowsy, sleepily yawning Harry fixed his pillow and promptly feel asleep. As he was falling asleep he remembered that he had not taken a bath and silently vowed himself that he would definitely take a bath tomorrow and with that thought quickly fell asleep. What he didn't know that coma patients usually weren't even allowed to get off from their beds for a day or two during which their health would be monitored and their body brought up to speed they were usually kept clean by the use of cleaning spells. The other purposes for the use of bathrooms didn't come into play as the potions provided to them pretty much took care of that problem.

The next morning came as every morning did and a groaning sound could be heard from the only occupied bed in the hospital wing. The occupant of the bed was slowly waking up to face a fresh new day much earlier than the day before. Taking a few minutes to completely wake up Harry slowly got out of the bed and slowly made his way to the area where there was a washroom as he wanted to feel real water to freshen up and a bath for a change instead of those cleaning spells.

After taking a bath he made his way back to his bed and looked at his bedside table at the clock kept there and was truly surprised to see that it was just past seven o'clock. So as to pass the time he started some light stretching exercises to loosen up his knotted muscles. After a hour of stretching exercise he felt better having loosened up his muscles but slightly tired and after cleaning up in the washroom laid down on his bed and rested his tired muscles.

Two hours later he woke up from his small rejuvenating nap to find Poppy bustling in the hospital wing arranging everything properly.

"Good morning Poppy." Harry greeted.

"Mr. Potter! You're awake and earlier then the day before and good morning to you too."

"Now that you're awake I can finally get you cleaned up." Saying that Poppy took out her wand and cleaning spell on the tip of her tongue.

"There is no need for that I already took a bath." Harry quickly interrupted her.

"And when did you take this so called bath mhm.." Poppy asked raising an eyebrow clearly disbelieving him.

"Well I had woken up early today and felt like taking a real bath instead of just cleaning spells and also some stretching exercise to loosen up my muscles." Harry explained.

"What! You did some exercise are you absolutely mad do you know that if something had gone wrong you would had lost use of that part permanently with no way of reversing it even with magic. It is for this reason that all the coma patients are handled with care as both their magic and body are very weak, it's a miracle that you have no permanent injuries to show for your recklessness. As I had already told you that you had to just spend one more day in bed and even this you couldn't follow." Poppy screamed looking both aghast and angry at the same time. Taking few deep breaths she calmed herself down and left to get him his last batch of potions but not before giving him a glare daring him to even put one wrong foot out of line.

Seeing that glare he wisely kept quiet and stayed in his place and quietly drank the potions that Poppy brought with and fell into a recuperating sleep soon after.

Poppy purposely mixed a heavy sleeping drought with the potions before giving him the potions to drink so he would sleep for next 24 hrs recuperating and not carrying out foolhardy things like the one this morning.

Unknown to him the Weasley family dropped by to meet him and left soon after finding out that he would be asleep for next 24 hrs except Ginny who stayed for a while longer before leaving later in the day.

Next day dawned and as usual Harry defying the odds woke up few hours before he was officially slated to wake up. Groggily waking up Harry glanced at the clock that sat on his bedside table and groaned when he saw that it was 6:15, very early in the morning. He tried to go back to sleep but he had too much energy and was feeling too restless to go back to sleep, finally giving up trying to go back to sleep he got out of the bed and made his way to bathroom intending on having a bath rather than lying in the bed wide awake doing nothing. Having taken a hot shower and cleaned himself up he made his way back to bed, not wanting to laze around in the bed at that time and he remembered that Poppy had told him that he would be fit enough to be officially discharged after taking the last batch of potions so throwing caution to the wind Harry started doing some light exercises to pass away the time and to loosen his muscles. Finishing up his exercise he cleaned himself and looked at the clock and was satisfied to see that it was nearly 8:30 which meant that Poppy would be showing up in about half an hour, as predicted Poppy showed up at exactly 9 o'clock.

"Good morning Mr. Potter, I see that you are already awake and have already taken a shower and if I would take a fair guess then I would say that you have also done some exercise. Is that right?" she asked with both hands on her hips.

"Good morning to you too and yes I did some light exercise as you told me that I would be fit enough after my last batch of potions which was yesterday." Harry replied sheepishly while defending himself at the same time.

"I guess you are right so I will let you get away with it this time."

"Now lie down and let me cast diagnostic spell to check if you are really ready to be discharged." Poppy ordered.

Harry obeying lied down on the bed and let Poppy do her work, after few diagnostic spells Poppy replied

"Well it seems you have physically completely recovered while your magic will take at least a day to completely recovery so I would say that you have recovered enough to be discharged but remember no heavy duty spells for at least a day."

"I will contact the Weasley's to pick you up. Until then do whatever you feel like you can either stay here or leave but be at the headmistress office in an hour the password is 'Honour', your cloths and wand are in the wardrobe across the room. Now if you will excuse me." With that she left the hospital wing to contact both the Weasley's and presumably to inform Professor McGonagall of recovery and subsequent release.

As soon as Poppy left Harry quickly went to the wardrobe and was relieved to find his Dragon robe, his inner cloths and the wand of which he was more worried that something had happened to it as it was one of the most coveted item in the wizarding world the Elder Wand, he also had to find out what happened to his original wand as the last thing he remembered was his holly wand getting destroyed. Gathering his items but still not touching the wand as he was not ready to see what would happen if he touched it and made his way to the full size mirror to get himself ready, looking at his reflection in the mirror couldn't help but release a gasp of surprise as the lighting scar which had been on his forehead for nearly all his life had nearly faded away to a very faint silvery scar which could only be seen if anyone was particularly looking for it. At the same moment he quickly remembered about his glasses and was completely floored that he could see perfectly, better than even when had on his glasses and he even looked slightly buffed up than before. He was grateful for all the changes specially the scar and eyes, admiring the changes Harry quickly clothed himself and taking a deep breath finally picked up his wand and released the breath when nothing extravagant happened and felt his magic flowing and responding to it as usual but he failed to notice a slight change in his magic which he would notice in the near future and that incident would change a lot of his beliefs. Harry left the hospital wing after finishing up and made his way to the kitchen to have something substantial to eat other than the potions he had been taking.

"Kreacher! What are you doing here?" Harry replied stunned to see Kreacher in the kitchen helping other elves. He was sure that Kreacher would have gone back to the Black mansion.

"Master Potter Kreacher decided to stay and help here until Hogwarts was completely restored. Kreacher is also very happy to see master alive and well."

"I am glad to see you too Kreacher and could I get something to eat, I am starving." Harry asked.

"Of course master we would be happy to help." With that the elves got busy preparing food for Harry.

After finishing his food Harry left the kitchens bidding the elves good-bye and walking swiftly towards the headmistress office.

Reaching the Gargoyle he gave the password and made his way up the stairs and knocked on the door.

"Come In."

Harry entered the room and found Professor McGonagall, Poppy and Mrs. Weasley were waiting.

"Oh! Harry, how are you feeling? Are you okay?" Molly came rushing in smothering him in her unrivalled Weasley hug.

"I am fine Mrs. Weasley really." Harry replied trying to get out of the hug.

"Let him go Molly before he suffocates." Minerva said looking at the scene before her amusingly.

"I glad to see that you have made a complete recovery Mr. Potter."

"Thank you Prof. McGonagall and am also grateful for taking care of me." Minerva nodded in retrun.

"It good to see you recovered Harry." Albus greeted.

"Oh! Albus it is good to see you too, it seems you are settling in well." Harry replied in a teasing tone.

"That I am Harry, that I am." Albus replied amusement clear in his tone.

"Harry I am truly grateful to you for ending this war Harry."

"I did what I had to do and as did everyone else to end this damnable war." Harry replied curtly his tone clearly indicating he didn't want to talk any further on that topic.

Albus sadly nodded at that clearly regretting the burdened that had been placed on someone so young.

Harry turned towards the floo to go to the borrow and gestured others to follow.

"Remember to visit from time to time Harry." Albus called back.

"Will do Albus." Harry sent back as he stepped in to the floo.

Upon reaching the Burrow Harry was greeted with cheers and shouts of all the Weasley family well almost all of the Weasley family as George had gone to take care of the joke shop, Bill, Fleur and Arthur were at their respective jobs.

"Welcome back Harry"

A cake baked by Molly was there with other foods and drinks; Harry feeling grateful thanked everyone and enjoyed the reunion and recovery talking to everyone about anything and everything for nearly full two hours before retiring to rest in his room after having lunch that had been included in the function.

Once inside the room Harry went towards the wardrobe where he had some of his daily clothes and changed into those from his battle robes he was currently wearing, it felt strangely uncomfortable and undefended in his normal clothes as he had grown used to wearing his battle robes and even sleep in it for the last year during the war.

Before he could take a small nap he heard distinct knocks on his door with a sigh he opened door not in the mood to deal with anybody at the moment to find Ron, Hermoine and Ginny at his doorstep, not even paying attention to him Ron and Ginny forced their way in, Harry quickly got annoyed at their lack of manners and looked towards Hermoine who was still waiting for his permission to enter.

'Well it looks like that only Hermoine has proper manners and waiting for me to welcome her in.'

"You can come in Hermoine." Having his consent Hermoine entered while giving him an apologetic look as if saying sorry for Ron and Ginny's action.

'I have to talk to her and tell her that she doesn't have to look apologetic for the action of others.' Harry thought.

"So, any reason for this unexpected visit." Harry asked while sitting on the bed opposite the three of them.

"Should there be a reason to visit our best friend?" Ron asked in an arrogant tone of voice which annoyed Harry even further.

"Yes there should be as I clearly mentioned downstairs that I was going upstairs to rest as I have just recovered from a large ordeal." Harry explained slowly as if explaining it to a small child.

Ron started turning red on hearing that and before he could say anything Hermoine seeing the situation degrading quickly intervened.

"We just wanted to see how you were doing and also talk to you in private as we didn't have any chance to do before today."

Harry nodded his head at that but was still slightly annoyed a having rest being interrupted.

"So what have you been up to since Voldemort's death, I already know about Ginny and what you do Ron but what about you Hermoine?"

"Nothing much Harry, just been hounded by the press and other wizarding flock thanking us and same usual hero worshipping you had now we have and let me tell you it's getting tiresome, how you handled it I don't know?" Hermoine replied.

"It's not that bad it feels good for once to be famous and hero worshipped for once, and all those beautiful ladies crowding around me for my autograph and pictures and interviews in the newspapers for once feels good." Ron continued after Hermoine dazedly self-importance dripping from his voice.

Harry wanted to lash back at Ron seeing the hurt look on Hermoine's, but Hermoine caught Harry looking at her and gave him a pleading look so as not to do anything seeing that look Harry settled back down.

Rest of the time all four of them talked about the war and about their future quests and their return back to Hogwarts. It was at that moment that Harry said something that shocked them to their core.

"I will not be going back to Hogwarts, guys."

"Yes we know that, we all..."

"WHAT?" All of them shouted at the same time shock and disbelief clear in their tones.

"You are joking right, Harry?" Hermoine asked coming out of the shock.

"No not this time 'moine."

"But but... you can't just quit Harry, what about N.E.W.T.S, what about becoming an auror and why are you even quitting?" Hermoine said frantically.

"I just can't go back to that place anymore, so much has happened there I have lost so much there just being in the hospital wing these last days brought back bad memories, memories of what I lost there." Harry said quietly sadness evident in his tone.

Hermoine quickly got up and gave him a hug.

"Everything will be okay Harry if you don't want to go then you won't have to." Hemoine said soothingly.

Harry calmed down after her hug and soothing words. To elevate the obvious depressing environment and change the topic Harry quickly added.

"As for N.E.W.T.S I think there is a way I can give it without having to study the final year in Hogwarts, I can ask Prof. McGonagall when I inform her about my decision."

"There, happy now Hermoine I will give my N.E.W.T.S."

Hermoine huffed and said "You better." And gave him a small smile.

While this was going on the two other Weasley's were burning with anger and jealously at being ignored and having their respective object of affections showing affection to each other. Ron would have burst out on them had Ginny not stopped him though it looked like she herself wanted to join in with her brother but she had enough sense to notice that something had changed in Harry as he usually was patient but today when they had entered he hadn't been happy and he showed it which he usually didn't and letting Ron on to Harry now would not be good and who knows what would happen then.

So Ginny stood up dragging Ron and Hermoine with her and said.

"We will leave now initially we just came to tell you that we would be going to Diagon alley to buy our school supplies but as you are not going to Hogwarts I don't know if you would like come or not." Ginny said.

"I will come even if I don't have to buy any supplies I would still like to visit Daigon alley."

"Remember Harry to come down for dinner at eight." Hemoine said while leaving.

"Oh and one more thing don't tell anybody about Hogwarts alright, I will tell them today at dinner." Harry said before they could leave.

Nodding their heads they left the room and it was showing 4:30 in the evening on clock attached to the wall, not realising so much time had passed and feeling slightly tired Harry laid down on the bed with a sigh and closed his eyes intending to get some shut eye and which he got.

It was nearing 7 o'clock when he woke up; Harry quickly freshened up and made his way down stairs. Once down stairs Harry found that all the females were in the kitchen helping with the dinner while Ron and Charlie were outside playing chess, Harry went and joined them.

"So playing chess are we?" Harry asked completely taking them by surprise.

"Oh Harry you are awake, yea I am trying to save my ass as you can see Ron's totally crushing me, I am obviously not very good at it." Charlie said.

"Nobody is good enough when playing against Ron I have lost enough times to know that." Harry said while chuckling softly.

"Yea I am the best there is." Ron interjected his ego finally making an appearance and for a minute Harry had thought Ron had bought his ego under control when he hadn't said a thing when he and Charlie were talking.

Rest of the hour was talking, playing and just having fun, in that hour rest of the Weasley's made their appearance one by one first to come was Mr. Weasley followed by George and then later Bill. They too all after freshening up joined Harry and the others in their conversations.

Soon they got the call from the ladies that the dinner was ready and they all rushed to the dining hall and took their respective places. Dinner was soon served and everybody started eating including the ladies.

"So 'arry 'ow are you feeling now?" Fleur asked.

"I am doing fine, how are you and your family doing and how is Gabrielle doing? I hope they are okay?" Harry replied.

"They are fine 'ank you for your concern 'arry." Fleur replied.

With that they all finished their meals waiting for the desert that Molly made and it was at that time that Harry decided to drop his bombshell on the rest of the Weasley's.

Standing up from his chair Harry said.

"May I have all your attentions please I have an announcement to make."

Hearing that, all the Weasley's turned their attention towards Harry waiting for him to continue.

Feeling distinctly uncomfortable he slightly coughed and continued.

"Well I have decided not to attend Hogwarts anymore for further studies." Harry announced.

Stunned silence followed his announcement.

"You don't mean that Harry do you? You can't just give up your education you will attend Hogwarts young man and don't want to hear any arguments." Molly said in stern tone of voice coming out of the shock.

Harry really got annoyed when she ordered him and as such replied in a firm tone of voice.

"Sorry Mrs. Weasley that is not your decision to make, I already made my decision of not going back to Hogwarts there are too many bad memories for me to return, maybe in the future but not at this point and nothing is going to change that. It doesn't mean that I am giving up my education, I will discuss alternative ways of completing my N.E.W.T.S with Prof. McGonagall when I inform her of my decision."

Molly was going to say something but Arthur stopped her taking into account the seriousness in Harry's voice and he knew that Harry was not going to change his decision.

"Clam down Molly he is right it's his decision and anyways he said that he would complete his N.E.W.T.S didn't he and Hogwarts is place where he lost his last connection to his parents, and if it had been anyone else they too would have hesitated." Arthur interjected before there would be confrontation between Molly and Harry.

"I respect your decision and I believe there is a way you can give N.E.W.T.S without attending Hogwarts, talk to Minerva she will know all the details therein." Arthur said.

"Thank you Mr. Weasley." Harry said feeling grateful to have avoided a confrontation between Mrs. Weasley and himself.

Rest of the dinner was finished in slightly tension filled environment and later all of them retired to their respective rooms for the night eager for the next day shopping trip to Diagon alley.

The next morning Harry was awaking up to the noise of the hustle and bustle downstairs it was then that his door was suddenly slammed open.

"Harry wake up, we have to leave for Diagon alley and finish our shopping before the morning rush gets in."

With that the door slammed shut, Harry slowly got up placing the voice as Hermoine's and quickly freshened up, wearing his battle robes and his outer robes over them made his way downstairs.

"Harry your awake and already dressed up good there is breakfast on the table eat up we will leave soon after." Mrs Weasley told him flatly and quickly left.

Harry frowned at Mrs. Weasley's flat tone but shook his head as he knew that she would be mad at him for at least a day and quickly had his breakfast. Soon after they left for Diagon alley through the use of floo as soon as Harry landed in leaky cauldron one of the customers recognised him and quickly shouted.

"Look everyone Harry Potter is back."

With that Harry's complete shopping trip which was to be carried out in complete secrecy and he was confident that no one would recognise him now that his scar had faded away enough so as not being noticeable without enough scrutiny before the shopping trip was over was completely ruined obviously his face had garnered even more fame when he had been secretly hunting Voldy's horcruxes. Soon after the shout Harry was quickly mobbed by all fans and grateful people around him. Quickly separating himself from the mob Harry dragged the others to continue their shopping trip and get the shopping trip quickly over with before the press got the news that he was here and get over here to interview him and hound him with questions of Voldemort's defeat which Harry didn't want to release especially to the public.

Harry and the others quickly made it to Flourish & Blotts and started collecting the books they would require for N.E.W.T.S. after buying the required books from the booklist provided they started to leave the shop, as soon as they came out of the shop Harry was quickly mobbed by the media separating him from the others and bombarding him questions.

"Mr. Potter when did you wake up from your coma."

"Mr. Potter can you give us any details about how you defeated 'You-Know-Who'."

"Mr. Potter can you tell us what you were doing for the past year before You-Know-Who's defeat that was considered a secret?"

And so on and so forth the questions continued and also the flashes of the cameras that surrounded him. Getting tired of it and wanting to get rid of the press, he knew that they won't leave him for good ever but he could satisfy their curiosity for time being so they would leave him alone so that he could finish his shopping, so he decided to answer some of their questions and that would satiate them for the time being.

"Everybody who have questions can follow me to the entrance of the Gringotts." With that Harry left towards his destination with the press following behind.

Soon they reached the entrance of the Goblin bank, Harry raised his hand to silence them and spoke.

"You can ask any questions you may have for now and I will answer the questions to the best of my abilities and in return you will leave me alone to complete my shopping in peace, which is all I ask."

Soon after all the press personnel started bombarding him with questions.

"One by one please, you in the front ask your question."

"Mr. Potter, when did you wake up from the coma? And why were we not notified?"

"I woke up around four days ago and as for why you were not notified, I didn't deem it necessary and I wouldn't have been able to recover with you people hounding me with your questions." Harry chuckled surprised at himself for how well he was handling this situation.

His answer brought a round of laughter from the people present.

"Mr. Potter can you give us any details about how you brought about the downfall of You-know-who?"

"I am sorry that knowledge is classified for the time being."

"Surely you can provide the public with some details."

"No I will not, those details are very much personal which I will not discuss under any circumstances."

"Mr. Potter there is a rumour that you killed You-Know-Who with the unforgivable and where also using unforgivables quite repeatedly during the war." Harry recognised the voice as Rita's and quickly thinking on his feet and came half true answer that will satisfy the public but will not provide them with the whole truth.

"The public and the ministry know the truth about this matter, so I will not provide you with an answer to this question."

So the questions continued and Harry answered as many as he could except for those regarding the Voldemort's final defeat and the details of the war that he considered highly sensitive. Finally after two hours Harry finished the press conference and took his leave. Searching for the red heads he found them at the back of the crowd so Harry quickly made his way through the crowd and surprisingly he didn't have to struggle much as the crowd parted itself to make way for him.

If he had seen the reactions of Ginny and Ron he would have been disgusted, as both of their reactions were alternating since the mob of people had cornered him, the expression mainly on Ginny's face was of smugness and anger, smugness because she thought that she was soon going to be Mrs. Potter and all the fame and fortune Harry had she would have, she didn't know how wrong she was and anger because of all the ladies that were gang up on him for his autograph. Ron's expression was alternating between hate and jealousy, jealousy because of the reception Harry was receiving from the general populace which was much greater than what he had received and there was one thing that always followed such intense feelings of jealousy and that was hate and reason for Ron's hatred was that he wanted to be in Harry's place.

Receiving all the populace greetings Harry finally made it to the Weasley's.

"Now that's out of the way we can conclude our shopping without major incidences and press will stay out of our way if they want another interview from me." Harry said glaring at few press people that were approaching him, on hearing him they wisely retreated back.

"There is no need for that Harry we have already completed our shopping, we were just waiting for you to complete your interview if you have something to buy than you can do so Harry while we wait here, here is your key."

Taking the key Harry frowned.

'Mrs. Weasley should have waited for me before shopping, maybe she is still mad at me for my decision of not attending Hogwarts, Oh well I don't have anything to buy, so I will just accompany them back.' But he was slightly annoyed at Mrs. Weasley for not waiting for him before doing their shopping.

"I have nothing to buy as of yet so I think we can head back."

Hearing Harry's reply Molly stood staring at Harry as if waiting for something, Harry was about to ask her if something was wrong but he was cut off.

"Well then Harry I will have the key back." Mrs. Weasley demanded.

"There is no need for you to safe keep it for me anymore Mrs. Weasley. I will carry it with me from now as I will need it, it's my trust vault key after all." Harry replied eyeing her suspiciously not liking the tone she used as it reminded him distinctly of Mr. Malfoy.

"Why yes Harry it is yours you can keep it." Mrs. Weasley grounded out while her ears turned red like Ron's were at the moment.

With that she stomped away to the nearest floo network to get back home and others quietly followed behind.

Soon enough the all of them could be seen coming out or in Harry's case stumbling out of the fireplace at the Borrow.

Harry sighed feeling tired and worn-out sat down on the couch, Hermoine noticing Harry's tiredness spoke out.

"Harry you seem tired, I am sorry I know that you wanted a quiet and peaceful shopping trip but couldn't even have that and as soon as you entered Diagon alley you were immediately mobbed by the wizarding flock." Hermoine said while sitting on the other side of him.

"You have nothing to be sorry for it was not your fault, it would seem that even with fading of my infamous scar my face has gained a huge amount of reputation on its own during my stay in the wizarding world that now people even recognise my face and there is no need for the scar as an identification mark anymore, guess my life will get even more interesting." Harry finished while chuckling bitterly.

"Ya, I bet you are happy now that whole wizarding world bows down to you." Ron interjected.

"What do you mean Ron?" Harry asked clearly dreading the coming confrontation and wanting to quickly get it over with.

"You know what I mean." Ron replied sneeringly.

"No I don't know what you mean, Ron can you make it clear." Harry provoked Ron so that he could finally bring out his feelings in the open once and for all, as he was tired of Ron's jealous phases every now and then.

"Fine you want me to make it clear, how about you were practically taking all the credit for the war while forgetting all about us or how you demanded them to follow you for an interview or how about you standing on the Gringotts steps and arrogantly commanding the populace, huh." Ron screamed while getting angrier and angrier.

"I don't think you were paying attention, if you feel that way about the incident during the shopping trip I did what I thought would get rid of the press for a little while and it even worked." Harry calmly replied back.

"You did what you had to do huh, no I think you did what you wanted to do I always suspected that you wanted more fame and now I have confirmed it. Snape was right you are an attention seeking, glory hounding prat. It should have been me I also fought in the war but no it always you it's always the great Harry Potter, I curse the day your father met that mudblood whore of your mother then you..." Before Ron could complete his sentence he was blown backwards by a powerful punch to his face from a furious Harry.

Ron was lying down on the floor few feet away while clutching his nose which was obviously broken and blood was flowing freely from it. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny quickly went over to him and started checking the wound and Mrs. Weasley quickly said a spell that could heal it, but the spell didn't work, she tried few more times but it was met with no obvious success while Hermoine was still standing back hand over her mouth still in shock. Suddenly Mrs. Weasley stood up and turned towards Harry and furiously screamed.

"Harry James Potter! Fix whatever you have done and apologise this instant."

Harry looked at her incredulity and replied stiffly.

"I will not apologise to him and whatever happened to him he deserves it fully for insulting my mother."

"Harry you have changed, your parents would have been ashamed of your behaviour now."

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped, Harry eyes turned dark green and everyone in the room experienced a sudden chill deep within their souls itself and anybody looking at his eyes would have seen a icy rage in them.

"Mrs. Weasley you are not my mother and you don't know if they would be ashamed of me or not, I am grateful for all these years you looked after me but from this day onwards do not accept me to ever visit the Burrow, oh and Ron our friendship is over forever and don't come apologising back as you have gone too far this time and I will never forgive you for this, if you had insulted me I would have forgiven you but my parents never. Insult them ever again you will know true pain." The last part was said in a deadly whisper and tone left everybody shivering as if death itself had just passed over their very soul.

With one final glance towards the Weasley household and Hermoine, Harry apparated out in the process completely destroying the wards around the house and alerting other Weasley members that soon enough started apparating in one by one.

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