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Hurik Dal knew he was about to die.

As a Green Lantern it had always been a possibility. But as he faced down three Sinestro Corp. members with his pale blue blood spilling from his side, Hurik knew his time had come.

"You're looking a little pale, Lantern," the small imp-like Dee'ga cackled as he bobbed in the air. "Do you need to take a nap?"

"Just wait a little longer, and you can sleep for the rest of eternity," Hok slobbered, his long tongue licking his scaly muzzle.

"You've done surprisingly well," Mondel drawled, his brain pulsing under the clear dome of his skull. "But I believe your strength is just about played out."

"I've got enough left," Hurik growled out, the taste of blood heavy in his mouth.

He didn't have much time left.

"Really? Well, let's find out," Mondel said, thin lips stretching into a sadistic smile over pointed teeth as he raised his hand and unleashed a blast from his ring.

Planting his feet, Hurik constructed a shield in a thought and deflected the blast away before reshaping the construct into a hammer and smashing Hok across his slathering chops as the scaly brute lunged at him.

Letting the hammer disappear he prepared to let loose his own blast when Dee'ga rammed him from behind, his stick-like body surrounded by a spinning spiked ball.

Crying out as the yellow spikes tore into his back, Hurik was thrown from his feet and sent tumbling, the dusty earth on which they fought sticking and marring his once pristine uniform.

Tucking his shoulder he rolled into a crouch and, spinning, fired several blast at the fast moving Dee'ga only to be blindsided by Hok. The giant reptile's shoulder planted in his side Hurik was slammed into a nearby boulder, the rock cracking under the impact.

Rearing back Hok wrapped one clawed hand around Hurik's neck so his feet dangled off the ground. Raising his other hand Hok's ring glowed, and his fist became encased in a spiked and bladed gauntlet.

"Time to die, Lantern."

"Maybe later," Hurik gasped past Hok's crushing grip and the blood pooling in his mouth.

With a measure of will and a flick of his wrist a blade appeared from Hurik's ring and sliced through Hok's arm, mid way between wrist and elbow.

Bellowing Hok staggered back, clutching the bloody stump as Hurik pulled the severed hand from his throat. But before he could do more then suck in a breath a yellow beam struck the ground nearby, launching Hurik through the air.

Focusing on his ring he was instantly surrounded by an emerald glow and he stopped his flight. Catching motion out of the corner of his eye he spun and threw-up a shield, stopping Dee'ga and his spinning death ball.

Converting his shield to a clamp and a chain Huirk latched onto Dee'ga. Spinning he let the chain out 'til his minuscule foe circled him like a small moon before hurling the screaming Sinestro Corp. member at Mondel. Seeing his team mate flying at him as he tried to flank the outnumbered Lantern he cursed and blasted Dee'ga. The spiked ball shattered and sent the smaller creature spinning away in a different direction.

Taking the opening Hurik brought up his ring and blasted his distracted enemy, sending him flying back. Lowering his arm slightly his ring glowed bright as he took aim only to have a set of yellow claws rip across his back, throwing him from his feet.

What breath Hurik had, left him with a gasp as he fell to the ground where he lay panting in the dirt. Head feeling light and his vision blurred Hurik knew what little time he'd had was almost up. He had to finish this now, but he felt so very tired.

"Well, I think that's all he has," Mondel drawled as the three Sinestro Corp. members surrounded the fallen Lantern.

Huirk hated to admit it, but he was right. He had almost nothing left. But even still an ember of defiance flickered within him, and he focused everything he had on his ring.

"Any last words ,Hurik Dal?"


"What was that? If you're going to grovel you need to speak up."


"He's been knocked so senseless he can't speak," Hok jeered.

"No...shall escape...sight."

"Lantern can't talk, Lantern can't talk," Dee'ga giggled as he capered about.

"Let those...worship evil's might," Hurik groaned as he started to push himself up.

"Wait. What did he just say?" Mondel asked, a frown creasing his brow.

"Beware my power..."

"No! Stop him!" Mondel shouted, his hand flashing up.

"...Green Lantern's light!" Hurik bellowed, fist held high.

All around him the yellow rings of fear glowed bright as their wielders shouted and screamed. But all too late as he slammed his ring into the ground and all was swallowed in emerald light.

The ground was nothing more then blackened ash. Smoke-choked the air as molten rocks clinked and pinged as they cooled. In the center of the devastation a pile of ashes shifted and a green ring rose into the air.

"Ring Status Report. Green Lantern 1170 Deceased. Scanning Sector 1170 For Replacement."

For several moments the ring hung silently in the air, the light of the setting sun glinting off its surface.

"Subject Found. Error, Subject Out Of Quantum Sync. Adjusting Quantum Vibrational Frequency," the ring intoned and with a brilliant flash of light vanished.

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