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Private Adam Jones was having a seriously bad day.

So far he'd misplaced his squad, been chased half across the city by Covenant forces, and now a ring was talking to him. He had so many question bouncing around inside his skull that he felt almost dizzy.

How did it know who he was? How did it get here? What was the Green Lantern Corp? And how the hell was it floating?

However, his questions would have to wait as a crash from the front of the store brought him back to the present. Whatever the ring was he'd figure it out later. If he survived. But if it was something dangerous he didn't want to leave it lying ... um, floating ... around where the Covenant could find it.

Listening as the Covenant forced its way through the wreckage of the front room he grabbed for the ring and didn't even have time to blink as it slipped itself onto his middle finger. The ring immediately flared with light, and his battle-worn armor and fatigues vanished, replaced by a green and black unitard with elbow length white gloves and knee-high green boots. And sitting dead center on his chest was a white circle bearing the same symbol as the ring.

"What in the..." he mumbled, running his hands over the strange garment.

The whole thing was a single, seamless, piece that clung to his body like a second skin. And though he could certainly feel it, whatever it was made of was lighter than air. His musings, though, were interrupted by a Jackal rushing through the storeroom door, plasma pistol up and humming with energy.

Adam had always known that he would most likely die in this war. But now that the moment had finally come he found that he didn't particularly want to watch it. Closing his eyes tight he raised his arms in a futile attempt to protect himself as the Jackal pulled the trigger.

The buzz of the pistol firing reverberated about the room. He staggered back as the ball of condensed plasma hit him. He could feel the heat as it splashed over him.

But it didn't burn. The searing agony he'd been expecting as the plasma chewed its way into his body was missing. Actually, now that he thought about it, the heat was really only comfortably warm. Opening his eyes he looked down to find his body outlined with green light.

Well ... that was new.

And if Adam thought that he was surprised, the Jackal was positively dumbstruck as it stood with its beak hanging open, arms hanging loosely at its sides. Unfortunately that didn't last long. It soon closed its maw with a snap and brought its pistol back up, and things only got worse as more Covenant began pouring into the room.

"Oh, hell," Adam muttered and dove out of the way.

Tucking a shoulder as he hit the floor he rolled to his feet and took off running, burning plasma raining down around him. The occasional shot landed but just seemed to glance off the glow around him and, while it was great to finally have personal shields, just defending never won a fight. But fighting back wasn't an option. All his guns were out of ammo, and he'd dropped his knife somewhere in the confusion.

Diving through the door of the office that took up one corner of the storeroom he pressed himself against the floor as bolts of plasma punched through the thin walls. He needed a weapon, but raising his head enough to look about the small room he saw that it was as empty as the rest of the store. Dropping his head back down he really wished that he still had his MA5B. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the ring on his hand start to glow. But as soon as he turned to focus on it the glow faded.

What was this thing? Adam wondered, turning his hand so he could better see the ring. Why had it started glowing, and why had it stopped? Its actions seemed arbitrary, but there had to be a reason. But what were they? Everything the ring had done since it had appeared seemed to be of its own choosing, though admittedly it had been very timely...

Wait. Could that be it?

When he wanted a shield he'd gotten it. When he had started wishing for his AR the ring began to glow. Could the ring be ... reacting to him? Wincing as a plasma bolt flew a little too close to his skull he decided now was as good a time as any to try.

Focusing on the ring he thought of his MA5B, of its weight, the feel of it in his hands, the gleam of its casing. The ring began to glow once more, and he grinned. He focused harder on the thought of his rifle, imaging its every detail until he could practically feel it in his hand. Then in an instant the ring glowed and a MA5B made of green light formed in his hand.

"Now we're talking!"

Rolling onto his back he took aim in the Covenant's general direction and pulled the trigger. Thunder filled the small room and a tongue of flame leapt from the barrel but, strangely, there was no recoil as the light weapon punched holes in the wall.

Sweeping the gun left and right he raked the wall with bullets and took some satisfaction at the alien screams from the other side. The barrage of plasma began to slacken, and he twisted up onto his knees then rose to his feet. He idly noted that though what he held looked like an MA5B he had been holding the trigger down for at least a minute but hadn't run out of ammo.

The rain of plasma had slowed, though the occasional shot still punched through the wall, but he ignored them, letting them burst harmlessly against his barrier. Approaching the door he let up on the trigger and peered out. All around the door into the storeroom Covenant corpses littered the floor, the rest having apparently retreated back into the front of the store.

Well, he got them to retreat, and as Sergeant Dougles would say "Once you've got the enemy on the run don't give them a reason to stop". But ... he was going to be in some tight quarters, not the best situation for an MA5B. Though they were perfect for...

Closing his eyes he concentrated, thought about what he wanted, imaged it in every detail, and opened his eyes to find his AR changed into a M90 shotgun. Grinning as he racked the slide Adam moved through the door. Even with his new shields he approached the door into the store cautiously, and was really glad he did when enemy fire greeted him as soon as he poked his head out.

Jerking his head back he dropped to one knee, spun around the doorjamb, and unloaded the shotgun into a group of Grunts and Jackals, the thunderous boom bouncing off the walls.

Working the slide he fired again and again, throwing up a curtain of hot lead, or whatever this gun fired. The Grunts squealed and ran while the Jackals hunkered down behind their shields, a costly mistake as the light-constructed shotgun tore right through the glowing disks. A few more shots and the Jackals, too, broke and ran.

Not letting up for a second he gave chase, M90 blazing as he jogged after the fleeing aliens. Bursting out into the street he unloaded another shell into a Jackal, racked the slide, and dropped the sights onto a nearby Grunt. But before he could pull the trigger he was spun around by what felt like a sledgehammer to the shoulder. Shotgun vanishing from his hands, Adam hit the ground hard. Instincts taking over he rolled into cover while his brain was still trying to workout what had happened.

Dropping into a crater he coughed a few times as he tentatively rolled his shoulder to see if anything was broken. Though certainly sore he was still in one piece and with a bit of concentration brought back the imitation MA5B. Gripping the green gun tight, he shimmied his way up the side of the crater and peeked over the edge. And nearly got his head blown off as a energy beam gouged into the pavement inches from his face.

Ducking down Adam threw an arm over his head and figured he'd found what had hit him as the orange beam raked the ground around the crater. Leaving him right back where he started. Trapped and waiting to get swarmed.

. . .

Hell to that! He wasn't going to wait for a bunch of bugs to come kill him.

It was time to see what this ring could really do. Focusing, the green glow surrounding him thickened, the weapon in his hands changed, and with a steadying breath he rose from the crater.

Almost at once energy beams started hammering at his shield, the angry hiss as the two energies met filling his ears. But he gritted his teeth and weathered the hail of enemy fire. Digging his toes into the loose and cracked pavement, Adam climbed out of the crater and shouldered a M19 Rocket Launcher.

Down the street a pair of Jackals fired from behind the cover of a burnt-out car which quickly turned into a new fireball when the first emerald rocket hit. Shifting left he fired a second into a squad of Grunts before swinging the launcher up and firing into a window where a Jackal perched. At a cross street some Grunts tried to return fire from around the corner of a building until a fourth rocket turned the corner into a mound of rubble.

Up and down the street he blew the Covenant forces to kingdom come even as scalding plasma battered uselessly against his shields. Walls crumbled, abandoned cars were turned to confetti, and holes were blasted into the pavement as he fired an endless stream of rockets until the Covenant gave up all pretense of fighting back and ran.

Firing one last rocket at the fleeing aliens Adam lowered the launcher and let it fade away as he blew out a sigh. He didn't care if he had shields, that was the last time he'd walk into enemy fire. Must have been out of his mind to even think of it. But they were retreating, giving him a moment to gather himself and plan his next move before they...

His thoughts were scattered as the air was rent by a thunderous bellow just before all thousand plus pounds of angry Brute plowed into him. The breath blasted from his lunges, Adam was lifted off his feet and slammed to the pavement with the Brute coming down on top of him.

Spittle flying from his maw as the Brute snarled and roared, the massive creature brought his bowling ball sized fists down with enough force to crack the pavement. Under the alien simian Adam wriggled and squirmed to keep his head from being caved in as the large fists hammered down again and again. Wrapping his arms around his head Adam focused on the ring and willed it to make his shield stronger as a fist landed disturbingly close to his vulnerable skull.

"You know, you are really starting to get on my nerves," Adam muttered as he rolled to one side. "So, why don't you get ... Off!" he shouted and hit the Brute with a right.

With a surge of power the ring flashed and a fist the size of a Buick flew out and slammed against the Brute's ugly mug, sending the savage alien flying across the street and through a storefront's window.

Some very strange things had happened to Adam that day and he had thought that nothing could surprise him anymore. But again, his questions would have to wait as the Brute started to pick himself back up.

He'd have to fix that.

Staying where he lay Adam constructed a M319 Grenade Launcher and put a shell through the shattered window. With a resounding boom the remaining glass was blown out and his Brute problem disappeared.

"Good riddance," he muttered, letting the grenade launcher fade away.

Pushing himself back onto his feet he looked up and down the street and was somewhat stunned at all the destruction he had caused. Even on his squad's best day they would have needed a truck load of heavy weapons and ammo to do all this, and he had done it with one tiny ring.

"What are you?" Adam murmured, staring at the glowing band on his finger.

"This unit is the power ring for the Green Lantern of sector 1170," the ring stated much to his shock.

"Uh, okay. What's a Green Lantern?"

"The Green Lanterns are an organization of intergalactic peace keepers formed by the Guardians of the Universe thousands of years ago."

"Wait, if there's some kind of galactic police force out there why haven't they put a stop to this war?"

"Green Lantern Corps does not exist in this reality."

"What do you mean 'this reality'?"

Ten minutes later he wished he'd kept his big mouth shut.

"Okay, okay, I get it. There are no Green Lanterns here. Ugh. My head hurts. So what exactly do you do?"

A half hour later he had an even bigger headache.

"Stop, stop, stop! Let me see if I've got this straight. Whatever I can imagine you can create through this 'green light of will'?"




The amount of power he literally had at his finger tips was staggering. It put every ship, heck, every fleet on either side to shame. With it he could end the war, drive back the Covenant, save humanity.

If only he had the will to wield it.

"Guess it's time to find out," he murmured softly and the ring glowed bright.

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