Sultana of North

I. Prologue


She ran. The harsh wind beat against her face, but still she ran. Behind her she could hear the angry shouts of the mercenary army of fox clan, led by a cruel and oppressing fox, Visgar Fyre. She had to flee before Fyre gathered the confused and scattered archers to prepare to fire. Sultana raced on blindly, crashing through the undergrowth, painfully aware of the sunlight filtering through the branches overhead and glancing off of her copper-tinged russet fur, making her an easy target. Why had she not foreseen this problem? She could only hope that the archers were too sleepy and dumb to shoot straight. Sultana crashed into a low hanging branch, and colored stars exploded across her vision. An enraged roar of fury from Fyre sped her onwards. "Get her, you, you thinskinned, chicken brained idiots! Shoot! Shoot, you blundering ninnies! What is wrong with you?" Sultana dodged a volley of arrows, but one well-aimed shot found her shoulder. She gritted her teeth as a thin trickle of blood wound it's way along her torn tunic . But she would not cry out. She would not give the wicked fox the satisfaction of knowing he had wounded her in any way. Sultana heard several outraged curses split the air. Fyre had a painfully loud voice and a temper to match. Another hail of arrows rained down, but none found it's mark. Fyre was almost bellowing now, his curses drowning out all other sound in the forest. Tears of exhaustion carved small rivulets in the russet fur of her face, but she did not halt. Her breath was hoarse and ragged, and she was cut and scratched by the prickly undergrowth, but she sensed freedom and kept on. Sultana had no idea where her paws were taking her, but wherever they were, it had to be better than the place she left behind. She thought she heard the confused shouts and clattering of the troops, Fyre roaring his oaths and exactly what he thought about the mercenaries, the snapping of branches as she ran into them, all mixing into a confused jumble in her mind. . .

Then everything went black.

The rising sun tinged the red sandstone walls of Redwall Abbey a faint gold. On two sides, the Abbey was surrounded by the cool, green, Mossflower woods, and behind it stretched sweeping, undulating, meadowland scattered with softly-colored wildflowers. Dew clung to each blade of grass, and making a lacey spiderweb gleam in the sunrise, while dragonflies skimmed the Abbey pond, and cattail leaves dipped gently into the water. The scene was delicately tinted with gold from the rising sun, the very picture of harmony and peace.

II. Chapter I

Secrets, Rage, and Doubt

Coming April 15th, 2012

Author's Note: This is my first fanfic, and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I liked writing it. All of the (living) characters are mine, but most of the places are Brian Jacques's. Please review! Thank you -

- FresianRoses