Tonks could not stay at home. She had tried and failed. Knowing that she might never see Remus again – she couldn't live with it. Even though she found it difficult to leave her son at home, she had decided to follow her husband.

For a better future.

As she climbed in the Room of Requirement from the secret passage, she met Harry.

"I thought you were supposed to be with Teddy at your mother's?"

"I couldn't stand not knowing- ," Tonks looked anguished, "She'll look after him - Have you seen Remus?"

"He was planning to lead a group of fighters into the ground -"

Without another word, Tonks sped off.

- Let him be okay, let him be okay - she kept repeating in her head as she ran through the castle to get to the grounds.

When she got there she was looking for Remus and found him a few meters away fighting with Dolohov. It was a balanced battle and while she considers whether she should help him, she heard a voice behind him.

"There is my oh-so-great niece Dora." Tonks turned to see her aunt in the eye. "You have no right to call me that!"

"Do you honestly believe I'm interested in how you want to be called? Why are you even here and not at your home with our bellows? Not that it would bother me. Now at least I have the chance to get you out of the way once and for all. What I do then is yet to be seen. Maybe I should take the time to talk with my dear sister about what you have to do as a Black. I haven't really had the cha-"

"Stupefy," said Tonks, but Bellatrix dodged away and started laughing.

"Considering that you're an Auror, I have expected a little more from you! Impedimenta!"

Tonks parried the curse, and shortly after they dueled to the death.

Remus felt as if he fought for an eternity with Dolohov. At the beginning the battle was balanced, but Remus noticed how his reactions went slow. On two occasions he was nearly hit by a curse. - Get a grip. You can defeat him. He is younger than you. That means he is probably faster, but you have more experience. If you lose, you will never see Teddy again. Or Dora. - These thoughts were what helped him. When it seemed hopeless, they reminded him to why he did what he did and helped him to find a way out.

At some point he noticed a movement on his right and a brief squint to the right told him that it was Bellatrix.

- Hi Bellatrix. Nice to see you in a duel without having the upper hand. If I had time, I would prefer to- what the. .. Why is Dora here? Why can't this woman even listen to me once? Merlin. Okay concentrate on you Dolohov. Everything is okay. Jag him a few curses on his neck. Make it safe. Do not pay attention to Dora. And stop thinking about it.

But he did not get to cast a curse. Dolohov had hit him with a curse, so he was thrown backwards and struck his head against a stone and everything around him went black

The duel between Tonks and her aunt was characterized by anger and took them both over the ground. Tonks noticed how they went closer to Remus, who fought bitterly with Dolohov. She couldn't tell who of them had a better chance, but she hoped that it was Remus. She also hoped that he would not be distracted, should he notice her.

But this hope did not last long.

When she and Bellatrix fought beside Remus and Dolohov, Tonks could see that Remus was distracted very well.

Remus. Concentrate on Dolohov, not me. Maybe I should also rather concentrate on my duel.

While Tonks thought that she ducked out of another curse of her aunt and saw out of the corner of her eye how Remus was taken by Dolohov's curse.

Shocked, she let her wand sink. But although she was no longer with her thoughts in their duel, he was able to hear what her aunt was doing.

"Avada Kedavra" shouted Bellatrix.

But she did not hit Tonks. She had ducked away, as to why the curse hit Dolohov, who fell over with a surprised expression.

Bellatrix was also surprised, so Tonks had the opportunity to set her out of action with a full body brace curse.

While her aunt was falling, Tonks turned around and ran to her husband, who lay motionless for a few meters away on the floor.