A/N: Totally love the Robins. This is inspired by the cover of Batman and Robin #10 with Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian duking it out and by the art of SilverXStarXDragon and his Parallel Cross comic on Deviant. This corilates towards the New 52, but with references to the pre-reboot.I love the Batfamily so much and I love Young Justice so why not throw them into the Cave together? I think this might be eventually continued and stuff...maybe. Enjoy the arguing between the Batbros.

I don't own Young Justice or Batman.


Jason Todd knew he shouldn't have followed Dick, but when he said that 'Tim is beating the shit out of Damian, again' Jason couldn't help but wanna watch the two duke it out. It was fun watching the family is at ends, and he didn't even have to do anything to them to set them against each other. He was just there to watch the other Robins be at each other's throats and maybe throw in a punch or two towards Grayson's way.

He really didn't want to get stuck in a different dimension with them, but—as Jason knows—life is a bitch. He had been chasing after the Grayson as he attempted to stop Tim and Damian from killing each other. He'd never seen Tim so mad. Apparently, the baby bird had betrayed Batman and then killed a guy or something like that. Grayson wasn't good at explaining things without complaining about his own complicated life. Something about the girl he was shagging suddenly tried to kill him because she was in love with some assassin circus dude that blamed Grayson—not Nightwing—for what happened to him. Oh, and Bruce hit him again. Same old, same old.

So they were just running through the streets and the next second they were in a dog pile falling on top of each other, Jason wasn't happy. "Robin get your little backstabbing ass off of me," Drake growled trying to push the little demon off.

Damian scoffed and punched Drake in the face, "It was all a game, Drake. I don't need to explain my actions to you."

"Robin! Don't use names in the field."

"You killed a person and tried to betray Batman. That seems like a peachy game," Drake spit in Damian's face.

Jason crawled out from underneath the pile of birds and sat on the floor while they all continued to tussle. He looked around the room and noticed that members of the league and other costumed heroes surrounded them. Ugh. Just what Jason needed.

"You're just mad that my Father replaced you!"

"He's my Dad, too!"

"Whatever, Drake."

Honestly, it was amusing watching the replacements go at each other's throats, but Jason felt that there was a more pressing matter at hand. "There's two Robins in this room," he announced, staring at the Robin that was standing next to Batman.

"Jason, there's technically four Robins in this room," Grayson said trying to pull the little demon off of Drake.

"Don't use names in the field," Damian mocked punching Grayson right in the pressure point.

Jason suddenly noticed how working with Harper has suddenly made his tolerance for annoying things a whole crap ton bigger. "Huh, there is another Robin in this room," Grayson muttered, finally noticed what Jason was referring to.

"Ha!" Drake tackled Damian to the floor. "You got replaced!"

"Real mature, Red."

"Huh?" Jason and Drake both said at the same time.

"Father would never replace me!"

"No, Batman just finally came to his senses and got rid of you. You killed someone!"

"I'd like to say that killing actually does solve problems quite permanently," Jason added in. He was still observing the other members of the people surrounding them. "Is that Wally West and Conner?" Jason mumbled.

At the mentioning of Conner's name, Drake untangled himself from Damian's grasp. "Huh. Did Wally fall in a Lazarus pit?"

"Not that I know," Grayson mumbled.

"Fuck…" Jason muttered. "We are in a different universe, aren't we?"

Grayson and Drake groaned. "Not again."

"This is all your fault, Drake."

"How is it my fault? You're the one who killed someone."

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Huh, I wonder if that Robin is one of us," Grayson smirked looking at the little Robin. His outfit was similar to Damian's, but from him just sitting there, not getting in the fight let them know it was definitely not Damian.

"Are your parents dead?" Jason asked the confused different-universe Robin.

Grayson smacked him in the back of the head, "You just don't ask that!"

"Yeah, how would that help? All of our parents are dead."

"Except for mine."

"Your mother disowned you."

"My mother sold me to the Joker."

"I think Jason wins…"

"If that was Grayson, he would look all upset because I just mentioned his parents. If it was me, I would be all whatever because my parents were cool and all, but they didn't raise me. If it were Drake, then he would either be like I-hope-my-Dad-doesn't-know-I'm-here or he'd be like I accidentally caused my dad to die. I'm pretty sure we can rule out Stephanie for obvious reasons. If it were Damian, then he'd…let's be honest. It's not Damian," Jason explained wishing he could smoke a cigarette suddenly—even though he's been trying to quit. Roy has been trying to set Jason on a better path.

"He looks confused."

"It's Grayson, then."


"I bet it's Drake's and Grayson's love child. I mean, there's Conner and Wally. Both of yours respective gay friends."

"What about you and Roy?"

"It's not gay if it's a three-way."

"Who's the girl?"


"You're dating my ex?"

"I did Damian's mom, too. If you guys really want something to bitch about," Jason added. He added wishing he could just sit and put his legs up and maybe have some of Alfred's tea to calm down.

"You did Talia!?"

"My mom…?"

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" Green Arrow stepped up.

The Robins all exchanged glances. "Cowls off." They all pulled off their respective masks, except for Jason. "Jason," Grayson frowned.

"You said cowls; this is obviously not a cowl."

"Jason." Jason pulled off his helmet and threw it at the floor. "How was that supposed to do anything?"

Grayson shrugged. "I just got confused at who was who."

Batman finally stepped forward. "Who are you?" Batman asked.

"Robin's Grayson," Drake deciphered. "We have used our names enough that if Bats had been through any other Robins he would have recognized us. It only makes sense that he would be on the first Robin then."

"The first Robin?' some girl in green asked.

"Huh, I don't know who she is," Grayson muttered.

"She kinda looks like Arrowette except green and with pants," Drake said.

"Wait…I know her. Artemis Crock, Tigress. I slept with her too," Jason said.

Grayson gave him a look, "Is there anyone you haven't slept with?"

"Is this a bad time to bring up Barbara…?"

"Todd, stop being a burden to Grayson."

"What, are you going sick your assassin's on me?"

"Guys, we are in a completely different universe. Maybe we should think of a way to get home."

"Eh, Batman is probably having a heart attack with all of us missing."

"Probably just assumes that Damian killed us."

"Good assumption."

"If we are in a different universe and Grayson looks like he's about ten…"

"I'm thirteen!"

"God, you're tiny."

"Did Bats never feed you?"

"No, he just lied about being in the circus for acrobatics; he was really the midget."

"I hate you guys."

"The feelings mutual. So if this is a different universe and shit and Grayson is that young, I'm gonna go…"

"Kill the Joker?"

"You know, I was thinking of actually seeing my parents before they died, but hell, that works too," Jason shrugged and got up. Before he could even move, though, the entire Arrow Clan raised their bows to shoot him. "Huh, I wonder if Roy's had Lian yet, or if he's still on heroine…" Jason whispered to Grayson.

Grayson shrugged, "Everything seems messed up here."

"Who are you guys?" Roy asked, aiming his bow at Jason, whom seemed to be the most likely threat.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe the big ass Bat on my chest will give you a clue. Or maybe the fact that we have a Robin and a Robin knockoff," Jason said.

"We are from a different universe. One where Dick Grayson, or Robin, is twenty-five and Bats has gone through a crap ton more adoption. Thus there are four more Robins after Grayson, or me. I was the first Robin, or the one over there. I'm Nightwing now. Jason was the second—"

"I died."

"Yeah, Joker beat him to death and then blew him up in a explosion. Now Jason is the Red Hood. Tim was the third and now he's Red Robin. A lot of shit happened to Tim and then you replaced him with Damian because—"

"You? Bruce didn't replace me; it was you."

"Okay, so I replaced Tim for Damian. Stephanie fit somewhere around when Tim went AWOL. She's a chick. Then, Tim went back to being Robin or something like that. I don't remember. I was busy. Finally, Damian is the fifth Robin. Oh, yeah, he's Batman's son." Dick explained.

The group looked really confused. "Didn't we just spoil the future?" Tim said.

Grayson shrugged. "It's a different universe. None of that might happen."

"Batman's Bruce Wayne, by the way. Since we are in the spoiling mood," Jason smirked.

"Wait—" Wally put his hands up and he pointed at Jason. "He died?"

Jason rolled his eyes, "He's still an idiot? Yeah, thanks for pointing it out dipshit." Jason then turned to Grayson. "Wait, since we are on the topic of me dying, Alfred told me you didn't go to my funeral."

Grayson suddenly backed up from the taller Robin. "Um, I was busy…and stuff."

"Batman adopted you all?"

"I thought we went over this, yes. Except for Damian."

"Batman's Bruce Wayne?"

"Fuck this. I'm going to find my own way home."