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I was finally returning to my home! I couldn't wait to see my cousin Colin, my uncle Lord Craven, Martha and especially, Dickon.
Dickon, my beloved Dickon! My memories of him always have him smiling. His cheeks as always rosy on his plump round face. His cheeky grin that he would save just for me. The way his brown hair would blow gently in the breeze and the fact that whenever I looked into his blue eyes, I was immediately sucked in. It was as if I was drowning under his gaze.
I never really had such fond memories of everyone else but I would never forget my Dickon!
I was just returning to Misselthwaite Manor after ending Finishing School. I had been given the decision of staying on in the city or coming back to live at Misselthwaite Manor. It was such an easy decision. I knew that I couldn't stay away any longer from my beloved Secret Garden.
The carriage was bumping along, taking me home. The driver told me that we would be home soon. I watched out the window looking out across the moor. It was mid afternoon, quite gloomy today, as if a storm was on its way. I dearly hoped not as I had wanted to see Dickon and my Secret Garden.
30 minutes later and I was finally home! Before the driver had even unbuckled his seat belt to come open the door for me, I was out of the carriage running into Misselthwaite Manor!
I pushed the heavy doors open and ran inside. Everyone was waiting for me! Inside Lord Craven and Colin stood in the middle watching my bewildered eyes taking in the room. Behind them stood all the kitchen staff and Martha was right at the centre of them. But, as my eyes focused around the room I saw the person I was looking for. Dickon!
I just stood there smiling at him. Colin ran into my arms and hugged me.
'Mary, I have missed you dearly!' Colin cried.
Colin let go of me and let my Uncle in. He stooped over giving me a warm hug.
'Welcome home, dear!' He whispered to me.
'Thankyou,' I replied.
Dickon was still cowering in the shadows of the room. If he wasn't coming to me, I was going to him! I ran over to him throwing my arms around his neck. I think he was a little surprised at first because he seemed as if he didn't know what had hit him but then the fact I was here kind of registered into his brain. He clasped me against him and stroked his strong hands down my hair.
Dickon was now 18 years old and I was only 16. I just hoped he still shared the same feelings that we had when we were so young. I know I still had those feelings!

'Miss Mary, I am so glad that yer finally home! I have missed tha' so!' Dickon exclaimed into my ear.
I finally let Dickon go. Everyone was watching us, a smile on their faces. They all knew how much we had missed each other.
'Martha!' I cried, running into Dickon's older sister's arms. 'I have you so much as well!' I shouted.
'I have missed tha' too. The 'ouse has been so lonely without tha' here.' Martha told me.
After all the celebrations of me finally returning to the house the moor had started looking brighter. I had sorted out all my things, unpacking my dresses and putting them into the big wooden wardrobe and placing all my items on my dresser, and I had decided to go with Colin and Dickon to our Secret Garden!

I hope you liked it and I will update soon! Leila xx