Heroes in the Games

A/N: Dreamwritergoddess here! Okay, I inow I shouldn't be starting another fanfic yet, since Staying or Leaving is still in progress, but I had this urge to write a YJ and HG crossover. I wanted to before, but now that I watched The Hunger Games, I couldn't keep myself from posting this. Anyways, now that two stories are on at once, they'll probably be updated with larger gaps in between.

P.S This is after the Hunger Games, in place of Catching Fire. And basically during the YJ Misplaced episode.

Disclaimer: if you recognize anything, than its most likely not mine.


|Roanoke Island

November 5, 19:46 EDT

A young man, looking down at a magical pentagram, drawn by the glowing gem in his hands. He smirks, remembering what someone from a different dimension had promised him.

Flashback, two days ago

"Klarion, are up to some fun?" asked a man, hidden in the shadows.

"Depends on what fun is." came the witch boy's reply.

"Well, all you need to do is seperate the people 19 and up from them ones 18 and younger. Then, you can be satisfied with bloodlust, pain, and tears."

Klarion pondered about this for a while, thinking about his chances. He could pull it off, but of course he'll need his 'friends' and the aid of a magical gem. And he was getting bored anyways...

"I can do it, but I'll need a mag-" Klarion started to say, but his request was fulfilled before he finished. The man stepped out of the shadows, revealing an older man with white hair and beard, wearing a white suit, a rose in the jacket pocket. In his hands was an open suitcase, holding a golden magical gem inside. The older man handed the gem to Klarion for him to examine. After a few moments, Klarion spoke.

"Do I get to keep this afterwards?"

"Of course. So, do we have a deal?"

Klarion grinned, "Sure; the world needs some chaos, right Teekl?" he scratched the back of his familiar's ear, earning a soft purr, "Tell me your name, and it's a deal."

"Coriolanus Snow, president of Panem."

A/N: That was really short, but it's only the prologue. The next chapter will be up sometine this week, depending on homework. Also, sorry if Klarion seemed a little OOC; I don't know much about him. Anyways, I'll post the next chapter once I get 5 reviews!