Heroes in the Games

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Chapter 6: Worries

|Mess Hall

November 12, 12:28 EDT

After a morning of training, most of the tributes, excluding the four vigilantes, were exhausted. They eagerly ate their food, the majority of them keeping to themselves, with only the team trying to have small talk with the other tributes, as per Canary's orders.

Zatanna had soon found herself sitting by the so called Careers, sandwiched between Cato and Glimmer. She smiled and nodded along with the rest of the Careers, listening to what they were saying.

"So, have you guys seen those two from District 12? Hilarious! I can't wait to tear those two love birds apart!" said Cato, with a crazed glint in his eyes.

"Those two aren't even the worst. Have you met that little District 11 girl? She is going to be one of the first to die! Probably in the initial bloodbath, don't you think?" asked Glimmer, earning a confused look from the magician beside her.

"Initial bloodbath? What's that?" questioned Zatanna.

Glimmer raised an eyebrow, "You don't know what the bloodbath is? How could you not? Best time to lower the competition." And when Zatanna still looked confused, she sighed, "It's the part at the start of the Games when all, or most, of the tributes rush for supplies at the Cornucopia. Bloodiest part of the Games. Usually, the numbers are lowered by half at that point."

"But, you don't have to worry, Zatanna," Cato said, "We won't kill you and we'll try not to kill any of your friends at the bloodbath. We'll let them live a little longer, and you can join us Careers, since you seem so determined and look so beautiful."

Glimmer gave her partner a glare, which Cato ignored. Silence reigned for the most part until, Zatanna heard someone give a small cough behind her. She turned around to see Robin standing behind her, his eyes narrowed into a glare.

"Zee, we're going to keep training," he said, and he glared at Cato, daring him to say something. The Career simply shrugged and smiled back at Robin, who pointedly turned away to look at Zatanna, "Come on."

Zatanna nodded, and left the table with Robin, but not before Cato gave her smile and whispered to her, "Remember the offer, little magician."

Zatanna blushed slightly while Robin continued to stalk over to the training equipment.

"Zee," Robin whispered yelled, his eyes glaring, "You know that that District 2 guy, Cato or what's-his-face, will have to die in order for our world to survive. Don't have any feelings for him! You're only supposed to be finding out more about them, not fall in love with them!"

"And how do you know I'm in love with him? Hmm, Boy Wonder?" countered Zatanna.

"I know because of how you react to him! Every time he comes by, you always stop and stare at him, you always have this dreamy look. We can't have this Zee!"

"Why not? Isn't this the easiest way to get information? Letting him think of me as a friend?"

"Yes, it's easier to get information," Robin began, and Zatanna smiled, "but, it'll make it so much harder when we have to get rid of him! And I know you're not only doing this for the Intel." Zatanna frowned at his last sentence.

"What are you trying to say?" the magician asked.

"I know that you are falling for him; it's obvious," Robin said, "And don't try saying you aren't. Even Artemis and Kaldur can tell."

Zatanna took in a deep breath, "So what if I'm falling for him? It's none of your business, and as long as I can still follow through with this mission, you can't say anything about this."

"You are a part of our team, our teammate, our friend! I'm not going to let you fall for this. You're only going to be hurt once we leave this place. I don't want that. If you keep this on and he becomes something more to you, when we leave here and him forever, all you'll have left is a painful memory. I…I know how it feels and I don't want you to go through that."

Zatanna blinked, a little more than surprised. She had never known about Robin's past, or really anything from his personal life, and this was shock. Zatanna shook her head at Robin, "Don't worry, Robin. I know what I'm doing."

Robin opened his mouth to say more, but he quickly closed it again and stalked towards the weapons station. Zatanna sighed and headed over to the close combat station.


November 13, 14:27 EDT

While the tributes were training, Batman had gone back to Earth to check on the current situation. The two mentors were given access to the hovercrafts and were allowed to travel back and forth between the two worlds.

"We want this to be a fair game don't we? You get the right to travel back to your world to find people willing to donate to your cause. But, it wouldn't be fun without some challenge, right? So how about,10 pounds of gold in your world is equal to about 10 dollars here in Panem?"

Yes, those were that bastard's exact words, Batman recalled. He knew that he and the rest of the Leaguers could easily pitch into more than enough gold, but of course, that Snow would know about that, too.

"Ah right, I almost forgot that you're Bruce Wayne, multibillionaire. To make it even more challenging, you and the rest of the Leaguers are not allowed to donate."

So now, because of the sorry excuse for a president, the League had to go around looking for possible ways to get gold. He knew how important it would be to find enough gold. It could mean the life or death of the teen heroes.

That was one of the main reasons he had come back to Earth for the time being. The other reason was why he was here at the Watchtower, silently fuming at Snow while he waited for the other founders to come.

|Gotham Academy

November 13, 14:31 EDT

As Bette sat down, ready for her well-deserved rest from taking care of the younger kids, she heard yet another baby erupt into tears. She groaned, and was about to make her way over to calm the baby down, when the tears turned into laughter. She looked to see Batgirl, who had somehow got into the school without anyone noticing, holding the baby, who was now reaching for her cowl. Behind her were two kids; a girl around 10 years old and a boy around 7, with clothes that had some burnt marks on it.

Putting the baby down, Batgirl said, "I found these two wandering the streets; help me take care of them, okay?"

If it was any other day, Bette would've been all over the teen hero, awed by her. But by that time, she had already seen her at least three times a day, each time bringing more children for the already busy teens to take care of. She and some other teens barely got any sleep during the past week, and Barbara had suddenly disappeared. It will not be pretty for Barbara when she finally decides to show her face.

Sighing, Bette nodded and gestured for the kids to come over to her, "Come on over here. What are your names?"

"I'm Liza, and this is my brother Jayden," the girl, Liza, introduced.

"Well, Liza, do you if you or your brother is hurt anywhere?" Bette questioned.

"I'm not sure…," Liza answered, and looking at her brother, asked, "Are you hurt Jayden?"

The boy shook his head shyly, and hid behind Liz, who didn't look surprised.

"He's very shy," whispered Liza, and Bette nodded.

The blonde teen crouched and smiled at the younger, "Don't worry, Jayden. You'll see your parents soon."

Slowly, the boy came out from behind his sister and held out his pinky, "Promise?"

Bette hooked his pinky in hers and told him, "Promise."

Jayden instantly cheered up and he and her sister ran to where the other kids were. Bette stood back up and turned to Batgirl, who was still standing there, "Do you think they'll make it back soon? I don't want to think I gave Jayden a false hope."

Batgirl smiled, "Don't worry, everything will be alright."

Bette just nodded, and watched as the vigilante left the gym without anyone else noticing.

|Mount Justice

November 15, 02:09 EDT

Wally B-03

"So…Tired…," groaned the speedster, as he stumbled out of the Zeta-beam pad. He hadn't had any proper sleep since the four tributes had left. How could he, when all he could think about was Dick and Artemis being all the way in a whole different world?

Somehow, Wally was able to drag his feet all the way to the green couch. He didn't even bother to take down his cowl or goggles and just feel flat on the couch, hoping to get a wink of sleep.

When sleep seemed to finally come take Wally away, the oh-so familiar mechanical voice rang through the cave, jolting the half-asleep teen back awake, much to his disappointment and frustration.

Red Arrow B-0

The sound of scuffling feet was heard, and following that was the tired voice of an irritated archer. "Wally, move."

"Trying to sleep…."

Looking at the yellow and red heap in front of him, Roy frowned, "Damn it, Wally." The archer walked over to one of the green arm chairs and collapsed into it. There wasn't a sound to be heard in the cave, as all of them were either trying to sleep or out patrolling.

Eventually, Wally turned onto his side, unable to sleep, and whisper-shouted to Roy, "Psst. You awake Roy?"

Grumbling, the archer opened one eye to look at the speedster and glared, "I am now, no thanks to you."

"I can't sleep," Wally said quietly, and seeing Roy's questioning look, continued, "I can't stop thinking about Dick. We're here doing next to nothing when they're going to fight each other to the death!"

Roy sighed and sat up properly. "We have to do this, Wally. We need to make sure everyone here is safe."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, but I feel like we should be doing more," Wally answered, and looking to ground, "And I'm scared for Dick."

"He'll make it back for sure. He's not going to give up on us, on everyone," Roy reassured, "He's strong and smart, he'll make it through this."

"I know he's strong, but they'll have to kill people!" Wally said, worried.

"Wally, I know that and I hate it," Roy growled, angry at the Capitol, "But there's nothing we can do about it. Not unless we find a way to contact the Justice League."

"They we should go find a way!"

"Geez, Wally, do you know how hard that'll be? Almost all communication systems are down, other than our comm. links, and we have to keep looking for stragglers. We can't abandon the people out there," Roy told the speedster, even though he wanted to do the same thing.

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Wally asked.

"I don't know, Wally, I really don't," Roy replied, shaking his head.

The two just sat there, not looking at one another, a rare awkward silence where Wally was involved. They both wanted to do something; who wouldn't when they're little birdie was in something like this? Eventually, Roy sighed and Wally looked up.

"We'll see if we can find a way to contact the Justice League, as long as we manage to keep the people safe."

Hearing this, Wally did a fist pump and quietly cheered, "Yes!"

"No promises about whether or not we find something," Roy warned, not wanting Wally to be saddened if they didn't what they were hoping for, "And we keep this between the two of us. We don't want everyone else nagging us. Especially not Batgirl."

Wally nodded and crashed into the couch, and said, "G'night."

Roy didn't reply, his snores an obvious sign that he was asleep.

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