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Mother to Us All, Amaterasu, and A Reused Boss!

(Xion POV)

"Goodbye, Roxas. I'm glad...I got to meet you. Oh. And of course, Axel too. You're both my best friends. Never forget, that's the truth." I touched his face turn into ice and slowly fading away my hand slid off his face he grabbed it and said

"No! Xion... lets be together forever." I didn't answer for I had completely disappeared, what was left was a sea shell. Roxas touched it and only for a second got a last glimpse of his best friend. "Xion." he said shedding a tear.

Some other area

I opened my eyes to find... snow, I started shivering for only I've been wearing my organization 14 I mean... 13 suit. I wondered where... am I? (Narnia)"Oh yeah I... Disappeared on... my own will... poor Roxas he must of forgotten all about me." I missed Axel and Roxas, then suddenly a strange salty liquid came from my eyes. "What I – I'm crying I can't cry, I don't have a heart."

"You do have a heart a strong one too." a stranger said.

"Ahhhh!" I jumped noticing a white wolf with ,familiar markings, and a flaming disc sitting next to me. And a bouncing... bug? "Di – did you just talked to me?" I asked.

"Issun this human understands me?" The wolf said.

"It seems so" The green bouncing bug replied.

"Who are you and where am I, ah achoo!" I noticed that I was freezing cold.

"Lets talk somewhere warmer shall we?" The wolf asked.

I nodded, wiping my nose.

We walked to a hut with a huge fire in the middle. "Ahhh... just what I needed, well my name is Xion" ( Got it memorized JK this isn't Axel XD )

"Well I am Okami Amaterasu, this is the wandering artist Issun." She said warmly.

"Wait... your the goddess of the sun?" I said shocked.

"Oh my looks like I do have fans" ( like me ) She chuckled.

"I've heard about you, its an honor to meet you, and its no wonder you have those markings."

"Don't worry I'm honor you can understand me." She smiled even though she was a wolf.


"Ammy here is a goddess so not many 'humans' that understand her."

"Is it because.. I'm a nobody?" I asked painfully.

"No first of all you have a heart, second apparently you can understand the gods! I myself can understand the gods, but only because I'm a poncle."

"What...me?" I pointed at myself, and they both nodded. Saix always called me... useless when I can understand... the gods. Then suddenly a man with a blue wolf mask and red, and dark blue hair appeared. "Amaterasu, Yami and the rest are back!" He said gasping.

"What! How could they be back, I'm sure Ammy defeated all of them!"

"They're all.. back?"

"Don't worry!"

"What! how could we not worry!"

"I'll help you defeat them one by one!" He started blankly and said "Ok! That's the spirit well off to Kamiki Village!" We ran to an origin mirror and with a whip of Ammy's tail she used Mist Warp and teleported to Kamiki Village. Ammy started running toward the village and I followed.

"The people have turned into stone." She said softly, and started running toward some steps when...

"Heartless! What are they doing here!" But these heartless were different, they had imp mask on.

"Heartless?" The bug asked.

"I'll explain later" I said. I called for the keyblade, but the Kingdom Key didn't come instead a keyblade with half of the top was the sun, and the other half was solar flare down until three tails joined one with a chain with the symbol of heaven its name Blazing Sun."Whoa!" I started bashing the heartless, but I felt a warmth holding the keyblade as if someone was right there fighting right next to me. Well after that, I bashed all the heartless gone, and the people in the village came back to life.

"What's your name hero." A beautiful woman asked.

"Xion." I replied.

"Hey Xion, you are a keyblade wielder!" The green poncle asked.

"Huh, didn't Ammy tell you." I looked at him surprised then at Ammy.

"Oh.. I forgot" ( insert facepalm here )

"Well your going to stick with us until we defeat all the demons?" Issun asked.

"You know it."

"Well I guess we'll start a new journey today, right Issun?" She said wagging her tail.

"I guess so" He said pleasingly thinking of all the treasure. We left the village and stopped at a place called Shinshu fields. "So what are those things... heartless?" (Well when the darkness and a giant eel from super mario sunshine love each other very much JK XD)

"When someone loses their heart they turn into a heartless ( Very creative if you ask me ) and try to steal other peoples hearts."

"Well now that's done shall we move on?" The wolf asked.

"Ok first stop Tsuta Ruins!" We walked through Shinshu fields, and Ammy helped me using Water Lily to hep me across the water to get to The Agata forest. We through half of it when someone was playing the flute...

"God's gift to man is back Bonjour!" A man with blonde hair ( in ancient Japan ), but was covered by a wig, jumped down from a ( 30 foot ) tree appeared.

"Issun who is that?" I whispered.

"Oh, that's is the half baked prophet." He answered.

"Well its nice to see you, my bouncing little friend, and goddess Amaterasu." The mysterious man said.

"That's Waka ( or wacko as I would say being blonde in ancient Japan) He helped me fighting Yami and, we fought together against Orochi at the Celestial Plain." The wolf said kindly. "Issun and Waka aren't on good terms."

"I see." I giggled.

"Whats so funny?" The furious artist asked.

"Nothing." I said covering my mouth. "Well let's go Issun, stop talking to your friend." I smiled

"First of all ok we'll leave, second hes not my friend!" Issun shouted.

"Well our time is short, au revoir baby!" Waka said jumping away. Well we arrived at a big gate with a lock.

"Well we're here, but how to get in, last time we've been here there was a keyhole, now it seems like there's a lock." Ammy said confused with what to do.

"I can handle that." I said. "How-" "Stand back." Ammy and Issun stood on the side while I backed a little away from the lock. Putting my hands on the keyblade, pointing strait at the lock. Sparkles of light began to swirl around the keyblade and shot right at the lock, and allowed the gate to open. "How did you do that!" Issun said with his jaw dropping. "You do know the keyblade can open any lock?" I answered. We walked into an area with weird looking trees and a Huge statue that was leaning on one side.

"We enter at top of the statue, to the first demon."

"How do I get-" Then suddenly Blazing Sun showed up in front of me in my hand and more than half of the keyblade came off to reveal a huge brush that looked just like Ammy's tail.

"So you can use the Celestial brush?"

"I guess so." Looking at the brush.

"If you know what the Celestial brush is it should be a piece of demon fang to get up there." And with a whip of my new brush I used Vine on every flower until we reached the top. Once we reached the top we jumped down a hole with purple smoke spreading everywhere. To find a origin mirror, and a bunch of statues, and a door. "Well walking through that door leads us to the first demon to take of." We nodded and walked trough the door to find we were standing on nothing.

"Ahhhh!" We landed on solid rock ( NOT head first ).Ammy landed first, Issun on her nose unharmed, and I landed on top of them. "Sorry... I didn't know that was going to happen." I got up immediately.

"Issun" She growled.

"Ah ha ha... I forgot." The bug scratched his head.

"Well thanks a lot." We got up to hear a mysterious voice that said...

"Well well if it isn't Amaterasu, the one that plagued me to death," A huge spider came down from the ceiling it was spattered with blood on it's face. "Now that I'm back I see you brought me another meal,"

"Not today bug brain." I shouted, holding Blazing Sun in my hands.

"Well I guess you've brought a rascal with you, but it will do." She charged at me, It was the Spider Queen.

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