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This world is no longer the same. Everyone, they are all rivals. Nobody is really friends anymore, because with friends comes trust, and here, no one can be trusted.


What's that? Everyone and anyone will get close to you only to bring you down later on. It's as if it's all people think or care about; victory. Everyone is striving to be the best and they'll do whatever it takes to get there. At least, that's what my dad keeps telling me. And do I believe him? Yes.


My dad would be considered pretty big-shot over here. He is running for king of Sinnoh. Yes, you heard me right, running. See we run things a little different and slightly democratic. When a man is elected king, their family stays in royal walls for five generations. After that, the public either re-elects them or they vote for the family to step down in which case there is two other candidates to become king selected by a public council. But back to dad, he's pretty intimidating, but harmless, at least to the people he likes. His name is Cyrus Berlitz and I am his only daughter, Dawn Berlitz. My mother was murdered when I was three years old; my dad swears it's the Sicara family that had everything to do with it. If that's actually true, I have no idea. Since the unforgettable incident, my dad made sure I was well protected at all times.

The Sicara's

Apparently we were close family friends before the incident. This is why my dad is so set on the idea of not trusting anyone. The man running against my father is Giovanni Sicara. Their family is of four people: Giovanni Sicara, his wife Violet Rose, and their two sons Ash and Paul Sicara. Apparently we used to play together as toddlers. Paul is the eldest, he is two years older than me meaning he is now 19, and Ash is just a year younger than his brother. Their family is very well-respected. My dad is also well-respected, but he fears he won't have the votes. He doesn't want the family who murdered my mother to rule all of Sinnoh.


Right now, it's anyone's game. The votes are close together but there is still plenty of time before the official voting begins. I hope my dad wins this; this is what he's wanted his entire life and has worked really hard for.


It seems to be life's purpose, and everyone wants to win.

It's a prologue, it's going to be short.

The major shipping here is Ikarishipping, this is my first Ikarishipping story, sorry my fellow Pearlshipping fans but I honestly could not find it in myself to write this story as a Pearlshipping story. Don't hate. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Now that that's clarified, this story is inspired by Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and is written in "Ellen Hopkin's style writing". If you've ever read her books, you'll know where to find all the foreshadowing hints, if not, well, oh well :]

I also want to tell you that this story is written in constant 3 pov's; Ash's, Paul's, and Dawn's in that order.

And for all you Ikarishippers, I will tell you now; PAUL IS SEMI-OOC. I promise you this right now. Paul is half Paul and half Koji Minamoto from Digimon frontier season. Koji is like anti social and a real Paul but then he still has a heart. I'm sorry, it's really hard to write for Paul, there is no character development if he's just always heartless.

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