Heartland City! The city that never stops dueling! It's a city full of passion and love for all things duel monsters related.

Bronk was your average teenager. Not weight average, he's probs had a big dirty stroke or he has type 2 diabetes or something but whatever. Flip was your average teenager too. lol jk he's call zany and always flipping everything. Flipping coins, flipping trap cards, flipping up girls skirts.

But that all changed when Yuma started to get better at dueling and they were then sidelined to "not really moral support just stand there and watch and cheer" characters. Angry that Yuma didn't give them any love anymore and it was all directed to Astral, Kaito, Shark, III, Kotori and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe his obaa-chan but defos Fuya Robinu.

They found a "duel monsters love hotel." There, they found many rooms with different themes. The "Dark Magician" room was for those into those kinky domination stuff. The "Exodia the Forbidden One" room was actually 5 rooms connected so mass orgies tended to happen. It couldn't be helped. However, the most expensive and exquisite room was the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" room. They wanted this room as Blue-Eyes represented something that you'd find out if you annotate this fanfic in your Year 10 English Language class.

Anyway Flip tried to flip Bronk, but since Bronk probably had a few natural sattelites orbiting him since he had a waist the size of a planet and defied physics, he left Bronk on the bed. "Paint me like one of your french girls Flip" asked Bronk. Flip then flipped the art board or whatever the fuck you call it. Art board sounds good. Why is it in this room? Most expensive room that's why. It's bed is an exact replica of the KaibaCorp Blue-Eyes Jet but in a smaller scale. Anyway Flip painted Bronk like a non-french girl (get it because the opposite of french is not-french).

In one of the drawers, there was a "wand" that was shaped like a Blue-Eyes. Flip then flipped it around and j-j-jammed it in!to Bronk.

Bronk let out a moan, like how you would moan if an asteroid plummeted into your moob but instead it's your arse.

Prepared, Flip was about to insert his fliptastic flipping thing into Bronk, however Bronk had other ideas.

"Ha! The tables have turned, I will now flip you!"

Bronk flipped Flip and destroyed him. Literally almost killed him due to the sheer weight difference.

The room was then renamed the Red-Eyes Black Dragon room. Kaiba was rolling in his grave shouting "WHEELER"

The End.