Even Freddy has Nightmares.

Placing his tattered fedora over his eyes, Fred Krueger fell asleep against an old rusty boiler, to remember past killings of his, not noticing someone hiding behind another boiler, grinning mischievously. Chuckling darkly, he picked one at random and crept through the iron memory gates, got into position by the door of a room, and transformed into a beautiful blonde nurse. The still grinning figure quietly tiptoed in after him, reappearing around the corner of the corridor, invisible.

The nurse smiled suggestively at Joey, an unusually silent person, whilst at the same time motioning a red nailed hand at him to follow her into the empty room. The girl peeping around the corner retched sarcastically. Grinning, Joey begins to follow her, when a thin arm wrapped around his waist stops him from moving.

"She's not a she, Joey, she's a he."

He twisted around to stare blankly at the golden haired girl like as if he thinks she's crazy. The nurse turned her ice blue eyes over to the girl to glare at her.

"She's lying, Joey, don't listen to the deranged kid. Follow me."

"It's a trap, Joey; you're one of the teenagers of Elm Street that Fred Krueger wants to murder. Don't let your hormones take over your common sense."

Joey looked wearily at her, and the girl growled in frustration. Grabbing his left arm, she whispered loudly to him,

"Escape while you still can."

The nurse grabbed his other arm, pulling him nearer towards her and the room. Joey breaks out of both holds on his arms and runs away, leaving the golden haired girl in a long purple dress and the nurse alone.

Staring at Joey as he runs around the corner, a razor gloved hand rested on her right shoulder, and roughly spun her around. A burned face loomed over her, boiling with murderous rage at the small girl, who grins hugely at him, glad to have helped someone escape his perverted attempt at seduction, even if it was just a memory.

"You stupid bitch, why the fuck did you do that?"

Her grey blue eyes sparkled with amusement as he raised his claw above his head, spreading the razors out.

"Time to die, buzz kill!"

And as soon as he'd finished speaking, the razor gloved hand zoomed into her stomach.

But instead of hearing a sickening squelching sound and an ear splitting scream that would have been music to his ears, the razors curved against her barely visible stomach, and a cackle of laughter echoed throughout the deserted corridor.

"Look who's the stupid bitch now, Freddy!"

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