Freddy glared at them all, feeling annoyed as hell about how his night had been ruined.

All he had wanted to do was mess with one of his old victims once again.

And then that bitch of a wife of his had to come and gatecrash his one-man party.

Joey didn't really count into the equation, being a figment of Freddy's memories, so really the whole thing was a way of making him feel less lonely.

Well, not less lonely, Freddy liked being alone.

Loved being alone.

Heck, he could do whatever the fuck he wanted alone.

But instead, the evening ended up making him feel aroused, then pissed, then beaten the burnt bacon out of, incredibly angry at the arrival of Jason Voorhees, and then extremely happy about the death of Alice.

It was like he had bipolar.

One good thing was that all of the dream master bitches were now dead.

But he was still most pleased with Nancy being dead.

That bitch had been so annoyingly hard to kill.

But he had got her in the end.

Death by hug.

A hug only a father could bring.



Loretta smirked at Freddy, her eyes burning with the desire for revenge.

That burnt christmas turkey couldn't do anything to hurt her now.

She had hurt him by getting him all aroused, and then leaving him frustrated.

Loretta hadn't been able to resist giving him a piece of his own medicine.

It had made her feel happy to have a little revenge from when he abused her when she was alive and human.

Loretta had always had this strange feeling that that birdbath that Freddy had insisted in having in the back garden because of Kathryn's apparent love of birds would bring bad news.

She could hear his jumbled up, rambling and self-pitying thoughts of a madman growling away in his head, and felt a sick kind of pleasure from his internal frustration.

Loretta decided that she would fade away into the background for now, for she had her own piggies to kill, but then always make an appearance to ruin whatever pleasure Freddy wanted to indulge in next.

Bringing on the death of Alice was intentional, and happened to put Freddy into a false sense of security and short-lived happiness, which fitted in nicely in her plan for revenge.


"Well, Freddy dear, I'm gonna go leave you all alone with your little boyfriend now, so have fun!"

Freddy stared at Loretta in confusion, not registering the fact that Loretta had just subtly called him gay, "Huh? What happened to trying to kill me?"

Jason nodded in agreement with Freddy, equally confused.

But then again, Jason always is confused...

"I'm getting rather bored annoying you now, is that really so hard for you both to believe?"

"Yes." snarled Alice, her eyes glowing back and forth to a bright red, and then a dazzling electric blue.

Loretta smiled sweetly at Alice, growling in her head, "Shit, I'd almost forgotten about that stupid bitch..."

"Unfortunately for you, Alice, this isn't about you. So stay the hell out of this conversation." she snapped casually at Alice, batting her eyelashes at her mockingly.

Alice glared ferociously at the women who had lied to her and ultimately caused her death, stubbornly refusing to look away from Loretta's smug eyes.

"You can say to me what you're saying to them, can't you?"

Loretta cackled with annoyance at Alice's stupidity.

"My dear child, I wasn't stopping you from listening, I was stopping you from talking!"

Alice opened her mouth to speak, but found that she couldn't get any words out.

Loretta smiled as she waved at Freddy, and then disappeared into the shadows of the dreamworld, leaving behind an angry mute Alice, who was stomping her feet in frustration.

Freddy, as he watched Jason disappear from the dreamworld after Loretta, grinned evilly at Alice, obviously enjoying the fact that she couldn't speak.

"Hey, Krueger, can't you help Alice get her voice back?" asked Nancy, upset that her new friend couldn't speak.

Freddy smirked at Nancy as he pretended to think of an answer to her question, "No."

Kristen looked sympathetically at Freddy, and he frowned at her.


"It's kinda sad that you can't seem to grow up a bit and help someone, even if you don't like them that much."

Freddy snorted, realizing that Kristen was trying to trick him into helping Alice.

"I don't give a fuck, you stupid blonde bitch!"

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