Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of BTVS, they belong to Joss Whedon, I'm just borrowing them, however the character of Dean Blackthorn is mine.

Ch 1: The Rescue

It was very late when Dean Blackthorn stopped at the Welcome to Cleveland sign. He lit a cigarette as he said, " I hate this fuckin city."

He tossed the still smoldering butt out of the open window as put his jet black 1969 Chervrolet Monte Carlo SS into gear, and roared into the city. He continued on until he heard the sounds of a very intense battle. He pulled up to a cemetery, and saw the woman that he loved battling three vampires at once. He jumped out of the Monte Carlo, and ran into the fray. Even though he was human, Dean was in peak physical shape, and an excellent fighter, due to the very etensive the combat training he received from his father, a world renowned demon hunter. Dean grabbed one of the vampires, and slung it into a tree. Buffy quickly staked the vampire she was fighting, and stared at Dean. She hadn't seen him since they had killed The First. He had disappeared right after the battle was over. He winked at her as the vampire he thrown into the tree jumped up, and got him in a headlock. Dean hit the vamp several times in the ribs with vicious elbow strikes, then Dean applied pressure to a very sensitive area under the nose, and was able to get free. Then he struck the vamp in the gut with a roundhouse kick, causing it to double over. Then Dean produced a stake from his jacket pocket, and dusted the vamp. Once all of the vampires were killed Faith, Spike, Willow, Kennedy, and Xander walked up. Faith said as Xander glared at Dean, " Wassup D."

Dean gave her a quick hug, and did the same to Willow, Kennedy, and Anya. He was about to talk to Spike, when Xander exploded, " What the hell are you doing here, you ran out on Buffy right after The First was destroyed, leaving her heartbroken for months, then you just show up here ten years later."

Dean was about to say something, when Buffy said, " Leave him alone Xander, he left for a reason, and for you're information, he told me why he left."

Xander just stared at them both as Buffy continued, " He left because his father was killed by a very powerful demon."

Xander asked her, " How do you know all of this?"

Buffy replied, " Because he called me, and kept me updated."

Then she directed a pointed look at Dean as she said in a hard voice, " Except he forgot to tell me he was coming here."

Dean replied as he lit a cigarette, " I didn't think I needed to tell ya that I found the piece o shit demon that killed both my momma, an daddy."

Buffy gasped, " Who was it?"

Dean replied as he exhaled a cloud of bluish smoke, " Can we finish this conversation at your fancy new compound?"

Hope y'all like this story, the character of Dean Blackthorn is loosely based on Dean Winchester