Ch. 11: Preparing to kill the Loup-garou

Dean glared at his phone as he pocketed it, and said in a gruff voice, "Let's go find this damn Loup-Garou, an kill it so I can get on the road ta LA."

Buffy asked, "In a hurry to see you're little sister are you?"

Dean replied gruffly, " Naw, I wanna stop er from seein the guy she's with."

Buffy asked, " Who is it?"

Dean replied, " I'll tell ya later, let's go kill this bastard."

Buffy nodded as her, and Dawn climbed to their feet, and they all climbed into the Monte Carlo SS. They drove for two, and a half hours until they finally stopped at another rundown shack. Buffy asked as they all climbed out of the car, "Another hunter friend?"

Dean replied as he lit a cigarette, " Naw princess, this where Red's witch friend lives."

Buffy asked, "How did you know that?"

Dean replied as he took a deep drag off his cigarette, "Telepathy darlin."

She nodded as they trudged up to the door, and Dean knocked. 15 minutes later the door was opened revealing a short very buxom blonde. She raised a questioning eyebrow as she asked, "Who are you peole?"

Buffy said, "I'mm Buffu Summers, this is my sister Dawn, and this is Dean Blackthorn. Giles sent us."

The girl's eyes lit up as she said, " Oh the Slayer, and the Hunter please come in."

They followed the blonde into the house. Dean asked as he causually scanned the room they were currently in, "Yer a witch huh ?"

The girl shot him a dirty look as she replied, "Yea I am, you got a problem with that?"

His eyes narrowed as he shoved off the wall, and threw his still smoldering cigarette butt down, and crushed it with his boot as he growled, "Naw that ain't a problem, it's just I've met a lot o witches that ain't so nice."

She was about to respod when he threw her a cocky wink, and smirk as he said, "Killed quite a few o them too."

the girl just stared at him for several seconds, then she said stiffly, "Well I'm a good witch, name's Cindy Jensen."

Dean drawled, "Good ta know, now what can ya tell us bout this here Loup-Garou?"