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M is for Magazines

One day in the nice, freezing, radioactive winter, Pilot found some intriguing items.

"Hey, Engie, look what I found!" Came the yell of an excited Pilot.

"I swear if it's another-"Engie started

"No it's not another bead, you shoe, look!" He showed up something he'd found.

"It's a book!" Pilot cheered.

"That's not a book, it's a magazine." Engie corrected.

"What that?"

"Something that women read for tips on how to clean and stuff." Engie answered.

Pilot read it for a couple moments.

"But this one has lacy clothes in it."

"Give me that." He said while swiping the magazine from the confused Pilot.

He had to hold his nose to keep it from bleeding everywhere.

"Okay, Pilot if you see any more of these please give them to me." He stated.

"But, why?" Pilot replied.

"I have plans for them…" Engie replied eerily.

Pilot found six more of the graphic magazines and gave them to Engie.

"Okay, I'll be in this room if you need me..." Engie said to Pilot.


'What is that shoe doing in there? He'd been in there for a while.' Pilot wondered to himself.

'I'll go tell Captain he's shirking work!'

He found Captain sitting on the top floor with his signature mug at his side.

"Captain! Engie's shirking work!" Pilot whined.

"Vhat? I shall deal vith this immediately!" Captain said overdramatically.

They walked to the man in question's 'room' and took down the door, and what they found shocked them.

"Engie! Where did you get steak? And that fire?" Pilot yelled.

"Remember those magazines? Yeah this is them now." He pointed to the fire.

"Oh vonderful there is enough steak for everyone in Captainia! We shall have steak tonight! Although it is a shame Mr. Snippy had to be eaten right now." Captain proclaimed.

So they all had a nice steak dinner together. The end.


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