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A Different Change

Bella's pov

Jasper carried me outside to the yard where the rest of the family was waiting. To be honest, I found it a bit difficult to concentrate on anything apart from the deliciously hard cock inside me that moved with every step he took. I was half way to an orgasm just by walking outside and across the garden to the distinctly dishevelled group of Cullen's.

I could hear Edward ranting as he paced back and forth; I don't think it had sunk in that I was a vampire now and that I could actually hear and understand his whining.

He sounded like a toddler that had his favourite toy taken away from him.

My tolerance and forgiveness seemed to have stopped along with my heart. Yes, I know that there were ways that people were supposed to do these kind of things and that we didn't do this in the right order, but we didn't have a choice and we weren't setting out to hurt anyone. It just happened and it's done. You can't turn back the clock to fix these things, even if we wanted to.

"Edward?" I tried to get his attention and stop him from his ranting. He didn't even acknowledge that I had spoken. He just continued to whine and complain about us to Carlisle.

I could feel Jasper's ire at him ignoring me. He was about to try to get his attention for me, but I put my finger to his mouth and shook my head, "I think I need to do this myself. For me, please?"

I turned my attention back to Edward, who was still oblivious to Jasper's and my presence.

"Edward!" I spoke sharply this time and finally got his attention. "I can hear you! I will address your concerns, but would you please hear me out first?"

"But Bella, you don't know what he has done to you! He's controlling you! He's an empath, you know! He is obviously making you feel that way towards him." He lectured me in a condescending tone.

"Edward, do you want to listen to what I have to say, or shall we just leave?" I asked calmly, but slightly exasperated.

"You can't leave! We are getting married soon." He objected slightly deluded.

"Edward, do you want to hear me out, or not?" I asked again ignoring his outburst.

"I can't hear either of you! What has he done?" He complained and stomped his foot. I held in my amusement at his childish behaviour. My gosh, is he going to have a tantrum next?

I waited. We all stood waiting expectantly for Edward to have his little tantrum. I was an idiot for staying with him as long as I had. I mean, what did I see in him?

"Okay, what?" He snapped. I had to really concentrate to keep a straight face; he really is a child.

I addressed all of them and told how I saw the previous events regarding Jasper and I. "There was no malice or hurtful intent behind Jasper's or my actions during the last few days. Thinking back, it is only now that I even begin to have an understanding about what had actually happened.

Emmett was being Emmett and playing with my food, as he always did, and he tried to get Jasper to try some without his consent. It was that action that had set the events in motion. It was almost like we had no say in what was happening, we both were acting solely on instinct. I don't believe either of us had any thoughts about the outcome or what those actions would result in.

When Jasper came into contact with my saliva, it triggered an instinctual reaction in him. He craved my saliva as intensely as he ever craved anything. When he leaned in I tasted his venom and that started the same type of reaction within me. I couldn't get enough of him and the more I tasted him, the more I needed him. Everywhere that his venom touched my skin made it tingle intensely. I felt as if I couldn't get enough of the sensation; neither of us could. He hasn't even bitten me. I think the venom on my skin and all that I ingested caused the change. My body temperature was elevated for the first 3 days and keeping a close proximity to Jasper helped to balance it. I didn't ingest any food or water or even feel the need to. I had the human need to expel waste for the first 24 hours, but nothing after that. After the three days was up, my heart stopped, but we didn't even notice until later. Jasper has been very protective of me during the change. He didn't recognize any of you. He only saw you as a threatening vampire and felt as though you were a danger to me. He used the strongest emotion that he felt at the time and I'm sorry if it caused too much discomfort.

Jasper and I are together now. The intensity of our feelings for each other is like looking at the sun; it blinds us to anything or anyone else. I am sorry if any of your feelings are hurt, but there is no alternative for either of us."

I looked at Jasper to check if he was okay with my description of the events. He gave me such a tender and loving kiss. He pulled back and looked at me intensely. "You are my sun, Bella. You blind me to everything else around me to the point where all I can focus on is you. Your words reflect the feelings I have for you and I wouldn't have this any other way." He whispered.

He rolled his hips into me as he bathed me in his emotions. I orgasmed right there in front of everyone and felt him pulse into me as well.

"NO!" Edward screamed and pounced at us.

Jasper hit him with the knee buckling lust that was reflected between us.

It was hard to keep a straight face when the judgemental super prude is laid on his back thrusting into his hand while he cums again and again onto his stomach.

Hey, after a hundred year of abstaining, he finally popped his masturbating cherry. I am glad to know that my emotions are intense enough to get though that armour, even if he had to experience them second hand from Jasper and I.

Looking at Alice, I think she helped him out the last time that they were hit with the lust that Jasper sent out. She actually looks like she wants to join him, now. Oh well, that makes life easier for us...!

I listened as Jasper spoke to Carlisle while Edward was 'out of the picture,' so to speak.

"Carlisle, we both know that our actions are extreme and very out of character for both of us. We both feel a certain degree of guilt, but no regret. We apologize, but no other action was a probability. In fact, we are still operating on some level of instinct. I don't know how much longer we can hold back and Bella still hasn't had any blood." Jasper looked at me as if he just understood what he had said. The truth was that I had fed, but only on his cum. "I need to feed her. I don't think it is a good idea to stay around here right now, either." He turned his attention back to Carlisle. "Would you be willing to fake her death for Charlie's sake? She will also need to speak to the Quileutes and clear the air since the treaty still remains intact. We still think of you as our family, but I think we need to allow everyone some space to allow time for healing. As she said, we never meant to hurt anyone, but things have happened that was beyond our control. Neither of us regrets our actions, only the hurt that it has caused those we care about. We will stay near Peter and Charlotte for the foreseeable future. I plan on sticking to your diet and I don't think Bella will have a problem with it either. We will remain in contact with you guys, but we may need more than the ten year norm that gets the average newly mated couple's instincts down to a dull roar. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, for us. Oh, and sorry about the house. Esme, it looks like you get a chance to renovate from scratch!"

Carlisle agreed to help us out, and then began a long winded speech. We couldn't concentrate enough to listen, so Jasper had run us into the woods resulting in the euphoric sensation to take over once again. I came again a few times before he decided I really should try and ingest some blood. I didn't do all that well when I removed myself from his cock; I became like a more typical newborn vampire. I was fine again when he put me back where I am happy and content. We ended up having to be joined and we shared our meals.

15 years later...

Well what can I say? To be honest, nothing much has changed. I still spend as much time as physically possible on Jasper's cock and I still prefer his cum to blood. I find that it's far more satisfying in more ways than one.

Our 'Mating' is still unusual in that we never needed to bite each other to complete our mating; not that we don't bite each other, but that is purely for pleasurable purposes only. Carlisle isn't certain why, but Jasper took on my mating scent during my change, just as I took on his mating scent, along with the tell-tale scent of him being my sire. Carlisle did some research on the 'mating change', and discovered that it's not very common, but it leads to a very strong bond.

As for our former partners, Edward is still a whiny child, but at least Alice uses him as her own personal dildo every now and then when they aren't off shopping together.

It turns out that the only reason that Alice had kept Jasper away from me was because her visions of us went black each time that she saw us getting too close. Apparently, she can't see us at all, even now. It made Jasper's day (or century!) when he realized that neither of the interfering busybodies could use their powers on us. Alice took the whole thing rather well, considering. We think her visions, or lack of visions, helped her come to terms with things faster than we could have hoped.

Emmett and Rose ended up moving into a house near us. When Peter and Emmett get together, it puts frat boys to shame with their mentality. Rose is a good friend now and between her and Charlotte, I have the best and most genuine friends that I could ever ask for. Between the three of us, we have great fun keeping the boys on their toes.

My saliva, or venom, still helps control Emmett and Rose's blood-lust, making the animal blood more fulfilling. Carlisle thinks it has to do with the singer phenomenon and their links through related venom. Peter tried my venom but he just uses it as a reason to steal a kiss from me and wind Jasper the hell up. This results in Jasper needing to reaffirm our bond and I have another year of intensive fuck sessions to prove I belong to Jasper. See? It's worth allowing Peter a quick kiss every now and then just for that reaction in itself!

Carlisle and Esme like to come down here on holidays, if only to enjoy the overspill of empath love and lust and act on it without being judged. It's actually pretty much the same reason Em and Rose moved down permanently.

Oh, Jake accepted my change after he confirmed that there were no (new) bite marks. He understood it a lot more and compared it to imprinting once he actually had imprinted himself. The wolves, from what I can gather, had a field day coming up with jokes about my method of changing in to a vampire.

I still get updates on Charlie and I would like to announce that he is happily married now. I'm really glad that he has found someone to spend the rest of his life with, as I have.

Ohhh, times up, and he's started thrusting again. God, I love my life!


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