Chapter 6

Ciel rang a bell and set it down. He looked back at his paperwork as Sebastian came in.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Are my guest comfortable?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Good. Now, can you fetch me something sweet?"

"My Lord, it is almost dinner time."


"You will spoil your appetite."

Ciel sighed. "Whatever."

Sebastian sighed; he didn't like seeing his Lord upset. "Do you really want something sweet?"


Sebastian lifted up Ciel's chin and kissed him gently. After they kissed, he looked at Ciel. "Sweet enough?"

Ciel nodded, blushing a little.


Allen and Lavi watched from the window. Allen was blushing as Lavi grinned.

"Didn't I tell you?" Lavi laughed as he jumped down from the second story window, how they got up there was a mystery to them, but they managed it.

Allen jumped down after him. He was blushing bright red. "You were right."

Lavi smiled. "Well, this is interesting… Ciel Phantomhive with his butler. It would be scandalous for others to know."

"Shhhh. Ciel deserves privacy. Nothing will be said. I actually like the two together."

Lavi sighed. "Fine, I won't say anything."

"Good. Now let's get ready for dinner." Allen said, he was starving.

"Allen, you are always hungry."

Allen ignored Lavi as they walked back inside.