He twisted his head to see Six, angrily squinting at his 'brother'. Six ruined everything for him. He was the best, not Six! He had fought Six, watched Six; he knew he was better. Now laying here mangled and broken, Sevadonn could only think of one thing. To kill Six. He tried moving his left arm, but failed, as it was ruined. He reached forward with his good arm, dragging his body forward towards Six. End it. Kill Six. He could hear the command rattle through his head. If it was the last thing Sevadonn did, he would do it.

Six lay on the floor across from him, about seven feet away. Six's legs were destroyed; he wasn't going to get away this time. Six rolled over and glanced back at him, his eyes full of horror. Six was gurgling oddly, his lungs and throat filling with blood. Sevadonn growled in retaliation, his own lungs filling up with the foreign metallic substance. He could hear all the background noise. The fire, the footsteps, the breaking glass, the screaming… And even with his enhanced hearing, he ignored it all. All he could focus on was Six.

He pushed forward again, his fingernails digging into the edge of a tile. The broken glass dug into his mangled arm, but he ignored it. It was almost like the pain wasn't there. Sevadonn inched closer, his arm almost refusing to work with him after all the damage to his body. But he dragged himself closer, ignoring the collapsing world around him. All he could think about was killing Six. Just Six.

A sharp pain. It only took him a millisecond to figure out it was a bullet that hit him. He felt his arm stop moving, his body going numb. The gunshot rang through his ears. Who shot him? His eyes wandered upward, to see the gun. The gun pointed at him. Sevadonn's eyes followed the tip of the gun to the finger on trigger, to the wrist, the arm… To Crexe. Crexe, the man he worked for, the man who always had liked Sevadonn, treated him well. Now Crexe stood in front of him, snarling and angry. Sevadonn had never seen Crexe angry at him. He knew Crexe shot him once, and there was no way he wouldn't finish Sevadonn off now.

This was how he would end. For the first time in his life, he felt fear, fear of death, fear that he was about to die with no one, and fear that not one person would care. Fears that now he would die, and he never even got the chance to live, grow, and be human. Crexe's finger tightened on the trigger, his eyes narrowing at Sevadonn. Sevadonn glance back at Six, who had a fearful look on his face. Why? He pushed the last breath of air out of his chest, an unfamiliar metallic taste filling his mouth. Crexe's finger tightened on the trigger. Sevadonn jerked once, and then stopped moving.

He didn't even hear the second gunshot.