Kill streak

By homel001

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Red Dead Redemption. I have written RDR fan fiction for a while now so I know the rules. This is another short story that I will work on if I feel it. Please read and review and enjoy


The Kill count had risen dramatically as I crouched behind the bullet ridden bar in fear, clutching a small revolver in my hand for dear life. This was no life for a Twenty year old rancher who has to work his ass off just to get by for himself and his family. How could I know that the bloodiest gun battle of the year would take place on the same day as my birthday? Why did I come here?

The guns stopped and the air was foul with the smell of smoke, blood and fear. My head pounded as I trembled. If I moved, I would die. I could hear the drunken gang members approach me, their spurs clanking upon the blood soaked wooden floor. They were trying to find me, searching the place from top to bottom. It didn't have to end like this. If they could've just waited for a few more days until my father would pay them the money that he owes them, but no. the impatient dogs shot him and then decided to gun me down too. My legs ached from all the running that I was forced to endure. They had chased me from my home out on Pleasance Hill to the town of Armadillo. As crashed my way through the saloon doors, I knew that there was nowhere else to run.

The next few minutes seemed to me like a lifetime. Everybody didn't have a clue at what was going on. They all ignored me as they attended to their drunken lifestyle. Then the three men arrived, their gun shots cutting through the thick spring air. It was the lull before the storm and it was about to be bloody. Then within the next few seconds, it just happened. They came bursting in Barrels blazing, putting holed through the bartender and two local prostitutes. Callously, the flipped tables threw chairs and punched innocent people as if they were vermin. All this mayhem was because of my presence. I could've given myself up to spare anymore pain of these innocent people, but I was too scared. As I crouched there, hugging my legs, I could hear one of the men growl which sent shivers down my spine.

"Where is that little maggot!" he snarled as he pistol whipped everyone he could get his hands on. "I know you're in here you little son of a bitch!"

I didn't know how to react. I wanted to cry after witnessing my father receive a bullet through the head, but yet my mind was shrouded by anger and confusion. I couldn't understand why they were after me. Did they think that I was going to squeal on them or something? I then realised that I had a small loaded revolver on me which I knew that I had to use. I wasn't going to let them kill me. I had a family to protect and a legacy to fulfil. I could hear the men mutter amongst themselves as they regrouped and headed towards the bar. I pulled back the hammer on my revolver and prayed that I would knock them down, each and every one of them.

However the odds were against me. There were three of them and one of me and I wasn't that great at shooting. I closed my eyes, and took aim from behind the bar. The men instantly spotted me and it was at that point that my body went numb. Time had begun to slow down again giving the illusion that everything had stopped. I made eye contact with the first man and fired blindly, hitting him in the side of the neck. I closed my eyes as my ears tuned into his high pitched agonising screams. With no time to react, I fired again, this time hitting the second man in the forehead. He didn't make a sound as he hit the ground faster than a lit fuse on a dynamite stick. The third man reacted and began to run for his life. I had an overwhelming urge to chase after him and gun him down in the street. Casting my fears aside, I did just that. Leaping over the bar counter, I burst out into the street and fired two wild shots at the fleeing thug. I hit him in the back and watched him fall into a nearby horse troff.

I stood over the lifeless, blood soaked body that was hanging out of the troff. It felt good, well the adrenaline that is. I couldn't explain for what happened next but I laughed. I laughed so hard until my ribs ached that the whole shock had vanished from my body. I no longer felt angry, confused and sad, I felt at peace. This was what revenge felt like. It was like heaven to me.

The moon appeared in the night sky as I dragged my legs along the desert road back home. My mind had drifted off into a world of its own. I could've walked on for hours in the state I was in. the wind was cool and comfortable as I approached my home. The dim lit light from my house welcomed me in as I staggered up the hill and towards the door way. My mother sat there at the table waiting for me. She was cradling my grieving sister who I knew that I had to protect now. It was my family's darkest day and I had to see to it that we were going get by.

This was a turning point for me. I had become the man of the house and the head of my family. As I went to bed that night without any supper, the events in Armadillo lingered in my mind as the gunshots echoed on my mind. I knew that I would forever be haunted by the sounds and there was no way of blocking out the flashbacks. My life would never be the same again. It was the kill streak that ended my family. That Kill streak would stick with me for the rest of my life.

Thirteen years later and the same flashbacks still haunt me. I was now thirty-three and I had no family left. The lack of money and the decline in health had sent me running for the sands. I was now a drifter heading for any town that would have me. I still kept the same revolver which I used to avenge my father's death. Over the years, it had become my Achilles heel and it signified who I was today.

The road was open without a single local or drifter in sight. I had been riding throughout the New Austin desert towards the Mexican border. The past had kicked me out of America which meant that I only had one place to go. Mexico. As soon as I crossed the border bridge, I had instantly become a stranger. Nobody knew me and that was a good thing. There was a whole new game out there and I knew I was going to face a whole new challenge if I was going to survive. I had a name for myself too. I was "Kill streak!"

To be continued based on reviews and comments. I hope to continue this soon and I hope you enjoyed it.