Summary: One day, a thirteen-year-old Tsuna wakes up in a hospital to find that he's been in a coma for the past week, and that the last four years of his life were nothing but a dream; he's not the Vongola Decimo, and he doesn't have a tutor named Reborn. After leaving the hospital, it's hard getting used to his lonely life again, especially now that he knows what it's like to have amazing friends that would do almost anything for him. Little does he know that far away, in a country called Italy, and even in his own small neighbourhood, seven other kids have also woken up from comas and are trying to piece their confused lives back together.

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Tsuna groaned and tried to re-position himself; his entire body was aching.

Would it kill Reborn to let him rest a little? Really! They'd just defended the Vongola HQ against an enemy Famiglia bent on destroying them last week! One would think that merited a vacation, but no! His sadistic tutor just had to go and make his training regimen even harder!

"Tsu-kun?" asked a worried yet hopeful voice, and Tsuna's eyes flew open.

The next second, though, he wished he'd kept them closed, because he was almost blinded by the overhead lights. The brunet quickly covered his eyes as he tried to sit up, wondering at his location. The familiar sterile, white environment couldn't be mistaken as anything other than a hospital.

"Oh, Tsu-kun!" cried that same voice again, this time sounding beyond relieved, and as Tsuna felt himself enveloped in a gentle embrace, he realized with a shock that the voice belonged to his mother.

"Kaa-san? What happened?" he asked, trying to think back and remember what exactly his mother was doing in least, he was supposed to be in Italy, training with his guardians and learning his duties for when he would officially become Decimo when he turned eighteen next year.

"You were hit by a truck," whimpered his mother, looking horrified. "You've been in a coma for the past week. Oh, you have no idea how worried I was, Tsu-kun! I thought I'd lost you!"

'A truck?' thought Tsuna, dumbfounded.

He hadn't been hit by a truck; if he'd let himself be hit by a truck, Reborn would have killed him for letting his guard down long before the paramedics got to him. And even if he had miraculously survived his tutor's wrath, he would be in the Vongola HQ's infirmary, not at a hospital...

As he thought all this through, Tsuna suddenly realized that something definitely wasn't right.

Staring at his mother with growing horror, he realized what it was.

She was the same height as him.

When she'd hugged him, she'd rested her chin on his shoulder.

That shouldn't be possible! Tsuna had been taller than his mother for a year now!

Looking down at himself, Tsuna realized that he wasn't only shorter, but scrawnier as well. All the muscles he'd built up in the last few years were gone; his arms were practically flesh on bone! What the hell was going on?

"Is there something wrong, Tsu-kun?" asked his mother worriedly, and Tsuna noticed that even she looked younger.

Taking a deep, calming breath, the brunet told himself to calm down; Reborn had taught him better than to panic in times of trouble. Could this be considered as trouble?

Shaking his head to get the irrelevant thoughts out, Tsuna ran through his situation in his mind: he had supposedly been in a coma for a week after getting hit by a truck; he had seemingly become younger, as had his mother; he was, for some reason, in Japan, he realized as he stared at his surroundings; and he had no idea where his guardians were.

Quickly deciding on the best course of action, Tsuna turned to look at his concerned mother, with a lost expression on his face.

"Okaa-san," he started, tying to make his voice sound dazed, "I…how did I get hit by a truck? Where was I at the time? Why don't I remember it?"

Her expression softening, Nana ran a hand down Tsuna's face, tucking a lock of hair behind his ear.

"The doctor did say that you might not remember what had happened," she told him. "Don't worry, sweetie. It's normal. I'm sure you'll have your memories back soon enough."

Tsuna nodded, continuing to play the part of the confused son, and leaned into her hand, taking comfort from his mother's presence.

Before long, Tsuna found himself sitting in a taxi and headed back to his home.

It was an eerie feeling, seeing Namimori as it had been when he was younger.

The Namimori he knew wasn't much different from this one, but it was different enough to give him shivers.

As he watched the town fly past through the windows of the taxi, he tried to puzzle out the mystery of what was going on.

At first, he thought that maybe he'd somehow traveled through time, maybe a malfunctioning ten-year-bazooka, but that idea was quickly shot down as he realized that even if he had traveled through time, his body shouldn't have gotten younger.

So what was going on here?

There was only one explanation that would come to him, but he wouldn't even consider that thought; he couldn't consider it. There was no way that he'd dreamed the whole thing up! It couldn't be possible that all of the hardships and fun times he had experienced with his friends in the past four years were just a figment of his imagination!

...Could it?

"Tsu-kun?" came Nana's worried voice, and Tsuna snapped out of his thoughts and turned to look at his mother, who had gotten out of the taxi and was waiting for him to do the same.

Looking around, Tsuna saw that they had already arrived at his childhood home.

Blushing a little at having spaced out, the boy quickly got out of the taxi and followed his mother inside, feeling a little odd.

The house seemed so much quieter than it should be. Why wasn't there pink smoke billowing out of one of the windows because Lambo had thrown a temper tantrum?

Why weren't I-Pin and Fuuta there to welcome them home?

Why hadn't Bianchi tried to feed him some of her poison cooking yet?

Tsuna felt worse as he realized that if it really had all been a dream, then the kids he'd come to think of as siblings didn't really exist.

Letting out a depressed little sigh, the boy hurried into the house and went up to his room, thinking that at least things would be easier if he knew what year this was, and how old he supposedly was.

When he saw the calendar on his wall in his bedroom, Tsuna felt his jaw drop. It was the year 20XX? He'd gone back four whole years?

No...wait...he hadn't gone back four whole years, he was four years younger than he'd thought he was in the dream.

That was it.

Yes, it had all been a dream, and even though he really wished it wasn't, Tsuna couldn't find anything to discredit the idea. What else could it have been?

In fact...yes, he was starting to remember!

He had a literature assignment due tomorrow for school, didn't he? Or rather, due last week, if what his mother had said about being in a coma for a week was true.

Tsuna let out another sigh, not at all happy about having supposedly gotten one of his memories back.

It just proved his theory that he had dreamed everything.

If not, how would he have been able to remember such an insignificant thing as an assignment he had had to do 'four years ago'?

Looking around at his messy room, the brunet had the uneasy feeling of being suffocated.

In his dream, the one known as Reborn had always taught him to keep his room neat, saying that it was unbefitting of a mafia boss to have messy quarters.

In this regard, whether everything had been a dream or not didn't matter; it didn't change the fact that Tsuna could no longer stand having a messy room, so he hurriedly got to work putting his things away in their places, half expecting Reborn to come in while he was working and ask him why the hell he'd let his room get so messy in the first place.

Of course, then he remembered that there was no Reborn, and he quickly shook his head and continued cleaning, trying not to think of the fictional people that had become so important to him in that dream, lest he start crying.

And that was how Tsuna passed the next week; keeping himself busy and trying not to think of his friends. He probably would have gone on like that as well, but once a week had passed, his mother had deemed him healthy enough to return to school.

Tsuna was terrified of going to school.

Because going to school meant seeing three people that had been so close to him in his dream, and having them treat him like a stranger.

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