Name: Amaya Tsukino

Name Meaning: Night rain of the moon

Nickname: Ami, Maya, Ama, Ranbou Kitsune, Little Fox

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Birthday: July 15th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hair color and Type: Straight jet black hair that strikes her rear when it's down.

Eye color: Crystal blue, but her emotions contribute to how light or dark they are.

Body Type: Petite

Height: 4 foot 8 (142.24cm)

Weight: 90 lbs.

Skin Type: Pale

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Birthmarks: A small crescent moon like mark under her right collar bone.

Blood Type: AB-

Race: Japanese

Clothing: A cream colored tube top that stops a little above her belly button under a black vest that stops at her waist. A pair of black cotton shorts that stop an inch above her knee with a pair of knee high black combat boots that have white laces.

Secondary Clothing: A black slip over hoodie with a small red fox on the back with a thought bubble with the phrase "What's a Fox?' over a white spaghetti strap tank top with lace trimming around the bottom hem. A pair of black cargo pants with her knee high combat boots with the white laces.

Jewelry: A silver hart shaped locket on a long silver chain

Accessories: A large black duffel bag that is filled to the brim with a lot of different things and a white studded belt she wears with her cargo pants.

Special Trinket: Her silver heart shaped locket that hold pics of her family.

Birthplace: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Current Home: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Language: Japanese and English

Parents: Hiro Tsukino (Father) and Sarah 'Kurin' Tsukino (Mother, Deceased)

Siblings: Seiji Tsukino (Older Brother) and Mori Tsukino (Older Sister)

Other Family: Iwao Tsukino (Grandfather), Shinju 'Sato' Tsukino (Grandmother), Jin Tsukino (Aunt), Haru Moto (Butler), Hana Minami (Maid)

Friends: Samantha Wolfe

Likes: Art, drawing, dogs, wolves, foxes, bats, roses, the beach, long walks around town, combat training

Dislikes: Most people, being touched by said people, overly girlie things, pink, skirts, dresses, make up

Bad Habits: She punches people when they annoy her, she will run off in the middle of a confrontation, she's things she doesn't mean when she thinks someone is getting too close

Fears: Losing people that are important to her, getting too close to people

Talents: Drawing, singing, combat

Hobbies: Drawing, training, cooking

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Dating Status: Single

Pets: None

Quote: "When the music stops; the moon shines light on the rain and the tears that run from my cold black heart."

"I don't have to take this bullshit; from you or anyone else!"

"You wanna get to him, you go through me!"

"I will not let you hurt them!"

"Sometimes family is all one has, but when it's in shambles one has nothing."

"Pain's the only thing I feel anymore!"

Theme Song: Amaya: My Song – Angel Beats