After setting sail and saying good-bye to the Gomamon the gang found themselves sitting on the raft as the wind blew it in the right direction with nothing to do. For Kouji and Amaya it wasn't that hard to occupy their time, with Kouji rowing as he had done before and Amaya buried in her sketch book, but the other's couldn't stand the quiet.

"So Tommy and Amaya are the only ones without their beast spirits right?" Takuya inquired while glancing over his shoulder at the raven haired girl behind him.

"That's correct." Bokomon replied with his nose buried in the book he carried around.

"What are you getting at Takuya?" Zoe inquired as she too glanced at the raven haired girl.

"I was just wondering which of them is going to be worst with controlling their beast spirit is all." Takuya replied which made Amaya glance up from her sketch book.

"I think Amaya will be the worst." J.P. told him from his safe haven behind the barrel Tommy was in.

"What makes you so sure?" Kouji snapped at the older boy as Amaya shut her sketch book and placed it back inside her bag.

"Well, look at it this way. Tommy is actually close to us and considers us all to be his friends, right?" Takuya asked the younger boy who nodded in response to the question. "Amaya on the other hand only considers Tommy and you to be her friends. So, I think she'll lose control a lot easier than Tommy will." Takuya told them which only got him a glare from Kouji.

"So, you think of everyone here as 'your' friends, yet you tried to destroy us all when you got possessed by your beast spirit." Amaya pointed out calmly just waiting for the brunette to slip up.

"You think you'll be able to control your beast spirit as easily as Zoe did?" J.P. inquired as mentioned girl shot him a glare.

"Depends on how much power is behind my beast spirit. If it's too over powering then I'll probably lose control, if not then I think I'll be able to manage." Amaya informed the older boy before she turned her attention back to the boy in front of her.

"I think you're gonna try to kill us all, but hey don't worry I'm sure we can….." Takuya was talking too smugly for Amaya's taste and with an unseen effort she kicked Takuya in such a way that he went face first off the raft and into the ocean.

"Takuya!" "Amaya!" Zoe shouted after Takuya as Kouji growled at Amaya who underneath her mask was smiling in victory.

Takuya came up with a splash as he grabbed onto the raft his amber eyes wide as he coughed up the small bit of water he had swallowed. Amaya knew if looks could kill the glare she was getting would pierce her heart and she'd be six feet underground. Zoe and Kouji helped the glaring brunette back onto the raft, but instead of facing forward he decided to face Amaya who looked as passive as a kitten at that moment.

"What is wrong with you!? Can't you take a joke!?" Takuya snapped loudly at the raven haired girl whose dark eyes gleamed ever so slightly with an icy color.

Amaya rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as if daring Takuya to start something with her. Takuya started to say something else to the raven haired girl, but was promptly halted by Kouji who stuck the oar he had been using in between them. Takuya gave him a questioning look and Kouji motioned for him to switch places with him. Takuya nodded and they carefully switched places so that Amaya couldn't do anything else to Takuya or knock anyone else off the raft.

Kouji gave Amaya a warning glare which made her smirk at him as he sat down in front of her. Zoe decided to help Takuya ring his clothes out and J.P. watched her with jealous eyes as Amaya placed her boot clad foot against Kouji's back. Her smirk widened when she felt him tense before he glared over his shoulder at her only to catch an icy gleam in her eyes. Bokomon and Tommy watched the two noticing the fact that Kouji was actually daring her to try it. Amaya let her foot fall from Kouji's back and pulled her sketch book back out of her bag along with the pink pencil she needed to finish the picture of Kazemon that she had been working so diligently on.

Tommy looked over Amaya's shoulder and was content watching her bring Kazemon to life in pink on a piece of paper. As Amaya finished Kazemon and flipped to a new page Bokomon pointed out a water way that he thought would get them to the autumn leaf fair quicker. It didn't take much to get the raft to go into the water way seeing as the current pulled it that a way anyways. Amaya paid it no attention as she pulled a green pencil from her bag while putting the pink one away.

Amaya had just put the pencil to her paper when the raft sped up due to the combination of the wind in the sail and the fast current of the water. She put her book and pencil away much to Tommy's disappointment and drew her feet up closer to her body to keep from getting wet.

"Man, we're cooking along now!" Takuya stated before a gush of icy wind hit the raft. "Well, maybe cooking isn't really the right word." Takuya corrected himself shivering due to the cold.

"Yeah, I can't feel my fingers." Zoe agreed with Takuya as she held herself tight.

"Take it." Kouji told Zoe as he handed her his jacket which he had taken off while she was talking.

"Yeah, you sure?" Zoe inquired receiving a nod as confirmation. "Grazie, you're the best." She thanked him as she took his jacket and put it on.

J.P. look as if he were going to cry at Zoe's thank you to Kouji and Amaya rolled her eyes at him though she felt the urge to rip something apart build inside her. Shaking the feeling off Amaya leaned back against the barrel and rolled her eyes again at J.P. She found herself temporarily blinded as Tommy put his hat on her head while giving her a cheerful smile. She lowered his hat farther to conceal the blush that had taken over her face from embarrassment.

"Ah! Neemon wake up! You can't sleep in the cold! You'll freeze to death!" Tommy yelled at the small digimon who awoke with a start at the sound of death.

"Hey, look at that." Bokomon stated catching everyone's attention as he pointed to the front of the raft.

"Um what are we looking at?" J.P. inquired not seeing anything as Amaya grabbed onto the barrel Tommy was in.

"Land ahead!" Bokomon shouted just as a big white patch came into view.

Takuya and the other took ahold of the logs and the ropes that made the raft as the raft hit the snowy bank. The raft went flying over the bank and landed in one piece on the snow and just kept going.

"That was better than I thought it'd be, but where's the autumn fair thing?" Takuya asked as the raft seemed to be picking up more speed.

"It should be just up ahead." Bokomon informed them as they all looked over the digimon's shoulder at the book he still had his nose buried in.

"Well, there is something ahead, but it doesn't look very fair." Zoe told them nervously which caught everyone's attention.

Zoe pointed to a large crater in the ground and they were speeding straight for it with no way of stopping the raft.

"Everybody hang onto something so we don't fall off the raft." Kouji instructed as they all grabbed onto to either the logs of the raft, the sail mast or the barrel.

The raft sailed over the crater edge and hit the ground with enough force that they lost the raft's sail, but amazingly the raft seemed to stay together.

"It's not over yet." Tommy fearfully stated as the raft started to pick up even more speed seeing as they were now going downhill at a steeper angle.

"What is that?" Tommy inquired noticing a small figure in the distance that they were rapidly approaching.

"A snowman!?" everyone except Amaya shouted not a second before the raft made contact with said object.

The raft split into pieces once it hit the snowman and everyone was thrown forwards onto green grass except for Amaya. Amaya was thrown forwards like everyone else, but somewhere in the process she was flung backwards into the snow in which she sank like a rock.

"Now that's more like what I was expecting." Takuya groaned loudly having landed face first on the ground.

"Hey! It's warm here." Kouji informed them as he touched the ground in front of him rather astonished by the fact that it had been cold up till a second ago.

"It's warm? Why is it warm?" Zoe asked in pure confusion as if one of them could answer her.

"Maybe that?" Takuya told her unsurely as he pointed at a gigantic heater that was set up in the middle of an array of colorful tents. "Hey! It's the fair thingy!"

"Ugh, how I despise crowds." Bokomon groaned in disgust while looking at all the digimon crowded around the autumn leaf fair.

"Um, where's Amaya?" Tommy meekly inquired noticing the older girl's absence.

"I'm right here Tommy." Amaya calmly responded before anyone else could as she stood up and dusted the snow from her clothes and hair.

"What happened to you?" Takuya inquired as she started to trudge her way out of the snow.

"I was thrown forwards, hit something, and was thrown backwards into the snow." Amaya informed him blankly as she joined the group at the entrance of the fair. 'Great. We'll be looking forever…'

"Even if the Toucanmon are here, it'll be like finding the tiniest needle in a million hay stacks." Zoe complained as she kept staring into the fair at all the digimon and tents set up.

"So, should we split up and get looking?" Takuya inquired loudly to which he got nods and some answers of agreement as they each took off in their own direction.

Amaya walked up to a tent near the center of the fair and with a sigh she walked inside. The contents of what was inside the tent made her retreat back out of the tent her eye twitching in disgust. She opted to swatting at the bell that hung outside the tent until she annoyed the tent owner enough that he came out of the tent. The digimon looked no better than what he was selling with his long pink octopus like body and a glass dome over his head that showed off his brain.

"Can I help you?" the digimon snapped rather annoyed by the fact that a human child had been ringing his bell.

"I'm looking for a few digimon and was wondering if you might of seen them. They're about this big and really colorful. They call themselves Toucanmon. Have you seen them by chance?" Amaya asked as politely as possible while swallowing the vile taste in her mouth.

"Haven't seen 'em. Now scram you're scaring away my valued customers." the digimon snapped rather rudely to which Amaya glared at him.

"What valued customers!? You sell body part for Pete's sake!" Amaya snapped at the digimon before she turned on her heel and marched away from him.

Amaya checked out nearly twenty or so tents and the more she went into the more she wanted to actually set one on fire. Seriously who bought the crap these digimon were trying to sell anyways? She growled to herself as she walked out of yet another tent with the same 'I haven't seen them, now get lost' from the digimon who owned the tents. She glared at the tents around her before she decided to take a break and trek through the fair to calm herself before she actually set fire to something.

"When did I become such a pyromaniac?" Amaya inquired of herself as she rounded a corner and nearly walked over Neemon in the process.

"Ah Amaya, it's good we found you!" Bokomon exclaimed while waving his arms through the air frantically.

"What's up?" Amaya inquired dully while rolling her eyes.

"I saw Tommy leave town!" Neemon informed her loudly which caught her full attention.

'Tommy? Why on earth would he leave the fair knowing the rest of us are still here? Should I inform the others? Is there time to even go look for them? What if something happens to him while I'm trying to find the others?' Amaya's head spun with questions before she set a glare on the two digimon in front of her.

"Go find Kouji and others, tell them about Tommy, and tell them to hurry the hell up and come on!" Amaya ordered the two digimon as she spun on her heel and took off for the edge of town.

"Be careful Amaya!" Bokomon yelled after her before he and Neemon took off in search of Takuya and the others.

'I have to find him!' Amaya yelled at herself internally as she found his tracks in the snow and started following them. 'If he's hurt in anyway, the digimon who did it will pay.'

"Tommy!" Amaya shouted in relief as she spotted the boys orange-ish hat. "What are you doing out here?"

"I found our d-tectors, but the digimon who has them said I had to find something to trade for them. I found the Toucanmon and I had the thing that they traded our d-tectors for, but I couldn't let them drown. I'm sorry Amaya." Tommy cried hugging the older girl's waist as she sighed in relief.

"It's fine, we'll find something to give the digimon for the d-tectors." Amaya informed him softly while patting his head which made him smile slightly.

Tommy's small smile was short lived as Amaya grabbed him by the collar and flung him as hard as she could away from her. He hit the ground rolling as the ice they had been standing on gave out from underneath Amaya's feet. It all seemed to happen in slow motion for Amaya having heard the ice cracking she did the first thing that came to her mind which was to get Tommy out of harm's way. As the ice gave out from under her she barely registered the impact of the freezing water against her skin as the world flashed by in a blur. Once it registered that she was underwater she kicked herself to the surface gasping for air as she broke the surface of the water. She threw her arms up onto the ice and looked over at Tommy who was barely sitting up a few feet away.

"Amaya!" "Don't you dare come any closer!" Tommy had started to go towards her, but stopped when Amaya snapped at him for even trying it.

Amaya pushed down on the ice in an attempt to get out, but she only slid back into the water and caused the ice to crack that much more. Glaring at the ice Amaya internally cursed it out with every word possible and then some before she looked back up at Tommy.

"Go find Kouji and bring him back here as fast as you can." Amaya told Tommy as calmly as she could to which he rapidly shook his head.

"I can't just leave you here." Tommy whined his eyes already filled with tears.

"Yes, you can. It'll only be for a little while. I'll be fine, now go!" Amaya snapped at him trying her hardest to get him to go.

"I'll be back as fast as I can run. I promise." Tommy promised her as he took off for the fair with tears rolling down his face.

"I just hope you're fast enough." Amaya whispered to herself before she exhaled loudly. "This is a fine mess you got yourself into Amaya!" Amaya snapped at herself as she kicked her legs just enough to stay afloat.

"Tommy!" Takuya's shout reached the younger boy as both Takuya and Kouji came into view.

"Takuya! Kouji!" Tommy shouted in slight relief as he ran up to them and into Takuya's open arms. "You have to come quick! Amaya's in trouble!" Tommy shouted while pulling on Takuya's arm.

"What do you mean Amaya's in trouble?" Takuya inquired as he and Kouji followed after Tommy who let Takuya go and started running in the direction he had come from.

"She came out here to find me and when she did she fell through the ice." Tommy informed them and that's all it took to get the older boys to go from a walking jog to a full out run.

"I hope the boys were near the edge of the fair, or I might freeze before they get here." Amaya grumbled to herself as she painfully kicked her legs which felt as if a thousand needles were being jabbed into them simultaneously.

"Amaya!" Tommy's shout made her head snap up to see the younger boy had found Takuya and Kouji.

"Don't get too close or we're all gonna be swimming." Amaya snapped at them which caused them to stop in their tracks.

"How'd you get in such a predicament?" Bokomon inquired which got him an icy glare.

"Gee I don't know. I saw water and decided what the hell I'ma go for a frikin swim in this water that was once covered in ice." Amaya snapped at the digimon who had to sweat drop at her explanation.

"Is there a reason you don't want us any closer?" Takuya inquired as he stood there rather dumbfounded.

"The ice is weak, last thing we need is for you two to be taking an unexpected swim." Amaya informed him which made Takuya look to Kouji for an answer.

"Let me see your shirt." Kouji's blunt order made everyone blink as he let his jacket slide off his shoulders.

"Next best thing to a rope, tied together clothes." Amaya stated calmly having caught onto what Kouji was doing after a temporary brain freeze. (No pun intended people!)

Takuya took his over shirt off and handed it to Kouji who tied it and his jacket together before he slung it at Amaya. Amaya was lucky that the shirts stopped just a centimeter from her finger tips and with a little stretching she took hold of Kouji's jacket sleeve. She wrapped the sleeve around her hand and with a firm nod the boys pulled and walked backwards until she was back on solid ground. It took a good bit of effort for her to get onto her feet and even then she was trembling.

"Tommy found your d-tectors, so why don't you go get them instead of standing here looking at me like I grew another head or something?" Amaya sarcastically snapped at the boys while stopping Tommy from hugging her.

"What about you?" Takuya inquired as Kouji crossed his arms and gave her a pointed glare while she slipped both his jacket and Takuya's shirt on.

"I can make it to town on my own, besides I have both your shirt and Kouji's jacket to keep me warm." Amaya told him as she wrapped her arms around herself to emphasize being warm.

"Neemon stay with Amaya." Kouji ordered the small rabbit digimon as he turned to Tommy. "Let's go before someone else gets to them first."

And with that order all three boys along with Bokomon left an annoyed Amaya with a clueless Neemon who scratched his ear while looking up at her.

"Come on you dope, let's go find a place I can change." Amaya ordered the small digimon as she pulled Kouji jacket closer herself.

'I know now why Zoe got warm so quick. Even his scent is intoxicatingly warm.' Amaya thought to herself before she recollected what just went through her head and blushed. 'What the hell, Amaya!?'

Her trek back to the fair was cold and uneventful with Neemon walking rather quietly beside her much to her surprise. She stopped in the first tent she came to and asked the digimon if he minded if she changed clothes in his tent. The digimon contemplated on it before he ushered her to the back so she wouldn't scare off his customers.

Amaya sighed in relief as she stripped of her vest, tube top, bra, shorts, socks and underwear before she pulled out a dry set of under garments. She pulled out another pair of sock, a pair of pants, a shirt and a jacket. By the time she was fully dressed she had a white tank top under a black hoodie with a small sleeping fox on the front with a thought bubble above its head with the phrase 'What's a fox?' in the center of it on. Her pants were black baggy cargo pants that fit her at the waist and of course she had her still soggy combat boots on her feet with a dry pair of socks.

She put her wet clothes into one of her many plastic bags, sealed them up and put them in the bottom of her duffel bag. She was grateful that her father had spent the extra money to get her the one duffel bag in the store that had been water proof which saved everything she had inside the bag. Amaya's ears perked at the sound of an explosion and she grabbed Neemon before she took off in the direction of said explosion. She found Petaldramon, Arbormon's beast form, standing in the middle of a bunch of rubble with a large white and brown digimon in front of him.

The digimon was bigger in size than BurningGreymon and he resembled a bull in the face, but he had the hands of a human and large feet with black claws. The fur on his body was as white as the snow while the little skin he had was a light milky brown. He also had orange and green arm guards on his forearms and normal shoulder plates on his shoulders, but what got Amaya was the fact the he had what appeared to be dread locks hanging down his back with metal spear heads at the tips. The digimon seemed to be calm and collected, but Amaya didn't know if he was on her side or Petaldramon's side.

He seemed to be purring up until Petaldramon attacked him from behind. The white digimon threw Petaldramon off of him and summoned two double sided axes to his hands. He closed his eyes for a split second then disappeared and reappeared above Petaldramon whom he attacked rapidly with the axes. Amaya decided that was a good time to spirit evolve as the digimon did a happy dance for landing that attack on Petaldramon.

"Boy are gonna regret that!" Petaldramon snapped at the white digimon as he stood on his front feet and shook his tail around in the air. "Horn jam!"

Petaldramon stuck his forked tongue like tail into the ground which caused roots of all kinds to surround the white digimon. The digimon cried out in pain as a little robot digimon gave Takuya and Kouji their d-tectors which they used to spirit evolve right on the spot. Agunimon used his pyro punch while Lobomon used his lobo kendo to free the white digimon which caused Kitsunamon to tilt her head in confusion. Once freed the white digimon charged at Petaldramon and pushed him backwards out of the fair and up the crater wall without much effort at all. Once he had Petaldramon out in the wide open snow he used the metal arrow heads on his dread locks to send him sliding across the snow like a piece of paper in the wind.

The digimon stopped and cupped his hands over his muzzle before he started to purr again with his eyes closed. The digimon turned to fractal code and once it disappeared Tommy was left standing in the digimon's place. Takuya, having changed back, jump for joy before he ran out to where Tommy was, while Amaya on the other hand face planted before she changed back. She hadn't expected for Tommy's beast spirit to make him as big if not bigger than MetalKabuterimon.

"Amaya! Did you see!? I got my beast spirit!" Tommy's excited shout reach her ears just as she stood up and just about the time the younger boy wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I saw. Can't believe it, but I saw it." Amaya told him blankly as she patted the younger boys head.

"Why can't you believe it?" Takuya inquired teasingly which made Amaya roll her eyes.

"His normal spirit is like this high and his beast spirit makes him four times if not more bigger than that." Amaya told him dully which made Tommy giggle like the little kid his is.

"Takuya! Kouji! Amaya! Tommy!" Zoe shouted as she and J.P. ran up to them waving like mad.

"Dude, what happened over here?" J.P. inquired while motioning to the area around them.

"Tommy found his beast spirit." Takuya informed them as Kouji walked over to stand beside Amaya.

"Molto Bene." Zoe blurted out in Italian as her focus turned completely to Tommy.

"I'm just glad I didn't hurt you guys when I got my beast spirit." Tommy stated in relief while flashing a smile at them.

"Why does everyone have to bring that up?" Takuya inquired moodily even though Tommy wasn't even hinting at what he had done.

"Digidestine!" the same vivid feminine voice that had first called them to the digital world called out from their d-tectors.

"Huh? Ophanimon!?" Takuya inquired as he held his d-tector up closer to his face.

"Seraphimon turned into a digiegg." Zoe informed her a bit disheartened by that fact.

"Yes, I know." Ophanimon informed her already knowing what had happened.

"So, what are we suppose to do about it?" Kouji asked her hoping for an answer this time.

"Before I tell you, you must know that this is a crucial point. You can stop now or face the dangerous road ahead. Will you accept the risk?" Ophanimon inquired to which the group looked at each other and nodded in unison.

"You better believe we will." Takuya told her with both boldness and confidence.

"You must be certain, all of you." Ophanimon told them wanting to make sure.

"I don't think I've even been more certain of anything in my life." Zoe told her just as confidently.

"Me either." J.P. confirmed while looking at Zoe.

"Yeah." Tommy agreed with the others.

"So what do we do now Ophanimon?" Kouji asked her just awaiting her instructions.

"Head for the Rose Morning Star, and then….." Ophanimon started her instruction, but was cut off.

"What did you say? Ophanimon?" Kouji shouted at his d-tector, but got no response.

"What is a Rose Morning Star?" Neemon asked Bokomon having finally asked a good question as Bokomon searched the sky.

"That right there." Bokomon stated while pointing at a swirl of black, blue and pinkish purple in the distant sky.

"A star? How are we suppose to get there?" J.P. inquired loudly to which Amaya rolled her eyes.

"We're not going to the star, we're going to what's beneath it." Bokomon informed him and Amaya started a mental count down.


"All that way?" J.P. whiney inquired as he looked at the star.

"Yeah, it looks pretty far." Takuya agreed while rubbing the back of his head. "We have to walk there?"

"Ah, presto!" Zoe shouted after everyone had sighed while holding up green card things.

"What are those?" Takuya inquired as Amaya eyed the things wearily.

"These are Trailmon tickets. Remember that eating contest well this is grand prize scarfing thirty plates of that horrible food in an hour. Do I rock or what?" Zoe boasted to which Amaya did a double take as the boys cheered thankful that they didn't have to walk.

"Thirty plates of digimon food?" Amaya inquired which made the blonde turn to her. "Where the hell did you put it all?"

Amaya's question went unanswered as the group final took in her appearance. J.P.'s eyes nearly popped out of his skull as Zoe's jaw nearly hit the ground. Tommy and Kouji didn't seem to be phased as Takuya looked her up and down twice.

"I told you I'm not eye candy!" Amaya snapped as she punched Takuya in the nose while glaring at him.

"Where'd you get those clothes?" J.P. inquired while pointing at Amaya's jacket.

"I always carry an extra suit of clothes with me; never know when you might need them." Amaya told them nonchalantly while shrugging in response.

"Do you run away from home often or something?" Takuya's brain didn't stop the question before it exited his mouth which he quickly covered.

"I choose not to answer that question." Amaya responded as she buried her hands into the pocket on the front of her jacket. "Shouldn't we get going? We are wasting time just standing her."

"She's right the faster we get to the Trailmon station the faster we get on our way." Bokomon agreed as he took the lead and started off towards the Trailmon station.

Amaya followed after Bokomon wordlessly while also getting herself out of the spot light she had just been under. It took the rest of the gang less than a minute to follow after them and after a five minute trek across the fair they found themselves on the Trailmon station loading platform. Bokomon and Zoe talked to the Trailmon before the Trailmon let out a loud and obnoxious all aboard. They filed into the Trailmon with Takuya and Zoe sitting down on the same seat, J.P. sitting in one next to Bokomon and Neemon and Amaya sitting down between Kouji and Tommy who decided to sit next to her instead of Takuya.

The Trailmon took off a few minutes later and Amaya pulled her sketch book from her bag and her green pencil. She was very aware that Tommy was watching her when she started to sketch out Kumamon on the clean paper, but she didn't let it bother her. Tommy watched her not only finish sketching Kumamon, but he watched sketch out Agunimon in red and Beetlemon in yellow orange.

Night had fallen by the time Amaya had finished her sketch of Beetlemon and surprisingly everyone had been rather quiet up to the point. Tommy was fast asleep on the seat beside her which caused her to put her sketch book away and pull her blanket from her bag. She put it over Tommy before flipping the hood of her jacket up which is when Takuya finally decided to say something.

"Hey Amaya?" Takuya called across the Trailmon car to which Amaya tilted her head a sign that she was listening to him.

"How come you protected Tommy back there?" He got a glare in response.

"What I mean is why'd you put him ahead of yourself?" Takuya's second attempt didn't sound any better and he growled at himself.

"I mean why are you so close to him when you act as if you hate all of us except for Kouji?" Takuya's fourth attempt got him hit by Zoe and glared at by Kouji.

"Isn't that what we're suppose to do? Look out for him and make sure he doesn't get hurt?" Amaya inquired as she tugged on the stings of her hood.

"Wait, you actually know how to look after younger kids?" Takuya inquired incredulously only to get hit in the back of the head by Zoe once more.

"Well, gee Baka Jaki, I didn't know you had to take a class on how to take care of others…." Amaya replied sarcastically as she started chewing on the string she had been playing with

"Can't you two go one day without having some sort of argument?" Bokomon asked dissatisfied with the bickering.

"I only asked a question!" Takuya informed the digimon loudly as Amaya rolled her eyes.

"A question only a Baka would ask." Amaya chided lowly letting the string drop from her mouth while Takuya glared at her.

Amaya flipped the hood of her hoodie over her head which made Takuya huff and fall back against the seat in defeat. Zoe laughed at this while Kouji rolled his eyes and J.P. shook his head; when would Takuya learn? The Trailmon car fell into a calm silence as it headed towards the Rose Morning Star; a place that held the biggest mystery so far.