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A small smile curved at Setsu's lips, when the clock finally struck one. It had been another busy day on the set of Tragic Marker but Kyoko was relieved to finally find the time to stretch out her legs. Her eyes beamed with joy and relief that she had managed to keep things in order.

A lot of things have been going on around the stage involving Cain and his unusual propensity towards violence, so she wanted to find some quiet time to clear her mind and to figure out a way to help him through this crucial moment.

Frowning at the concept of her being responsible for Cain, she wondered just how much influence she had over her fearsome brother. But then again, didn't he only show his violent side to strangers? Towards her, Cain was more like an adoring and loving sibling.

Walking through the posh lobby of her hotel, she quickly snuck out while still dressed as Setsu. She only had about two hours before she was expected back to meet Cain for lunch and in the meantime, he was going to be in makeup getting his prosthetics and stage makeup put on for the day.

The bustling of the city and the overcrowded streets caused Setsu to hesitate in her steps. Looking to the right then to the left she made a quick decision where to go and with a firm toss of her blonde hair, she proceeded down the sidewalk.

As she headed down the main road she was surprised at how unusually busy the street was, as it appeared that there was a crowd gathering several blocks from where she was headed.

Nearing the crowd, she saw that there was a huge platform which looked like a stage had been erected. While surrounding the stage, was a huge iron fence where a large crowd of spectators stood outside in droves.

Curious as to what the stage was for, Setsu made her way towards the crowded fence and was standing right next to the gate when a rough hand grabbed her from the crowd and pulled her towards the opening. Her small body was painfully yanked past several by-standers and while still in shock; Setsu glanced up at the source of her surprise.

"There you are, you're late and everyone is waiting for you!" A large and angry man said to her as he pulled her through the opening and began walking her towards the stage.

"Wait, I think you have the wrong person!" she exclaimed as she struggled helplessly against his grip. Hurriedly, she was dragged along the side of the stage and towards the back of the stage. His large hands held so tightly onto her arm that Setsu was sure a bruise would result.

In a loud and angry voice, the large man retorted, "Quite the joker, aren't you? Now hurry! All the rest of the backup dancers are already done with costumes and makeup and are ready for the rehearsal! They've been waiting for you and the choreographer is already in a bad mood, so stop wasting time and hurry up!"

Looking at the maze of walkways, he continued to half drag and half walk her towards the back of the stage, where more people dressed similar to what she was wearing as "Setsu" stood gathered together.

Setsu raised her voice to a near shout as she tried to convey herself, "Listen mister, I am not sure who you think I am but I can assure you that you are mistaken! I am not that person and I have no idea what you are talking about!"

Stopping in the center of the dancers, the man released her and hostilely turned a face that was filled with scorn towards her. With his chin jutted out aggressively at her, he asked, "Are you telling me you are not one of the backup dancers here for today's concert?"

"Yes! I am no dancer and I have never been a dancer", Kyoko nodded emphatically, hoping that she could finally convince him of his error. Her eyes were wide with the hope that the mistaken identity could be quickly rectified before trouble began to brew.

But her wish was dampened when the irate man roared, "Then who the hell are you and why are you wasting my time?"

Surprised and offended at the irony of the situation, Setsu turned a dark look on the man. "Wasting your time? You! You were the one that dragged me in here!" she hissed back.

Sho was just on his way to meet up with his troupe of back up dancers when he walked onto the scene of a beautiful blonde shouting angrily at his stage manager, while surrounded by the dancers.

Transfixed by the vision before him, he watched in fascination at the scene unfolding before him. His eyes were beaming with amusement and a wide grin spread across his youthful features as he listened in.

The girl had eyes that were lit with fire and her face was flushed with anger as she pitted herself against the fierceness of his stage manager. Sho took in her petite stature that was sexily adorned in a tight black leather mini-skirt, red button up vest, and a pair of hooker-like thigh high black boots.

His heart began thumping faster as he watched in captivation when she started shaking in anger, while holding her own against the fierce stage manager. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Sho registered a familiarity of her anger but could not quite pinpoint the source.

Perhaps it was something about her stance and petite nature that reminded him a little of his childhood friend but waving the thought aside, Sho dismissed the thought as random and inconceivable.

Not in a million years would he expect Kyoko to be dressed so daringly and exhibiting such random misbehavior! Never, not the old fashion and boring girl from his childhood. What could have made him think that? He wondered as a frown crossed his astonished face.

"If you're here to see Fuwa Sho, then you should have said so already!" The enraged stage manager yelled back. His nostrils were flaring in his wrath.

"Fuwa Sho?" Kyoko barely understood the situation she was in, when suddenly the mention of the familiar blonde of her childhood past caused her to go rigid with fury. What does this have to do with him?

As anger flooded her being at the mention of the arrogant singer, she furiously did a quick assessment of her environment, taking in the many onlookers. But once she sighted the offensive nemesis of her past among the spectators of the crowd, her entire composure slipped a notch.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she desperately held onto her alter ego Setsu and tried her best not to resort to her usual Kyoko antics. If that fool was the reason she was forcibly dragged into this mess, then there will be all hell to pay, Setsu promised herself.

Glancing back at the man that had mistakenly dragged her in, she fought the urge to jump towards the annoying man in full attack mode. Thanks to this idiot, she was creating a stir which was impacting her already hectic day. And thanks to him she was within talking distance of idiot number two, Fuwa Sho.

Just the thought brought her into full Setsu mode and made her ready to do any kind of battle to escape the situation she was currently in. Never in a million years would she have wished to come face to face with Sho while as Setsu but now that she was standing here before him, the last thing she wanted was for him to call her out!

"You're another of Sho's crazy fans aren't you? Isn't that why you followed me in? Was it to meet him?" He sneered at her while his eyes shown with contempt at her.

Choking on the assumption that the irritating man had made, she spit back out, "Are you looking to have your face shredded by me today, mister stupid idiot because you have now come very close to meeting death!"

Trembling in fury at the way everything was beginning to unfold, Setsu glanced around in livid anger. Her stance was clearly set for battle as she stood feet apart, chin up and hands tightly fisted at her sides.

Hurriedly rushing forward, Sho positioned himself between the leather beauty and his stage manager. Not wanting the irate beauty to end up doing something that she would later regret, he was ready to do whatever was needed to solve the situation.

After all, wasn't he the main attraction anyway? Hence, shouldn't he also play the hero to this very sexy fan of his? Taking the initiative and saving the damsel in distress was definitely something he could take advantage of later.

"Wait! This seems to be a misunderstanding." Sho reached out to hold both parties apart. His hands gripped both parties at their shoulders. And his touch was neither subtle nor strong but it translated his intention clearly to both parties.

"Miss, who are you? Were you supposed to be here?" he asked, as his inquisitive gaze leveled on hers.

Shocked and relieved beyond words that he did not recognise her, she shook her head and was about to answer when she was interrupted by the crazy fool that had placed her in the current situation.

"She's another one of your fans that tried to sneak in to meet you Fuwa-san. I was about to call security to have her thrown out for causing all this commotion but then you showed up."

Setsu sucked in an indignant breath at the outright lie and her eyes darkened with rage. Never in a million years could what he have said ever be the truth. In fact the mere closeness of Sho was beginning to rattle her enough that she was nearing her boiling point.

"No, don't do that to one of my fans! I'll not have anyone ever treat a fan like that." Sho magnanimously ordered.

Turning to face the beauty in front of him, he flashed his most brilliant smile while offering his arm towards her. As if in compensation for the day's misunderstanding, he sweetly said to her, "Come with me, Miss. I'd like to show you around and give you a tour of where I will be performing tonight"

Flabbergasted at the sincerity of Sho's words, Setsu stared at the singer. Unmoving and slightly on the verge of hysteria, she kept her eyes focused on the blonde singer as she continued to stare wide eye at his beaming smile.

Could this be true? Was this really happening to her? She wondered as she scrutinized him for a long moment. Reaching a shaky hand up towards Sho's arm, Setsu shot the annoying manager one last look of disdain before she accepted Sho's invitation.

Although his assistance was unwelcome, Kyoko decided to continue playing the role of Setsu and pretend that she wasn't disgusted by the arrogant singer that was obviously too stupid to recognise who she really was! Shoutaro, you really are a clueless fool. She thought as she allowed him to escort her away.

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