Within the deepest parts of Kyoko's heart exists a box that was crafted by God. It was a box of nightmares that Kyoko had once determined should never be touched a second time. The box was sealed with many locks that kept it tightly shut. But shortly after meeting a prince in shining armor, the locks were blown all away. And like the mildly sweet clear water of a dried up spring that gushed from beneath the ground, these withered emotions had revived within her heart. Quickly and bravely, she took them and firmly relocked them into the box again. But despite that, she carelessly allowed them to come off again. And once again she had become utterly detestable to that prince. Struggling to keep the box closed, she had found only one lock that would firmly remain.

Ren was still sleeping when Kyoko opened her sleep drenched eyes. His slow, even and deep breathing blew against a tendril of Kyoko's hair. Silently she watched him as he slept. His dark hair fell in several locks at his temple and her fingers itched to smooth them away. She wondered at the length of his long lashes curled above his closed eyes, eyes that when looking at her could pierce into her very soul. The straight and high bridge of his nose was atypical for any Japanese and stood above the fullness of his sensual mouth. A smile crossed Kyoko's face as she remembered the wonders of his mouth.

Rising from the bed, Kyoko slowly lifted the soft covers from herself and slid quietly out. Trying not to wake the sleeping male, she made her way to the bathroom and once inside, she turned on the shower's water, waiting until it was sufficiently warm before she stepped in.

Standing in the shower, Kyoko washed herself while still basking in the remnant love making of last night. What had happened between her and Ren had left her in awe and wonder and she was still feeling deliciously exhilarated over it.

Last night, Ren had taught her how to release an emotion that she had never even known existed. With his careful administrations, she had become reborn and no longer felt the stirrings of frustrations which Sho once had over her. She was no longer a victim that was at the mercy of Sho's hands. And she felt in control once again. Powerful even, as if she could take on any challenge that he could ever throw her way.

Determined to remain in control, Kyoko now understood the valuable lesson of what Ren had taught her, that she was not a loose or easy woman for having desired both men. A smile swept across her face as she thought about how Ren had taught her that. And a deep flush crept over her warm skin at the memory of their love making.

Under Ren's expert tutoring, Kyoko felt that she had matured from the level of a childish and naive hypersexual little girl into a full-fledged sexually liberated woman. But a slight frown crossed her face as she recognised that compared to Ren's vast experience, she was still lacking and had a long way to go before she could ever consider herself at his level.

Ren, who is the emperor of the night with his bewitching face, was truly an exceptionally skilled lover. While she was only beginning to understand such things, he certainly was worthy of the title of most desirable man in Japan. Judging from his mastery of love making, she could only guess at the years of experience he had, and her frown deepened at the thought.

Shaking her head mentally at the absurdity of her thoughts, Kyoko giggled at where her thoughts had taken her. Wasn't it better for her not to think on too much of such a ridiculous subject? When had she ever gotten so competitive or jealous? After all, she still had other goals that were more important to take on, such as her determination to ascend to the same level as Ren in show business. Wasn't Ren not just her respected and worshipped senpai but someone who she had also raised to the level of an inspirational target for her acting?

Smiling again, Kyoko decided that last night's event was once again another coaching of life's lesson brought to her by her knowledgeable and experienced senpai. It was a valuable lesson in sexual maturity and that was all there was to it. And there was no need for her to analyze the subject matter of "Chemistry," or "Sexuality," nor was there a reason for her to assess the scope of Ren's experience anymore. What jealousy am I even thinking about and why should I think on it? She laughed at the ridiculous notion.

He himself had mentioned it was a normal attraction between people. So why should she consider his expertise? It wasn't as if there was anything deeper happening between them. A look of determination entered her eyes as she concluded that since she wasn't his girlfriend and he wasn't her boyfriend, she didn't need to get too involved with the wonderings of his sexual skills and the sexual exploits that had earned him those traits.

She convinced herself that Ren treated her more with sexual interest than a love interest, which brought a feeling of relief, knowing that threats like love won't be striking at her. Meditating on the eternal peace that comes from not being the focus of any form of love, she closed her eyes and sighed in satisfaction. I feel so at ease, so at ease… She continued to echo in her head. Yet something indefinable was nagging at the back of her mind.

Trying again to convince herself of this truth, Kyoko summarized. Isn't it silly to behave like a jealous lover, especially since I have already experienced the pain of love? Why repeat such a stupid mistake? Haven't I already learnt my lesson when I was with the most popular and desirable boy in my own small home town? How much worst would it be if I allowed myself to love the most desirable man in all of Japan? With a firm shake of her head, she dismissed those thoughts and decided to reaffirm and strengthen her resolve to never love again.

Ren's eyes wondered about the empty room. Last night was one of the best nights of his life and being in Kyoko's arms felt surreal to him. He wondered if she would ever feel the same way about him as he did about her. He was sure that she now at least was as aware of him as a man, like the way he was aware of her as a woman. Could I get her to think of being with me? Is there a place for me in her heart? Can this be the beginning for us?

He was filled with hope as he remembered the passionate way she had responded in his arms. But it wasn't just her passion that he wanted. Within him was an aching desire for her to love him and need him as much as he loved and needed her. Could he accomplish such a goal? He wondered, as he lifted his large form from the bed.

He could hear the shower running in the bathroom and wondered if Kyoko would mind if he joined her. A smile spread across his face as he pictured her delicious naked figure standing under the hot sprays of water. But he wasn't sure if she would be up to a little early happy hour, or if it would be wise to turn their new relationship into an overly sexual one.

However, recognizing that Kyoko may be currently openly accepting him as a sexual partner, he did not want to risk losing his chance to gain more than just her body. Perhaps this is how he can persuade her to accept more of him?

The curtain of her shower slid open and Kyoko stood under the running water, staring up at the tall dazzling form of Ren. "Good morning," His eyes gave her a meaningful look as he stood smiling at her.

"Good morning, are you jumping in?" Kyoko invited coyly as she once again mimicked his once similar invitation.

Giving her his most seductive and devastating smile, Ren didn't hesitate as he stepped into the shower. Sliding his hands around her back, he moved her close against his full length. Holding her soft wet body against his hard hungry form, he lowered his head towards hers and claimed her pink lips in a sensual kiss.

Their lips locked intensely under the wet sprays of water, and Kyoko clung tightly to his massive form, as she wrapped her arms around the nape of his neck. She was once again feeling the fervid stirrings of desire for this passionate man that had mastered and tamed her body last night. Seeking more of his skilled touch, a desperate longing filled her body for more of his flaming tutoring.

Lurking in his body was a desperate longing for her acceptance of him into her mind and heart. His fingers splayed on her lower spine, shifting her even closer to him. Cradling her bottom in his hands, he lifted her up and held her tightly against his throbbing rigidity, showing her the physical manifestations of his utmost desires.

A soft moan echoed into the bathroom, as Kyoko felt his harden rod against her own yearning desire. Lifting her legs and wrapping them around his hips she fitted herself against him. Hungrily, she craved for him to fill her once more and to satisfy her burning need for his body.

Last's night single lesson in love making had only wetted her appetite and was not enough to satiate all the sexual tension and need she had mounting and building within her over the last few weeks. Nor was it enough to satisfy the neglect of her emotional turmoil from Sho and the numerous years of repressed sexuality. With an intense hunger for him, she whispered an urgent cry, "Do it again, please."

Ren gazed down at her entrancing face and dark eyes. A deep and wayward emotion of love came bursting through his soul that made him feel like burying himself completely in her softness. Her feel and scent was exciting his heart to the point where he was beside himself, making him realise just how lovely a woman she was. Unable to resist her delectable allure, Ren began to express his true feelings, losing himself to his love for her.

His hands urgently framed her small form to his own as he held her tightly against his stiff rod. Turning her back to the wall of the shower he leaned her in place as he entered her wet warmth. He drove himself into her with slow long and hard thrust, as his hands held her legs wrapped around him. Deeper and deeper, with every plunge he offered out his love for her from the very bottom of his heart as he held on to her tightly.

The shower echoed loudly with the sounds of their feverent passion, as they both sought different needs from each other while under the hot jets of water. Coming close to the point of explosion, Ren solemnly extracted himself from the beauty in his arms and a soft cry of surprise tore from her throat, when his warm hardness was pulled out from her body.

Turning her around to face the wall, Ren once again entered her wet cavity and this time he was able to fill his large hands with her full breasts. Cupping them in his strong hands, he moaned at the softness of her femininity in the form of her tightened nipples and perfect breasts. While loving the feel of her tight womanhood encircling his rigid maleness, he thrusted deeper and deeper into her, and loosening himself of his pent up need for the love of this seductive female.

Needing to hear her acceptance of his love, he increased the pressure of his hands over her breast, tightening his grip as he massaged them until he wrung a cry of pleasure from her. Not fully satisfied he took her hardened nipples in between his fingers and tugged, wringing yet another cry from Kyoko. Her voice rang like the music of a siren beckoning to him, as he fed off the tune of her passionate cries, driving him more and more out of control.

Kyoko's hands laid flat against the shower wall bracing her small frame as Ren continued to pound her, lifting her up slightly with each of his powerful thrust. Matching his rhythm, she instinctively fell back onto him whenever he thrusted forward. Deeper and deeper he slowly drove into her sending her closer and closer to the brink of pleasure.

Her moans of ecstasy increased when one of his hands slid downwards to fondle her aching clitoris. She could barely stand the blazing flames of passion ignited from Ren's torrid love making that was dominating, leading and guiding her body into a similar response. Growing larger and larger within her was a rising tide of pleasure, as his skilled fingers rubbed against her sensitive clitoris while he continued to rock her against the wall.

Unable to control herself any longer, she burst in erotic ecstasy, as a tide of pleasure washed over her entire being. Her female walls constricted tightly against Ren's hardened staff, sending him jerking into his own climax. And with one final dive into her, his body shuddered from his release. As he poured his seed into her warm channel, he was also releasing his love for her and not just his lust. And with every last spasm he emptied his heart into her body, hoping she felt the same way.

Turning her around to face him, he embraced her tightly and showered gentle kisses over her wet alluring upturned face. A smile spread across her swollen pink lips, as she welcomed his kisses. Looking up into his warm eyes, and with a low soft voice she said, "I love you Cain."

Kissing her forehead, Ren closed his eyes to cover his pain as he realised she had called him Cain and not Ren.

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